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When Lin Fan heard those words of the Selfless Demon Ancestor, he was so touched that he was about to cry. He then remarked with an exaggerated expression.

"Senior, even though you have been sealed here for dozens of thousands of years, you did not give up on yourself. Not only that, you are even doing your best to help us juniors! For that, your junior here couldn't be any more grateful! If I were to become a powerful being out in the world someday, no matter what, I will definitely rescue you out, senior! At the same time, I will head with you to seek out that Boundless Future Buddha Lord, senior!"

"Good! Your Ancestor has truly not made the wrong judgment on you. This is a mystic skill of the Buddha race, something that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had once cultivated himself. Within the Buddha race, this is ranked number one. If you are to cultivate this to its maximum extent, you can turn into the Infinite Buddha Ancestor and suppress the entire world!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor said before a jade bamboo scroll flew out of the mountain range, landing before Lin Fan.

Lin Fan held the jade bamboo scroll in his hands.

'Ding…Discovered counterfeit product. Unable to cultivate.'

'Motherf*cking h.e.l.l! Even if you were to give me a counterfeit product, Your Daddy would have to give it to you. But b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, a counterfeit that couldn't even be used to cultivate? What the f*ck do you want? Trying to f*ck the Heavens?' Lin Fan cussed out in his heart. However, his expression was still grateful as ever.

He then let out a face as though he had just received an Utmost Treasure and could not wait to unroll that jade bamboo scroll, wanting to learn the supreme mystic skill within. However, his face changed slightly after.



"How could this be?"

"Senior, your junior here is unable to cultivate it!" Lin Fan raised his head while saying.

"Hahaha... Don't get anxious now. That is the number one mystic skill in the Buddha race after all. It isn't something that is so easily cultivated. To cultivate this mystic skill, you are required to possess the Spirit of the Buddha race. As for that Spirit of the Buddha race, that is something that only the Boundless Future Buddha Lord has. However, Your Ancestor here has a pill that can allow the future generations to possess their own Spirit of Buddha race. Now, this Spirit of Buddha race is something that's far from ordinary. Not only can you start cultivating this number one mystic skill of the Buddha race, it will raise your level of comprehension by an infinite degree. From this point forth, there shall be no mystic skills in this world that can pose any trouble to you."

The Selfless Demon Ancestor chuckled out as a pill floated out of the mountain range. It emitted an extremely dense Buddhist light. There were even groups of Buddhas chanting out scriptures within the Buddha light, looking as though this was the Buddha race coming home.

"My thanks, senior!" Lin Fan let out a look of extreme glee as he held the pill in his hands.

'Ding…Discovered Selfless Heaven Demon Pill.'

'Selfless Heaven Demon Pill: Using the Essence Blood of the Selfless Demon Ancestor as a lure, after consumption, one shall be controlled by the Selfless Demon Ancestor.'

'After consumption, one can gain 50,000,000 experience points.'

Lin Fan was just helpless in his heart right now. Couldn't there be some form of trust and credibility between beings anymore?

Were all powerful beings with some age to them so crafty and cunning?

If not for his System, who knew how many times he would have been scammed by others by now.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This was truly no good thing. This b.l.o.o.d.y Selfless Demon Ancestor totally deserved to be suppressed here.

But, since he had started the act, he must go through with it to the end. Lin Fan wanted to see just what else this Selfless Demon Ancestor could do.

However, those 50,000,000 experience points were pretty decent indeed. Pleasurable!

"As long as you consume this pill, you will be able to cultivate that supreme mystic skill of the Buddha race!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor said.

Lin Fan looked at the Selfless Demon Ancestor with his tears about to flow out right now, "Senior! Your grace and mercy to me is something that this junior will remember for the rest of his life! To think that you would even give me a pill of this sort! This junior doesn't even know what else to say anymore!"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor laughed out softly, "Consume it then. If you cultivate here, no one will disturb you. It's all because Your Ancestor can tell that you have a resolute and firm heart along with an innocent and pure nature. If it were any vile and evildoing junior, Your Ancestor would not bother with him at all."

Lin Fan nodded his head. He wasn't going to talk anymore and just pop it down. Since this guy has already said it as such, what else was there to even talk about?

As he consumed that Demon Pill into his belly, Lin Fan's life was still his and not anyone else's.

Crunch, chomp, munch!

Fragrant and aromatic!

'Ding…Experience Points +50,000,000.'

When the Selfless Demon Ancestor saw how that lad had consumed the pill, he could not help but roar out in laughter, "Hahahaha…! HAHAHAHA…!!!"

"Senior, what are you laughing about?" Lin Fan blinked his eyes and asked out.

Cough, cough!

All of a sudden, the Selfless Demon Ancestor started coughing as though he had just discovered something absolutely outrageous. His voice was even filled with some astonishment.

"Don't you feel anything?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor asked.

Lin Fan shook his head, "Not really. I just feel my stomach being a little warm right now."

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was taken aback as though he could not come to terms with it. Stomach a little warm? That couldn't be right!

At this moment, Lin Fan took up the jade bamboo scroll and took a look once more before showing a dismal face, "Senior! I still don't get it!"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was startled. This couldn't be! That was a pill cultivated using his life's Essence Blood! How could it fail? Right! It must be because the medicinal power wasn't strong enough! The Essence Blood was where his source was at. Expending that single drop meant that he had lost a hundred years of his powers.

"Little fella, don't worry now. I think that pill didn't have enough medicinal powers to it. Your Ancestor has another pill here." The Selfless Demon Ancestor said.

"Senior, how could that do? I've already wasted one of your pills earlier on!" Lin Fan let out an embarra.s.sed expression while saying that. He then started mumbling to himself, "Sigh! Seems like it's also a crime to have an innate potential that's way too superb at times. For anyone else, one pill might have been enough. But for me, it's far from enough."

When the Selfless Demon Ancestor heard these words, he felt his heart skip a beat. Through the seal, he then took a closer look. Yet, he discovered that he could not even tell of this lad's innate potential!

At this moment, the Selfless Demon Ancestor was starting to get excited. Gritting his teeth, he brought out yet another drop of Essence Blood and infused it into the pill.


"This is another pill. Consume this instead!" Even though the Selfless Demon Ancestor was slightly pained in his heart, he felt that everything was all worth it right now.

Using his consciousness to penetrate through the void, he had been entering the dreams of the Demon Sect disciples through their Seven Emotions and Six Worldly Desires to impart mystic skills to them.

As long as they were to use those mystic skills imparted by him to kill their enemies, it would then turn their opponent's Essence, Spirit and Vitality into an Essence Pill. After a year, they would use that to pay respects to him.

This was an affair that had lasted for many years now. With that, the Selfless Demon Ancestor's cultivation state had been recovering gradually as well. As long as it were to reach a certain degree, he could then abandon this physical body of his and deploy an unrivaled mystic skill to break through the seal and achieve reincarnation.

By then, he would be able to come up with a plan to break through this seal and retrieve his physical body from it.

This time around, it was already supposed to be the most fortuitous time for him to do so. But, discovering an abnormality such as Lin Fan had the Selfless Demon Ancestor feeling additionally intrigued.

The fact that he had found this abnormality with such a high innate potential caused his mind to whirl with plans.

If this were truly high enough, he COULD abandon that Selfless Demon Body of his.

Lin Fan took the pill in his hands and popped it down with satisfaction.

'Ding…Experience Points +50,000,000.'

Holy f*ck! This was so darned pleasurable!

"How is it?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor asked once more.

"I still don't get it!" Lin Fan raised his head while crying out.

"How could this be?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was dumbfounded right now. Just what in the world was up with this guy?! How could nothing be working now that he had already taken two pills into his tummy?

This couldn't be! It just didn't make any sense!

"Senior, I've already told you, my innate potential is special. These pills just aren't enough." Lin Fan said.

"Don't worry, I've got more here!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor refused to believe that this wouldn't work as he spat out yet another mouthful of Essence Blood and begin fusing.

Even though Lin Fan's face was exasperated, his heart was filled with happiness like a blossoming flower.

This was a mother*cking braindead f*ck!

The strength of this Demon Ancestor was outrageous indeed. Just his Essence Blood alone could raise Lin Fan's experience points by this much! This was even more tyrannical than Immortal Pills!

"Again…!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor spoke up.


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