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When Lin Fan opened his eyes, the sight that was imprinted into his mind was a brand new world. The skies were glorious, with endlessly interlinked mountains before him.


For someone to be able to craft out such a world with just their own powers showed their outrageous capabilities.

At this moment, in the void up ahead were countless of figures flying in a single direction. Naturally, Lin Fan was not one to fall behind as he chased after them immediately.

Sensing around his surroundings, he found no traces of life nearby. However, there was an aura that Lin Fan was familiar with.

Buddhist nature!

Exactly, it was Buddhist nature. Not only that, this Buddhist nature was far from normal. Limitless and boundless, it suppressed down on all demons.

Lin Fan caught sight of those fellas stopping at a mountain that was so high that its peak extended into the clouds. He then landed on the ground curiously, not knowing what was going on right now.

This mountain before him was flushed gold all over, and there were a series of charms that flowed around it. Those charms exuded forth a brilliance as well as an ancient aura. This was a really vicissitudinous and old aura.

At this moment, all of those fellas took out that black ball and tossed it up into the void.

"Paying respects to the Selfless Demon Ancestor!"

As though those black b.a.l.l.s were drawn in by some magnetic force, all of them were sucked in toward the golden mountain. Instantly, they melded into the ripples of energy, causing even more ripple circles to extend out from the peak of the mountain.

Just what in the world was this Selfless Demon Ancestor?

Ever since Lin Fan had entered this place, he had a strange feeling about it. However, he first had to check out just what sort of a situation this was, and whether there were any benefits for him to obtain.

And just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these things, an aura burst forth from the mountain. Countless treasures gushed out into the sky before being sent flying in all directions.

"s.n.a.t.c.h!" When the ma.s.ses caught sight of this, they were totally excited. Without saying anything more, all of them flew out in all directions as well.

When Lin Fan caught sight of those treasures, he pretty much had no interest in them.

Utmost Treasures and pills... Those playthings were truly not enough to pique Lin Fan's interest at all. They were nothing more than ordinary stuff to him. But for those fellas, these were treasures amongst treasures.

After the ma.s.ses dispersed, Lin Fan checked out the golden mountain ever more closely. Looking left and right, he could not make out anything different about it.

Lin Fan streaked into the sky and looked down on it. But instead, he caught sight of several huge words that were imprinted onto the group of mountains.

"Suppress All Demons!"

These three words seemed as though they had been carved out by someone onto these mountain ranges. At the same time, they emitted a frightening aura. Even though Lin Fan had no idea how long these had existed for, the might produced by these three words alone showed just how extraordinary they were.

At the same time, those three words possessed an extremely strong Buddhist nature. Compared to the mystic skills of the Buddha race that Lin Fan had once cultivated before, they were even more intense.

The one who had written these three words must have been a powerful being for sure. And, it was definitely not a powerful being that Lin Fan could even begin to imagine.

Heading forth, Lin Fan used his hands to touch it ever so slightly. As he did that, the Buddhist nature that he had cultivated within his body seemed to be drawn in by something as it began to channel and churn.

'Ding…Discovered Boundless Future Buddha Lord Seal.'

When Lin Fan heard the notification of the System, his expression changed slightly. Who in the world was this Boundless Future Buddha Lord? And his name sounded a little too domineering, didn't it?!

To think that just coming to this place casually would allow him to b.u.mp into such a thing. He was truly a tyrannical existence in this world!

However, there was something that bothered him still. Just who in the world was the one who was suppressed here then? Selfless Demon Ancestor? This was a t.i.tle that didn't sound like much. Who knew if he were really dead.

"Why are you not heading forth to look for those treasures?" At this moment, a demonic voice made its way into Lin Fan's ears. There was a demonic nature to this voice as though it was drawing in Lin Fan's heart.

'Ding…Discovered External Power. Suppressing it.'

The notification from the System came again.

This power that had infiltrated its way into Lin Fan's body was suppressed immediately. If not for the System, Lin Fan might have just been bewitched by this.

An alarmed voice travelled over as though the other party had not expected that this lad would be able to purge out his power.

At this moment, Lin Fan came back to his senses instantly.

"Holy f*ck! Who in the b.l.o.o.d.y world are you? To think that you would dare try controlling me? Are you b.l.o.o.d.y trying to look for death?" Lin Fan cursed out straightaway. At the same time, he felt some lingering fears in his heart. 'If not for the System, wouldn't Your Daddy be dead here?'

All of a sudden, silence ensued in the void without even a single peep.

"Are you the Selfless Demon Ancestor?" Lin Fan asked.

"To think that you would bear such capabilities to be able to break out from the Great Selfless Dao of Your Ancestor." The Selfless Demon Ancestor finally spoke up.

"Huehue... That's only natural. Why don't you take a look at just who I am? If I don't even have such capabilities, how else would I make my mark in the world?" Lin Fan replied in disdain.

He then gazed up and down to check out the entire place again. For him entering this place this time around, he must definitely get some benefits out of it! If he didn't, this would be a wasted trip, wouldn't it?

However, even after circling around for a while, Lin Fan was left somewhat disappointed. Even though this entire mountain was plated with gold, there was truly nothing good around it. This was truly poverty of a horrifying level!

At this moment, Lin Fan kept silent for a bit as though he had just thought up of a good plan.

"Are you being sealed up?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right. Your Ancestor has been sealed here by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord for dozens of thousands of years now." The Selfless Demon Ancestor replied.

"Dozens of thousands of years?! That's quite long, isn't it? Just who in the world is this Boundless Future Buddha Lord? Why did he want to seal you?" Lin Fan asked out curiously, trying to open up a conversation topic to discuss with the Selfless Demon Ancestor.

"Hmph! This Boundless Future Buddha Lord is simply way too despicable. In order to expand his followers, he had forcefully purified commoners. As the Selfless Demon Ancestor, I could not stand by idly and watch him continue with his misdoings. Therefore, I stood out and defended those commoners. But, who would have thought that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would sneak an attack on Your Ancestor and cause me to be suppressed here?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor spoke up with a tone of wrath as though he could not wait to kill the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"Such a huge vendetta, eh? After being sealed here for dozens of thousands of years, that must be quite a miserable thing, huh?" Lin Fan shook his head saying.

"I'm long used to it. Your Ancestor has been working hard day and night to try and get out of this place as soon as possible, all for the sake of revenge. However, the powers of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord are way too thick, as he even made use of the Buddha race's fortune to add on to the seal. If I want to break through it, it would be more difficult than anything else." The Selfless Demon Ancestor replied. In his tone was a sullen mood as though he did not bear much hope to it.

"Hais! Senior, the fact that you have such a heart is something that your junior here is thoroughly impressed with. If I have the capabilities to do so, I will definitely rescue you out, senior!" Lin Fan sighed out while lamenting over how he did not have the ability to do so.

"Haha! The fact that you bear that thought is something that Your Ancestor is already pleased to hear about. However, when I tested you out slightly earlier on, I noticed that you possess the power of the Buddha race within your body? Could you have cultivated any mystic skills of the Buddha race in the past?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor asked.

"I've cultivated a few mystic skills of the Buddha race. One of them was a Purification technique while the other allows one to slay through all three lifetimes of reincarnation." Lin Fan replied. He wanted to see just what this old demon was up to.

If there were any benefits, he could try to reap in quite a bit.

Even though he was just treading dangerously close to a tiger right now, he knew that if he kept his mental state guarded, he would not be tricked.

Upon hearing about those mystic skills, the Selfless Demon Ancestor was pretty interested, "Even though you have only cultivated two mystic skills of the Buddha race, the intrinsic Buddhist nature in your body is extremely thick. If you were to continue focusing on this path, there might be some huge breakthrough for you probably. Your Ancestor here has a mystic skill of the Buddha race that I can gift to you."

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was startled, "You're going to be nice?"

"Haha... Your Ancestor has long been used to being locked up here. If I meet any juniors who have a bright future ahead of them, I would naturally render my hand of a.s.sistance. Perhaps, if you become a powerful being someday, you might be able to release Your Ancestor from this captivity. That would be Your Ancestor's fortune by then." The Selfless Demon Ancestor chuckled out.

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