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Arriving at the Nameless Peak, the group from Danding Peak found themselves blocked by Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue.

"Halt! This is Nameless Peak, what do you guys want?" Zhang Ergou already knew that these guys did not come with friendly intents. Thus, he dropped his Wolf Fang Club on the floor loudly with tons of gung-ho.

"Hmph, impudent! Danding Peak’s Elder is here! Get your b.l.o.o.d.y master out!" Li Shun shouted out furiously. He would pay the vengeance in full today with the backing of Elder Gu.

"Hmph! My Master is in retreat. He’s not someone whom you guys can just summon anyhow. Get back from where you came from, unless you want to force my hand!" Zhang Ergou was filled with vigor. Towards the crowd, he was not in the least bit afraid.

"IMPUDENT!" A flash flickered across the serene Elder Gu’s face as he roared with wrath.

Zhang Ergou felt his eardrums vibrate with a sharp pain. Feng Bujue stepped up in front of Zhang Ergou protectively and cupped his fists, "Elder Gu, this is Nameless Peak, the peak accorded by Grand Master. I’m afraid it’s not too appropriate for you guys from Danding Peak to gather as such."

"Get your master out. I do not wish to waste time with you two." Elder Gu stared at the two of them intensely and coldly.

No matter what, this matter must not go to rest. If Nameless Peak was to be allowed to continue growing, where would Danding Peak stand in the future?

"Elder Gu, our great Master is in his retreat. If there’s anything, perhaps you can come again another day." Feng Bujue said unrelentingly.

This was their sect’s ground, so there should probably not be any risk of death here. Based on Master’s instructions last night, he needed to delay them as much as he could.

"BRAZEN!" Elder Gu’s roar came with a crashing force like a tsunami surging forth. Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue struggled to stand still in the face of it.

"Take them down! I shall find out personally what sort of characters Nameless Peak has to even dare to challenge us Danding Peak!" Elder Gu was extremely imposing at this point and was livid with anger.

s.n.a.t.c.hing with Danding Peak for resources? These guys were courting death.

The surrounding outer sect disciples looked at each other in dismay at the situation unfolding. They direly wanted to step forth for Nameless Peak, but the man ahead was an Elder from Danding Peak.

They were just mere outer sect disciples. If they dared to show any disrespect in their speech…even if they were killed, no one would cry foul for them.


Just as Zhang Ergou picked up his Wolf Fang Club, Ye Shaotian hurried over.

"Elder Gu, please give some face to me. Could we please sit down and talk this over calmly?" Ye Shaotian knew that something terrible was going to happen when he heard that Elder Gu of Danding Peak had set forth towards Nameless Peak.

This Elder Gu had a reputation for having a short temper. And furthermore, Nameless Peak had caused them the loss of a s.h.i.t load of profits.

No matter who it was on the receiving end, no one could condone something like this.

"Ye Shaotian, keep your hands out of this matter. Anything that Elder Gu has decided on is not something a mere outer sect disciple like you can interfere with." Li Shun interrupted.

"Elder Gu, we are all part of Glory Sect. Why do we have to hate one another…?"

"SCRAM." Before Ye Shaotian had finished, Elder Gu cut him off mercilessly and bellowed.

Ye Shaotian took a deep breath with a nasty look on his face. He was incensed internally.

‘G.o.dd*mn it! How dare you shout at your father, me?’

Ever since Ye Shaotian was touched by Lin Fan, his temper had toned down compared to the past. He was much gentler and warmer. But of course, who could change completely that easily.

Now that he tried speaking nicely but was met with such a slur, as a proud genius of the outer sect, he could not take this lying down either.

Focusing his gaze, Ye Shaotian declared haughtily, "Whoever dares to take a step, don’t blame me for being merciless."

"Ye Shaotian, what are you trying to do!" Li Shun stepped back beside Elder Gu before he yelled.

G.o.dd*mn it, rebellious! Everyone's rebelling today!

How dare they remain so impudent in the presence of an Elder!

Lin Fan circled the house pondering what he should do. He had heard everything that went on outside.

G.o.dd*mn it. A tragedy was going to unfold!

This bigshot had already forced his way to their doorsteps! What should he do? Stealth away and hide? The thought did cross his mind. But if he did that, then his reputation would go to the dumps from then on.

Sh*t! How? How???

Lin Fan rubbed his palms together desperately. He did not know what to do. From the gap of his door, he looked outside.

He wondered how the situation was like now.

"F*ck them! They brought so many guys?! Are they seriously out to kill us?! Man, isn’t this Danding Peak just way too overbearing?"

Sweeping the scene, he saw outer sect disciples. Even Ye Shaotian was here. And from the looks of it, he seemed to be in a conflict with the Elder.


And just at this moment, Lin Fan’s vision reached the elder, and his expression took a change.

"Pericelestial Level 1..."



Lin Fan was frenzied. The Elder of Danding Peak who caused him a sleepless night…he was just a f*cking pericelestial level 1?’


Nothing, there was just nothing more to be said.

Arranging his clothes, puffing his chest, lifting his chin, gathering his breath and fixating his gaze, Lin Fan kicked the doors open.

The uneasiness he had beforehand was all swept to the ground and what replaced it was a mighty air of loftiness.

Back in Cangling Continent, his cultivation base had already reached postcelestial level 9. Just that when he reached here, it was concentrated down to postcelestial level 1.

But now, a mere pericelestial level 1 Elder had dared to step up against his sect. Goodness, what did this guy take him for?

Since all the outer sect disciples were gathered as well, it was time to set a good example for them.

Being friendly and all had caused these guys to take him as a wimp. Since these experience points had gathered here themselves, it was time to give them a taste of Yours Truly’s tender loving care.

"All of you, stop it!" An imposing command came from the distance.

Ye Shaotianm who was ready to strike, took a step back and turned around.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue felt especially revitalized due to this voice.


Upon the sight of Lin Fan, the crowd from Danding Peak burned with hatred. It was this man who had stolen their business.

Meanwhile, Elder Gu inspected this man without a change in expression.

Lin Fan walked forward, a step at a time. He was in no hurry. Both hands behind his back and his chin raised, he emitted an aura of majesty so bright it was blinding.

The atmosphere exploded with his grace instantly as everyone was captivated by that alluring charm of his.

"You lowly Danding Sect disciples, instead of staying at your own peak, you dare to come over to Yours Truly so insolently? What do you guys want? Taking advantage of the fact that we’ve got fewer numbers over here at Nameless Peak?" Lin Fan lashed out with fury. Every word was like a polished sword, piercing the Danding Peak disciples deep in their heart.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were stunned beyond words.

Their master seemed different.

It was as though he truly had the airs of a great protecting master! An unknown fear surged through their body.

Looking at their master’s eyes, they were fearful.

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