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Chapter 1016: Breaking News
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect were all gobsmacked while Liu Feng could only gulp down his saliva with a look of horror shining in his eyes.

Stabbed to death! He was really stabbed to death!

Wasn't Junior Brother Lin way too violent? He had gone to stab the other party to death just like that without even hesitating?

At this moment, Lin Fan was extremely pleased. He had stabbed yet another Golden Immortal being to death. Only, this Golden Immortal was somewhat weak, and his cultivation was too low, resulting in some mediocre experience points gained.

"Here, your sword." Lin Fan flung his arm and that Utmost Treasure sword flew back to that disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect with a 'pshew' sound.

When the disciple gripped onto that sword, he felt his heart shuddering in fear, "To think that this sword of mine would have stabbed a Golden Immortal to death…!"

Looking at the drop of fresh blood that was staining his sword, that disciple felt his heart jerking intensely.

This precious sword of his had actually stabbed a Golden Immortal to death! In the future, he could name it as a Golden Immortal Slaying Sword!

Furthermore, there were so many people here who had witnessed it. After returning, he must definitely give this precious sword of his a domineering name!

"Junior Brother Lin? No, Senior Brother Lin…! You…!" Liu Feng was just dazed right now. He felt that it was evidently not too appropriate to refer to Lin Fan as a junior brother anymore.

The fact that Senior Brother Lin was able to slay Qing Liantian in the blink of an eye was a testament to that heaven revolting strength of his. If he were to continue referring to him as junior brother, that would not be right.

"Junior Brother Liu, it's all thanks to you this time around. If not for those words of yours, I might not have been able to think things through so properly." Lin Fan chuckled out. He was in a joyous mood right now.

Ever since he had joined a sect, Lin Fan had been troubled by it. He did not know if any trouble would ensue over him killing the disciples of other sects. It wasn't that he was afraid of creating trouble, but he just didn't want to implicate the sect along with it.

But, with the words of Liu Feng just now, Lin Fan had a clear idea about things. Evidently, if one was unhappy, he could just f*ck them up then, chopping them up without any room for discussion! And, even if one were chopped up, they could only blame it on their lack of skills. Whether or not the other sect would come hara.s.sing him would all depend on luck by then.

But, as for attracting trouble and whatnot, Lin Fan was not afraid of that in the least bit.

The more trouble there was, the better. The best thing was for them to come at him relentlessly just like locusts, so that Lin Fan could chop down as he wished.

"Eh…?" When Liu Feng heard the words of Senior Brother Lin, his heart was taken aback. He clearly did not understand what Senior Brother Lin had just said.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu came up ahead with a look of astonishment, "Big Bro! You're just too amazing!"

Lin Fan smiled out calmly, not letting it get to his head. Small issues… All of these were small issues.

"The strength of that Qing Liantian was simply too weak. Since he had dared to bully someone of my sect, didn't he deserve death?" Lin Fan remarked.

"Yes, yes! Senior Brother Lin, you are absolutely right! If not for you today, Senior Brother Lin, that trash of a Qing Liantian would have trampled all over our heads!" Liu Feng replied.

"Just someone like him? He's far from qualified." Lin Fan said.

"Senior brother, where are you headed off to later? Will you be returning to the sect with us?" Liu Feng asked. He had witnessed the Grand Compet.i.tion back in the sect personally.

And right now, it had just been a short period of time without seeing Senior Brother Lin. But, who would have thought that he would be strong to such an extent! This was more horrifying than anything could be!

If this were before, Lin Fan would have wanted to head back and take a look. But right now, since he could f*ck over anyone without being worried about any form of trouble, what reason was there for him to head back? Naturally, he would just stay out and f*ck people over up and down! Returning to the sect would just be a waste of time, wouldn't it?

"I'm not heading back. You guys can return first." Lin Fan replied.

Liu Feng nodded his head, "We will take our leave first, Senior Brother Lin."

Lin Fan nodded his head slightly in acknowledgment. After Liu Feng and the others had left, he let out an absolutely pleasured smile on his face before turning over to Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, "Our battle has only just begun! We have a goal now, so things might get a little more tiring in the future!"

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu realized that their Big Bro's battle intent was extremely high-strung right now. With that, even they felt excited, "We will follow our Big Bro's footsteps forever!"

"Alright!" Right now, Lin Fan was filled with vigor as though the entire world was waiting with its arms wide open for him.

A few days later…

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Liu Feng and the others headed back before reporting the affair over to the higher echelons of the sect. When they heard of the news, their faces were confounded.


Remnant Lin Fan had stabbed the Golden Immortal state Qing Liantian of the Broken Heaven Sect to death? Not only that, he had done so with ease such that the other party could not even retaliate at all? This was way too unreal, wasn't it?

Qing Yangzi was living a comfortable life right now. Ever since he had brought Lin Fan back into the sect, his keen judgment had gotten the recognition it should. With that, he led carefree and happy days.

He was prepared to head out and roam more in a couple of days' time. He would head over to more cities and see if there were any more disciples with an exceptional innate potential.

However, the fact that he could seek out a supreme paragon of a disciple such as Lin Fan for the sect was something he could brag about for his entire life now.

"Elder, something big has happened! Something ma.s.sive…!" Li Qing rushed in from outside hurriedly.

Qing Yangzi's face straightened up, "What are you looking all fl.u.s.tered for? Tell me what's the matter about."

Li Qing took up the teapot from the table and poured the tea down his throat to soothe it before speaking up anxiously.

"Senior…Senior Brother Lin…! H-he…!"

When he heard that it was about the proudest person of his life, Qing Yangzi grew concerned, "What's with him? Speak up, will you?"

"Senior Brother Liu Feng has just headed back from outside, bringing a piece of news with him. Senior Brother Lin has slain Qing Liantian of Breaking Heaven Sect!" Li Qing said.

"Slain a disciple of another sect? That lad is really restless indeed." Qing Yangzi chuckled out, not really bothered with the issue at all. He then continued, "Look at the state you've gotten yourself into. Didn't he just kill a disciple of the Breaking Heaven Sect, that's all? How could one grow up without knowing of bloodshed?"

Li Qing was fl.u.s.tered still, "It's not that! Qing Liantian was of Golden Immortal cultivation state!"

"Oh, Golden Immortal…HUH? WHAT DID YOU SAY? REPEAT THAT?" Qing Yangzi had not reacted to it at the start. But, by the time he had come to his senses, his face was absolutely dumbfounded.

"That Qing Liantian is a Golden Immortal being of the Breaking Heaven Sect! Senior Brother Lin had used a sword to just stab that Qing Liantian to death!" Li Qing spoke out in astonishment.

When he had first heard of the news, he thought that he must have misheard everything.

But, with so many witnesses, there was really no mistake about it.


Qing Yangzi had just poured a mouthful of tea into his mouth when he spat out everything furiously after hearing it. His eyes were wide-open as he asked, "You're not… kidding me right?"

"No… It's all true! It has been spread throughout the entire sect by now! Whether or not you believe it, all you have to do is head out to find out, elder!" Li Qing replied.

"Holy f*ck! Just how in the world did that lad cultivate? He had just left the sect for a couple of days! How come he already has the capabilities to slay a Golden Immortal state being?!" Qing Yangzi could not even sit down any longer as he stood up and headed outside.

He had to go clarify things for a little.

Was this piece of news really real or not?

If it were real, then it was truly extremely explosive.

That lad was truly the unrivaled and unparalleled number one genius of the entire world with no equal!

THAT Lie Qingtian?

THAT Qin Shengjun?

They were all dogsh*t in the face of him! They had better scram as far as they could. Comparing them to this person that he had chosen was simply comparing an adult with a child.

No, there wasn't even any way to compare at all!

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