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Chapter 1014: This Death Is Too d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y Fast!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Wide-eyed, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu's eyes shone with deep disbelief.

True Immortal state?

To think that they would become True Immortal state beings!

Excited! Emotional! They truly did not know what they could use to describe their feelings right now!

The fact that their Big Bro would help them to level up to True Immortal state was something that they had never dared imagine in the first place. They had thought that having a Big Bro was just for self-protection or a backing.

But, the favor of today had them truly so grateful that they did not know what they should say anymore.

"Big Bro! I, Qiu Zhanyu, swear that I will follow you forever from now on! Even if it's against a legion of horrifying beings, I, Qiu Zhanyu, will definitely not cower!" Due to his excitement, Qiu Zhanyu's fat and rotund body started jiggling all over.

"I, Jin Zhengu, as well!" Jin Zhengu added on hastily, not wanting to fall behind.

Ever since these two brothers had come out into the world from their village, they had never once come across someone who had treated them this nice.

To think that he would even be willing to give them Immortal Pills!

"Words are always nice. When it really comes to it, who knows if the both of you will be the first to run off." Lin Fan rolled his eyes. However, he still believed them in his heart despite saying that. After all, his judgment of someone's character would never be wrong.

"Big Bro, we could be considered as pretty powerful beings now as well! Alright, where should we head off to next?" Qiu Zhanyu took out a luffa and chomped on it once more.

"Give me some time to think about that. After heading out, I truly hadn't thought of a place I should head to. However, for now, we shall just roam the city for a little while more. Who knows if there is anything more to be gained." Lin Fan replied.

Ever since he had left the sect, Lin Fan only wanted to raise his strength as quickly as possible. But, after coming here, he realized that wanting to raise one's strength would also have to depend on one's luck.

There were not many powerful beings out there.

And even if there were, they were grouped up in cl.u.s.ters, or had huge backings of their own. Given their strength, they were truly not to be reckoned with.

Taking that Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation for example, the backing behind them must be incredibly huge. If he were to offend the other party and end up being hunted down, there would definitely be some powerful being on his tail. He did not even know how strong of a foe he would meet with by then.

If the opponent was way too strong, wouldn't he be dead meat?

Within the city…

The three of them looked around everywhere. Other than being lively, the Emperor Heaven City was still just…lively. There was really nothing much else.

However, Lin Fan's eyes were still darting all around.

Some of the pa.s.sersby really had pretty decent cultivation states. There were many True Immortal state and Mystic Immortal state beings. There was even a Golden Immortal state being roaming around!

However, there were many people surrounding that Golden Immortal state being. Evidently, he must be someone significant from some powerful faction.

After looking for a bit more, Lin Fan realized that Qiu Zhanyu's sights were cast at the corners of a wall.

"What are you doing?" Lin Fan asked.

"Big Bro, check it out. That father and son pair are so pitiful!" Qiu Zhanyu said. As though he had recalled something, he added on, "When I was young, my father would bring me around the same way."

Lin Fan did not say anything much. Waving his finger, he used the Spirit Qi to create a pill, "Let him consume this. It will help his body to recover. If we give them money, that will only cause them to die even faster."

Qiu Zhanyu nodded his head before heading forth and having the other party consume the pill. After his health had recovered, the two were immensely grateful toward Qiu Zhanyu.

Seemed like Qiu Zhanyu was also a man with a story in his past.


But just at this moment, the ground quaked as the sky turned black.

"What happened?" Jin Zhengu exclaimed, not understanding what was going on.

Lin Fan focused his gaze over. The Spirit Qi in a place far in the distance was berserk, contorting the entire void with it. In the next moment, a booming G.o.d Thunder struck down from the sky.

Even though they were quite a distance away, the might of that strike broke through everything, sending a shockwave over.



At this moment, countless powerful beings from the Emperor Heaven City flew over.

"It's a Three Horned G.o.d Jiao that's trying to evolve into a Dragon!" Some unknown person shouted out.

"The rumors were real! There IS really a Three Horned G.o.d Jiao there! Since the G.o.d Jiao is trying to evolve to a dragon, there must be countless powerful beings rushing over there to vie for it!"

Lin Fan got excited all of a sudden.

Holy mama! Three Horned G.o.d Jiao! Just the name alone was enough for them to tell how domineering that was!

"Big Bro, are we going over?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

"Going? Of course, we're going! How can we not go?" Lin Fan did not hesitate as he pulled both of them along with him into the void and rushed forth in the direction of the aura.

There were countless strong auras moving up ahead as well. This troubled Lin Fan a little. If there were anything good, it would be extremely difficult for him to wrest it away from their grasps.

But, no matter what, they would have to check out the situation first. Who knew if they might get lucky and obtain some sort of rewards?

When Lin Fan stopped in the void, he realized that there were many powerful beings hidden in all directions as well. Right below them was the Three Horned G.o.d Jiao that was fumbling about in the middle of a patch of ocean.

This Three Horned G.o.d Jiao had a body that was 10,000 feet long, with two horns up on its head. Those shimmering scales on its body shone with a sharp gleam as it was evolving continuously.

"This thing is so horrifying!" Qiu Zhanyu gasped out.

"That's right!" Jin Zhengu nodded his head in agreement, finding it pretty terrifying as well.

The cultivation state of this Three Horned G.o.d Jiao was at Mystic Immortal state full cultivation level. If it were to tide through this calamity and evolve from a Three Horned G.o.d Jiao to a Three Horned G.o.d Dragon, it would definitely become a Golden Immortal being.


The dragon's roar shook the entire world along with the berserk aura. Some of the weaker beings were knocked back slightly as though that roar was too much for them to handle.

At this moment, Lin Fan surveyed his surroundings.

True Immortal state, Mystic Immortal state…


Golden Immortal state…

To think that there were a couple of Golden Immortal state beings hidden within the void!

At the same time, to Lin Fan's astonishment, there were a few beings from the Heaven and Earth Sect in this dragon slaying expedition!

Furthermore, all of those beings were elders of the sect.

Within the Heaven and Earth Sect, as long as one's cultivation state reached True Immortal state, they would be able to turn into an elder.

Other than the Remnants, the elders had the authority over all disciples in the sect.

This time around, there were a total of thirteen people from the Heaven and Earth Sect. All of their cultivation states were at Mystic Immortal state, except for a single Golden Immortal state being.

Even though the body of this Three Horned G.o.d Jiao was filled with treasures, it wasn't at a point where the sects had to send their ultrpowerful beings to contest for it.

Even though the Three Horned G.o.d Jiao knew that there were many people hidden in the void here, it could not care more at this moment.

The Thunder Calamity had come way too suddenly. If it could tide through this, it could turn into a legitimate G.o.d Dragon, a Golden Immortal state G.o.d Dragon which could roam around the world.

By that time, even ordinary Golden Immortal state beings would not be a match for it.


Yet another thunderbolt struck down from the sky. This thunderbolt was extremely thick, and possessed a frightening power to it. If a Mystic Immortal were to be struck by this thunderbolt, their skin would split apart even if they didn't die from it.

At this moment, the Three Horned G.o.d Jiao opened its mouth as a green Inner Pill was spat out of his body to help endure the Thunder Calamity.

Crackle, Boom, Bam, Pop!

A series of cracking sounds came forth from the body of the Three Horned G.o.d Jiao.

It was shedding its skin right now! At the same time, those shimmering scales were dropping down continuously and being replaced with new golden scales that grew in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, all of the ma.s.ses that were hidden in the void were startled beyond anything else.

"This is the Three Horned Golden Dragon! This is a mutation! Compared to the Three Horned G.o.d Dragon, this is even stronger and more valuable!"


At this moment, the Three Horned Golden Dragon roared out. After it endured the final Thunder Calamity, its body dripped with drops of golden blood.

"Go! It's a dragon right now, and in its weakest state!" Some unknown person shouted out once more.

A series of torrential powers burst forth furiously that gushed out at the Three Horned Golden Dragon.


It all happened so quickly that no one had the time to react to it yet. Even Lin Fan's face was just stumped.

The Three Horned Golden Dragon before his eyes exploded, breaking into many parts…

To think that it would die just like that…!

That was too b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.ned fast, wasn't it?

Lin Fan was still thinking that he should just wait out for a bit. Who knew if he might get lucky and earn a quick buck from this.

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