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Chapter 1012: Bursting with Fortune
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

These words of Lin Fan filled the elderly man with both astonishment and antic.i.p.ation. Just this Mixed Yuan Powers Pill was startling enough. To think that there would be an even more incredible pill! That was something that had his appet.i.te whetted.

Nan Yangzi stood by the side. Even though this Mixed Yuan Powers Pill was useless for anyone at Golden Immortal state and above, the largest consumer group of the Trade a.s.sociation right now comprised of powerful beings below the Golden Immortal state.

A single pill like that might not be able to cause that much of a stir. But, if they were to divide the hundred pills into ten or even twenty packages, that would definitely cause an uproar!

Most adventurers would not have the capital to purchase it. However, the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation usually targeted those high spenders, families with power and status, or those second generations in the sects, et cetera.

Their cultivation states might not be too high, but those people would never ever be short of Immortal Crystals.

Under the watchful gaze of the elderly man and Nan Yangzi, Lin Fan took out the Damage Leaving Pill.

Because of the Mixed Yuan Powers Pill from before, both of them naturally did not dare to look down on this pill. Even though this pill did not have any Laws of the Immortal Dao just like its predecessor, both of them knew that the effects of this pill must definitely be extraordinary.

"What's the use of this pill?" The elderly man spoke up and asked.

It wasn't because they weren't knowledgeable, just that they truly could not make it out at all. They did not know who had cultivated these pills, but this was something that was practically earth-shaking, and could cause G.o.ds and ghosts alike to cry out.

To think that these were pills whose secrets even they could not make out at their cultivation states! If that were the case, who else could make anything out of them?

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu smiled out with pride. This was especially the case when the caught sight of the stupefied expressions of those people. They were especially elated over that.

This was the Big Bro they knew! So awesome! The pills he took out were stuff that others could not figure out at all! It was dependant on whether they were convinced by it!

However, what they did not know was that it was difficult for Lin Fan to convince others of the effects of his own pills.

"Jin Zhengu, lie over." Lin Fan spoke up saying.

"Big Bro, what for?" Jin Zhengu did not understand.

"Just sprawl over on the table. That will do." Lin Fan said.

Even though Jin Zhengu did not know what Big Bro was trying to do with this, he knew that Big Bro would definitely not harm him. Thus, he laid down on the table obediently before turning his head around asking, "Big Bro, is this position alright?"

"Yes, that will do. Later on, you will test out this pill to open up the eyes of these two gentlemen here." Lin Fan continued.

"Got it, Big Bro! But, how do I test those pills?" Jin Zhengu was puzzled now. But the next moment, he knew and understood. This was going to cost him his life.


Out of nowhere, a sharp sword had appeared in Lin Fan's hands as he pierced it through Jin Zhengu's body immediately.

"Big Bro, this…!" Jin Zhengu was startled and confused.

Qiu Zhanyu was equally frightened. However, in his heart, he knew that Big Bro would definitely not strike out for no reason at all. This must be a requirement for that pill!

When the elderly man and Nan Yangzi caught sight of everything before them, they were dumbfounded.

Weren't these guys comrades? Why did he strike out all of a sudden?

Lin Fan then stuffed the pill into Jin Zhengu's mouth.

"You guys can check it out for yourselves. This pill is called the Damage Leaving Pill, and can heal up one's injuries instantly." Lin Fan explained.

The moment he was done with his words, the initially gravely injured Jin Zhengu bolted upright all of a sudden. He checked and patted down on his body while revealing an astounded look.

"Eh? It doesn't hurt at all! Not only that, there isn't even any scratch or scar!" Jin Zhengu was startled.

Qiu Zhanyu was equally flabbergasted.

Right now, the only composed person on the scene was Lin Fan.

Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction. Seemed like these two Little Bros that he had taken in were not without their merits.

At least, he would have someone to test out pills on.

The elderly man and Nan Yangzi were both stumped right now. Even though they both had a broad knowledge of things, they were truly taken aback by the effects of the pill right now.


Yet another instant recovery!

But, how could this be? Just what sort of a pill could allow one's injuries to recover instantly?!

Even Immortal Pills would not be able to have the same effects!

Only those Supreme Grade Immortal Pills which possessed power that even G.o.ds and devils couldn't grasp MIGHT have these effects.

But, Supreme Grade Immortal Pills were things that one could only hope to come across by chance. How could they be so easily obtainable?

The elderly man's eyes were wide opened right now. He then looked over at Lin Fan, "This Damage Leaving Pill... can it cure Golden Immortals?"

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Anyone below Mystic Immortals is healed up instantly. Mystic Immortals would require four pills. But, Golden Immortals would require one thousand and above."

At this moment, the elderly man and Nan Yangzi were both equally astounded.

Horrifying! This was way too horrifying!

Even though one thousand and above for Golden Immortals was quite a lot, there was still an actual amount for them to lean back on to know that it would work!

This was just a G.o.d Pill!

"Name a price then. I've got a hundred of these pills as well. A pill as such that can practically reverse a state of life and death, this is not something that those Mixed Yuan Powers Pills could compare with at all." Lin Fan spoke up.

If the price were too low, Lin Fan would not be prepared to sell it.

Within the sect, he had already sold them for an extremely low price. But, now that this was the outside world, profit was naturally the biggest factor here.

Since Lin Fan could dare to take out pills as such, he was not afraid of being targeted. If he were targeted, he could not have wished for more.

If he could even f*ck over a Golden Immortal and kill him, who else could he not kill?

At this moment, the elderly man went silent, "Please hold on for a moment. The price of a pill as such…I've got to go seek some advice."

"Alright, but make that fast."

"Entertain our esteemed guests properly." The elderly man looked at Nan Yangzi and instructed.

After the elderly man left, Lin Fan sat in the place and waited slowly. Indeed, it didn't take long before the elderly man rushed back.

"How did it go?" Lin Fan asked.

The elderly man spoke up, "500,000 Immortal Crystals for each pill."

"Deal." Lin Fan did not hesitate, "I'll hand over the pills when I see the money."

"Alright. The fact that our Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation is able to remain standing for dozens of thousands of years is because our credibility is a.s.sured." The elderly man replied.

As expected, everything was soon prepared.

The elderly man swept his robes as 60,000,000 Immortal Crystals fused together, forming six miniature Immortal Veins that were accepted by Lin Fan.

These Immortal Veins were just like gigantic dragons that rumbled out furiously, made up of the richest composition of Immortal Qi.

This was a deal that Lin Fan was extremely satisfied with. As for some of the odd remainders, Lin Fan handed them all over to Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu.

Seeing these Immortal Crystals, the both of them were elated beyond anything else.

"May I ask if you're able to continue supplying pills as such in the long term?" The elderly man asked.

Lin Fan shook his head, "These pills are pretty difficult to cultivate out. However, if I do cultivate them, I can sell them to you guys first."

The elderly man chuckled out before adding on, "Do you need to purchase anything? The Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation will definitely have it."

"We'll take a look then." Lin Fan nodded his head. He did want to buy some pills as well.

After that, under the lead of the elderly man, Lin Fan and the others came to the place where items were sold.

Everything displayed here were samples. From low to high-end stuff, there was everything conceivable present here, with the quant.i.ty available displayed as well. In fact, there were even Immortal Pills and Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons.

However, because these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were extremely precious, there wasn't any actual item to display, and only descriptions of them were present.

The prices were naturally not low either. All of them were just astronomical values. Even if Lin Fan had 60,000,000 Immortal Crystals right now, he would not be able to fill out the odd remainders of the cost.

Lin Fan took a look around slowly. He wanted to purchase some Spirit Herbs or Immortal Herbs.

Stuff like Immortal Weapons and whatnot were not important for Lin Fan. As long as he had the materials, he could create those Immortal Weapons as well. Furthermore, he had quite a few good treasures with him right now as well.

However, those Spirit Herbs and Immortal Herbs were extremely useful. If he were to cultivate some good pills, he could pop them down himself and gain some experience points.

The most important thing right now was still to raise his cultivation state after all.

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