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Chapter 1011: Selling Pills
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Within a small little private booth…

This couldn't be considered as anything high end. There was just a curtain covering them.

The four of them sat down; Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu sat beside Lin Fan, somewhat curious. They had truly not been to the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation before. When they were pa.s.sing by the Emperor Heaven City usually, they would take a look from outside at best.

The main reason was that even though they had caught many people with the Heaven and Earth Net, most of them were people with an ordinary strength level. Furthermore, they did not dare to take out some of those items to sell.

Who knew if they would be discovered by anyone? If they were, it would truly be a tragedy by then.

Therefore, as long as it were pills, they would just split them amongst themselves before consuming them.

If it were anything else, they would use it if they could. As for those that they couldn't, they just kept them with them and they would no longer serve a purpose.

"I wonder what you three sirs want to sell." The man smiled out while asking.

Out of the three of them, he could see through two of these men. However, he could not make out Lin Fan at all. That had him wary. He knew that this man before him was not simple. At the same time, he was definitely the leader out of the three of them.

He was a True Immortal state being. If there were anyone whom he couldn't make out, the cultivation state of the other party might possibly be above that of True Immortal state.

"I want to sell a pill which can allow one to regain their powers instantly." Lin Fan said.

When Nan Yangzi first heard it, he felt a little disappointed. Pills that helped one to regain their powers was something they had no lack of over here. But all of a sudden, when he heard the word 'instantly', he was slightly frozen as though he was in disbelief.

A pill that could regain one's powers instantly? Could it be an Immortal Pill?

Lin Fan smiled out without saying anything more as he just took out a single Mixed Yuan Powers Pill and placed it on the table.

Nan Yangzi looked at the pill on the table before him and furrowed his brows. This was no Immortal Pill! That was because there would be Laws of the Immortal Dao wrapped around any single Immortal Pill. Even if it were a Lower Grade Immortal Pill, there would be a single thread of Law on the surface of the pill. But, the pill before him right now did not have any Laws of the Immortal Dao. At the same time, it looked extremely normal. There didn't seem to be anything special about it.

"This…" The reason why Nan Yangzi could become an employee with some slight status in the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation was because he had some good judgment. Even though there was no Law of the Immortal Dao on this pill, the aura emitted out from it had a different feel to it.

The power of the pill was extremely rich. This was something that ordinary pills would not be able to compare with.

"Pardon my lack of judgment, but I can't make out this pill at all." Nan Yangzi said.

He had seen countless pills before. Even if it were a Supreme Grade Immortal Pill, he could make out the depths of it. As for this pill before him, he just couldn't make out what was different about it at all.

Lin Fan chuckled out before grabbing onto Qiu Zhanyu's shoulder.

"Big Bro, what are you doing?" Qiu Zhanyu was startled, not knowing what was happening.

Nan Yangzi was equally stumped, wondering what the other party intended by this.

But all of a sudden, Lin Fan's powers pushed out furiously, causing all the powers within Qiu Zhanyu's body to disperse out immediately.

Lin Fan's strength was far, far stronger than Qiu Zhanyu's. For him to disperse Qiu Zhanyu's powers was something that was extremely easy.

"Swallow down this pill." Even though Qiu Zhanyu did not know what had happened, he took the pill and popped it down without thinking twice, since Big Bro was the one who had asked for it.

Nan Yangzi looked at Qiu Zhanyu with a look of surprise in his face. He knew that the powers of this man before him had been dispersed out completely. In layman terms, his powers were expended completely.

"Even though this Mixed Yuan Powers Pill is no Immortal Pill, the effects it produces are one that even ordinary Immortal Pills cannot produce." Lin Fan said.

After Qiu Zhanyu consumed the pill, the powers of his that were expended recovered instantly.

When Nan Yangzi caught sight of this, his entire face was stumped.

"How could this be?"

"How about now? What do you think a pill like this is worth?" Lin Fan asked while smiling.

For a moment or so, Nan Yangzi did not know how to answer. Even though Qiu Zhanyu's powers had truly recovered, a pill as such was something still pretty hard to believe unless he consumed it personally.

"Can it recover the powers of any cultivation state instantly?" Nan Yangzi asked.

"Haha!" Lin Fan laughed out, "Do you think that's possible? If it could allow the powers of any single cultivation state to recover instantly, I wouldn't be sitting here and talking with you right now."

At this moment, Nan Yangzi felt that his question was a little ridiculous as well. If it could recover the powers of any cultivation state instantly, that would be way too horrifying.

"It can instantly recover anything below True Immortal state."

"True Immortal state will recover up to fifty percent instantly."

"Mystic Immortals can recover up to thirty percent. Anything higher than that and it will have no more use."

Nan Yangzi looked at Lin Fan, "How many of these pills do you have?"

Lin Fan raised a single finger, "100."

All of these pills were cultivated by Lin Fan personally. Because he had no other use for them later on, he had just kept them in his storage.

When Nan Yangzi heard the amount, he stood up immediately, "Please hold on for a moment, three sirs! I can't make the decision for these pills."

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head.

After Nan Yangzi made his leave, he intentionally arranged for Lin Fan and the others to be seated within a slightly higher ended room.

It didn't take long before he returned with an elderly man.

The elderly man had a cultivation state of Mystic Immortal. When he caught sight of Lin Fan, his eyes shone with a glint as well. To think that even he could not make out Lin Fan's cultivation state!

"This is the shopkeeper of our Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation." Nan Yangzi introduced.

Lin Fan nodded his head, "Very well then. We can talk about the price now."

The elderly man came over and cupped his fists before speaking up, "Three sirs, could you please provide one more of those pills and allow me to give it a test. If it truly bears the effects as before, these two pills that were expended will be placed on the tab of the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation."

Lin Fan took out a pill and tossed it toward the elderly man.

The elderly man took over the pill and observed it carefully. He could not tell anything special about it either. Even though the background of these three men was unknown, he believed that there would truly not be anyone who would dare to act insolently within the Emperor Heaven City.

At this moment, the body of the elderly man jerked out slightly as he removed thirty percent of his powers before ingesting that pill into his tummy.

All of a sudden, the face of the elderly man changed starkly as he looked at Lin Fan in shock.

"It can really recover thirty percent of my powers!" The elderly man gasped out.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin, "Since you've given it a test yourself, name your price then."

The elderly man thought for a moment, "These pills of yours… Even though they do not possess the Laws of the Immortal Dao, their effects are similar to that of a Lower Grade Immortal Pill."

Lin Fan naturally knew what was so precious about his Mixed Yuan Powers Pill: its ability to heal up powers instantly.

However, there was a downside to this Mixed Yuan Powers Pill: the higher the cultivation state, the weaker the effects would be. This was especially the case for Golden Immortal state powerful beings, for whom, there was no effects at all.

And the main reason for that was because the Spirit Herbs used were just not good enough. If he could have better quality Spirit Herbs or even Immortal Herbs, even Golden Immortal state beings… Heck, even powerful beings above Golden Immortal state would be able to heal up their powers instantly.

"100,000 Immortal Crystals for each pill. This is the greatest price that the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation can offer." The elderly man said.

The Immortal Crystal was a common currency used throughout the Endless Mainland. If one wanted to obtain Immortal Crystals, they would have to find an Immortal Vein. However, Immortal Veins were monopolized by a few powerhouses, and were mined day and night.

Within the Immortal Crystals was Immortal Power. It could be used to aid in cultivation or even lay down formations. There were countless of usages to them.

Even a Lower Grade Immortal Pill that could heal up one's powers just like back in the Heaven and Earth Sect would only be able to sell for 90,000 Immortal Crystals each in the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation.

But evidently, Lin Fan's pills were far more valuable than those Immortal Pills.

"Sure, no problem! However, I've got another type of pill here that is far more valuable than the Mixed Yuan Powers Pill. We'll just have to see if the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation is able to offer an acceptable price for it then." Lin Fan chuckled out while saying.

Right now, the pill that he could ma.s.s produce, and was even more valuable than anything else, was none other than the Damage Leaving Pill.

To be honest, that pill was way more valuable than the Mixed Yuan Powers Pill.

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