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Chapter 1010: Trade a.s.sociation
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

If the powers within his body initially were like a small stream, they were just like a vast ocean right now.

The raising of his cultivation state had Lin Fan's strength skyrocketing with it as well. This could be considered as reaching the heavens in a single bound.

Right after he left the sect, he came across a chance encounter and was able to kill a Golden Immortal being to receive an ocean-like vast amount of experience points, such that his strength was raised to Mystic Immortal full cultivation state. If anyone in the Heaven and Earth Sect were to know about this, there would definitely be a large number of deaths from the shock alone.

He was merely a single step away from that Golden Immortal state right now.

Legends had it that when one entered the Golden Immortal state, they would possess power that even devils and ghosts would not know about. Unless one were to tread onto that cultivation state personally, they would never be able to understand the benefits of it.

And for Lin Fan, he was just that step away from being a Golden Immortal right now.

If there were another Golden Immortal state powerful being appearing right now, that might truly just push Lin Fan over to the next cultivation state.

However, any powerful being with cultivation state of Golden Immortal state was not to be reckoned with.

The main point to take note of was that this Golden Immortal Demon Lord that Lin Fan had b.u.mped into was gravely injured. As such, he could not even exert one percent of his entire strength.

If Lin Fan were to meet a perfectly fine Golden Immortal powerful being, he might even have his sh*t whacked out of him by the other party.

"Big Bro, your strength…!" Qiu Zhanyu stared at Lin Fan with wide agape jaws. Even though his cultivation state wasn't all that high, he had some general knowledge about the world out there.

He could evidently feel the changes in the aura of his Big Bro, turning into something that was even more horrifying than before.

"My strength has risen, that's all. Nothing to be alarmed about." Lin Fan remarked indifferently.

But in the ears of Qiu Zhanyu, these words were thunderous. Strength had risen?

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! How the h.e.l.l did he raise his strength? Qiu Zhanyu was just absolutely confounded.

"Bravo! The strength of Big Bro has risen! From now on, our safety will be even more guaranteed!" Jin Zhengu exclaimed out excitedly. He could truly tell that following this Big Bro before him along was definitely the right choice to make. His heart was filled with a deep sense of happiness right now.

"It's about time. Let's head off. There's nothing much worth us lingering here for anymore." Lin Fan spoke up.

"Big Bro, where should we head to now?" Qiu Zhanyu asked curiously.

Lin Fan was stunned for a moment. This was a very good question! Even he himself did not know where they should head to right now.

The reason why he had left the sect was to raise his strength. But, this thing about raising one's strength was something that depended on luck at times as well.

If Lady Luck were shining down on him, he might b.u.mp into a few powerful beings in a row. But, if his luck were in the dumps, he would just meet a bunch of noobs everywhere.

Furthermore, Lin Fan wasn't someone who loved pointless killing. It wasn't as though the people out there had any enmity with him. What rights did he have to go around killing others?

Jin Zhengu suddenly thought of something, "Right! 8,000 miles away from this place is a city that's really bustling! How about we head over there for a look?"

Lin Fan's interest was piqued somewhat, "Alright. Let us head over there then!"

"Let's go."

Lin Fan brought both of them with him and tore through the void to leave this underground abyss. When they entered the void, he headed in the direction that Jin Zhengu had pointed out.

It wasn't long after Lin Fan left, a few incense sticks' time at best, that a figure appeared out in the s.p.a.ce of the underground abyss.

When he caught sight of everything before him, he was totally befuddled.

Pointing out with his finger at the void, a spot of light landed out into his palms.

"To think that the Demon Lord would be dead! Just who was it that had killed him?"

After a long time, a city entered Lin Fan's sight.

"Big Bro, this is the Emperor Heaven City here! It's bustling with life!" Jin Zhengu remarked excitedly.

"There're many disciples from different sects out there. This is especially the case because there are two gigantic Trade a.s.sociations here that link up the entire Endless Mainland." Qiu Zhanyu added on.

When Lin Fan heard this, he was even more interested now. This was the first time he was hearing of something such as a Trade a.s.sociation here.

Back in the Xuanhuang World, there were Trade a.s.sociations as well. However, there was no way they could link up with the entire Xuanhuang World. They simply did not have that sort of influence.

As for the Ancient Saint World, it was even more impossible for Trade a.s.sociations to exist. The Ancient race beings were the overlords of that place. Who would dare to create any Trade a.s.sociations?

"What are the backgrounds of these Trade a.s.sociations?" Lin Fan asked.

"One of them is the Jun Baoxuan Trade a.s.sociation while the other one is the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation. Rumors have it that these two Trade a.s.sociations have an extremely strong backing behind them respectively. Most ordinary people would not dare to trifle them." Qiu Zhanyu replied.

"Oh! Let us head over to check it out then." Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy right now. He loved things and people with influence behind them!

If they were friends with him, then tough luck on Lin Fan. But, if there were any form of enmity formed, then that would definitely be for the best!

When the three of them landed on the ground, they did not cause much of a stir. After all, there were many martial artists around them.

There were many disciples of sects over here, but there were also adventurers as well.

The difference between the two was quite easy to spot.

When they entered the city, there were no guards watching over the entrance at all. Within the Emperor Heaven City, there wasn't really anyone who would cause trouble, because of the two huge Trade a.s.sociation that were sitting firmly within. The strength of these two Trade a.s.sociations was already extremely strong on the surface, let alone the hidden backings they had behind the scenes.

According to Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, there was once a Golden Immortal state powerful being who had caused trouble here in the Emperor Heaven City. Eventually, he just disappeared from the face of the world.

It was only later on that people discovered that the Golden Immortal powerful being's cultivation state had been crippled off completely and he was living life as a beggar that couldn't be more ordinary within the Emperor Heaven City.

Because of that incident, everyone realized that they must never ever cause any trouble in the Emperor Heaven City. Otherwise, no one would be able to save them.

When Lin Fan heard the story, his heart skipped a beat as well. To be able to cripple a Golden Immortal powerful being… That was outrageous!

As long as one were to enter the Golden Immortal state, there would be many ways to preserve their own lives. Even if they were to meet a powerful being they could not deal with, there was a huge chance they could escape from the hands of the other party.

But, to think that that Golden Immortal could not escape at all! Naturally, he must have met with someone extremely formidable.

No matter if it were real or not, Lin Fan's interest was only growing with each pa.s.sing moment.

Walking on the streets, the lively scenes of the Emperor Heaven City were all imprinted into Lin Fan's mind.

This was truly a piece of treasure ground.

There were countless martial artists roaming all around while there was a good mix of people with no cultivation states at all as well.

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. He was in possession of the pills that all these people thought to be heaven revolting! He wondered if he could sell the pills to earn something in return. That was something that had him quite curious.

"Let's go! Time to head to the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation to sell some stuff there!" Lin Fan said.

"Sure!" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu replied excitedly. They had been to this place many times now, and were extremely familiar with it.

Soon, they arrived at the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation.

"Big Bro, this is it!" Qiu Zhanyu pointed out.

Lin Fan raised his head. Indeed, it was far from ordinary. Even the attendants in the shop were all powerful beings of True Immortal state.

Even if this were within a sect, they would be pretty remarkable beings.

And yet, in the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation, they were nothing but an employee!

When Lin Fan stepped into the shop, a man came forward immediately.

"Three sirs, may I be of a.s.sistance?" The man was gentle and polite. One could barely tell anything extraordinary about him. But, if anyone were to underestimate him, they would be making a mistake so huge.

The strength of this man was far from normal.

True Immortal state upper level.

"Oh! I heard that the capabilities of the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation are extremely strong. Just nice! I've got some pills here that I'm looking to sell." Lin Fan said.

After listening to Lin Fan, the man chuckled out, "Please enter, three sirs! No matter what sort of pills they are, our Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation will be able to take them in! Even if they are Supreme Grade Immortal Pills, I'm sure the Shen Yuntian Trade a.s.sociation has what it takes to give our three sirs here a price point you will be satisfied with!"

Lin Fan smiled out. Such bold words that were coming forth from this man!

Supreme Grade Immortal Pills were not something ordinary. A single pop of those could have anyone skyrocketing into the Heavens.

However, it was definitely not easy to create Supreme Grade Immortal Pills either.

Even that strand of Immortal Herb from the Demon Lord was not sufficient to create a Supreme Grade Immortal Pill.

The required ingredients for a single Supreme Grade Immortal Pill were extremely horrifying.

Not only that, there was an extremely low probability of success for something like that. If one were to fail, the losses would be extremely humungous.

Therefore, let alone Supreme Grade Immortal Pills, even Upper Grade Immortal Pills were something that countless of people would actually kill for.

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