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Chapter 993: I'll Consider It
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_



He learned all three of those martial arts mystic skills and fused them together. Reaching Heavens in a Single Bound was fused together with So Near, Yet So Far.

There was no need to fuse the Fist of Origin though.

As for the Purifying Buddha's Heart, it formed a new mystic skill after being fused with the Great Buddha's Light of Purification.

Even though the fusion had caused both of the mystic skills' levels to drop to level 1, the powers that this Level 1 wielded was in no way inferior to the previous levels. In fact, it was even more powerful than before.

Now that he was settled with the skills, it was time to move on with the real show.

Lin Fan raised his finger slightly as a row of precious herbs floated out before him gently. These herbs were far from ordinary; these were things that could truly create really G.o.dly pills.

There was no lack of herbs in the Xuanhuang World or Ancient Saint World. Initially, Lin Fan's perspective was limited, and he had thought that those were the limits of everything he had seen.

But, ever since he arrived at the Endless Mainland, he discovered that the herbs here were way, way better than those back in the Xuanhuang or Ancient Saint World.

Between them, there wasn't even a room for comparison.

The herbs right now costed at least 10,000 to 20,000 Contribution Points each. Within the Heaven and Earth Sect, this could be considered as something pretty decent already.

As for those that were even more expensive, it wasn't that Lin Fan did not want them; it was just that they just weren't worth it.

The pills that he was cultivating out right now were for his own consumption, which he could then convert for experience points.

At this moment, he was actually getting a little excited now. He did not know what sort of G.o.dly pills he could create with them.

Pills Through Thought!

Flames surged out with just a thought of his, and then Lin Fan tossed all of the herbs within it without any hesitation.

The impurities were purged.

The medicinal powers were concentrated.

Pill formation...

Instantly, Lin Fan's expression turned serious as he entered the Heaven and Earth Smelt, followed by a bedazzling brilliant light bursting forth. One after another, a series of pills that shone with a golden divine light floated out before his eyes.

If not for the fact that Lin Fan's speed was fast and he had entered the Heaven and Earth Smelt, this bedazzling brilliant light would have definitely caused a huge stir within the entire sect.

'Ding… Pills cultivated successfully.'

Lin Fan grabbed the pills over.

Unlimited Heavenly Firmament Pill.

Grade: Middle Grade Perfect Immortal Pill.

Effects: Improves one's cultivation speed by 20 times. Duration: 1 day.

After consumption, it is able to be converted into 80,000,000 experience points.

Black Emperor's Water Pill.

Grade: Middle Grade Perfect Immortal Pill.

Effects: Completes the Black Emperor Spirit Body.

After consumption, it is able to be converted into 70,000,000 experience points.

These pills were not things that were available within the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Based on the explanation of pills as described by the Heaven and Earth Sect, the fact that the pills created by Lin Fan could have effects as such meant that they were not even of n Immortal Pill grade right now. This was a grade that even higher than that.

It was so high that if he were to take them out, it would definitely cause an uproar.

But of course, Lin Fan wouldn't be stupid enough to take them out to sell. Even if he were to sell them, no one would actually believe him at all.

For Lin Fan, Contribution Points did not have any use at all. The only requirement he had right now was to raise his strength up as much as possible before going out of the sect to go ham everywhere.

Lin Fan opened his mouth wide and stuffed all the pills within.

Yum, nom, nom!

Fragrant and aromatic!

This was delicious!

If any disciples who knew of the pills' effects were to watch them being consumed as such, they would definitely spit out a mouthful of old blood in shock.

These were mother*cking G.o.dly pills… Ultra super duper G.o.dly pills! But, this fella here was just popping them like candy!

If any of these pills were to be displayed outside, it would definitely cause a bloodbath over it!

The pills that Lin Fan could create had already far surpa.s.sed the realm of the grades of pills available in the Endless Mainland.

'Ding…Experience Points +80,000,000.'

'Ding…Experience Points +70,000,000.'



The System continued on for a total of four times.

The herbs that were required for these pills were way too much. And, if he were to have to continue using Contribution Points to exchange for these herbs, they would still get pretty expensive.

'Ding…Congratulations on Cultivation State leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Immemorial Ancient state full cultivation state.'

At this moment, Lin Fan could feel an endless amount of power cruising through his entire body. The powers within his body rumbled out furiously, and were way stronger than before by countless of times.

This was true power!

At this moment, Lin Fan channeled the powers within his body and filled every single cell he had with them.



The mystic skills within his body sorted themselves out entirely with this as well.

This time around, Lin Fan had only brought his own treasures with him into the Endless Mainland. The Weapon Spirits within them were cultivating out peacefully by themselves. Lin Fan was extremely poor right now, so how could he have the means to raise them as well?

It was only after he turned wealthy that he could bring them to skyrocket along with him.

One month later…

Lin Fan finally rose up.



There were suddenly sounds of explosions coming forth from within his body! This was a sign of how full and robust his powers were.

"Senior Brother Lin." At this moment, a voice traveled in from outside the doors.

'What is Junior Brother Li here for again?' Lin Fan thought in his heart. Without hesitation, he came out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


Li Qing looked at the broken peak before him with a mix of emotions in his heart.

This time around, Elder Qing Yangzi could have been considered to have all-in'ed on this bet.

In the opinion of Li Qing, Elder Qing Yangzi was just sulking with his behavior. But, going against the sect like this did not seem like it would be worthwhile.

However, he respected the decision of Elder Qing Yangzi, and would not say anything unnecessary as well.

"Junior Brother Li Qing, is there anything up?"


All of a sudden, Li Qing realized that the aura of Senior Brother Lin seemed to have changed!

Compared to one month ago, it seemed to be sharper than anything else right now!

This was because Lin Fan had just come out from his seclusion and had yet to retract his aura.

Li Qing did not say anything more and just handed some pills over to Lin Fan instead, "Senior Brother Lin, the Sect's Grand Compet.i.tion starts in a week's time. Elder Qing Yangzi hopes that Senior Brother Lin would take part in it as well."

"The Sect's Grand Compet.i.tion?" Lin Fan was stunned. He had not paid much attention to this matter. However, when he was peddling those pills a month earlier, he had overheard a disciple mentioning it. He wasn't too concerned with it back then.

This Sect's Grand Compet.i.tion or whatnot was something Lin Fan wasn't too bothered about.

"Senior brother this Sect's Grand Compet.i.tion allows you to challenge the Remnants. If the Remnants are to fall, you can become a new Remnant." Li Qing said.

"Oh!" Lin Fan did not have much of an interest in that. He was totally unconcerned about being the sect's Remnants and whatnot.

He wasn't really interested in the politics of the sect. All he wanted to do was get rich quietly.

Looking at how Senior Brother Lin did not seem too interested over it, Li Qing was getting fl.u.s.tered.

The strength of Senior Brother Lin was obvious. That guy that was born from the Fires of the Heaven and Earth and whatnot, his strength was no way stronger than Senior Brother Lin's! And yet, he was able to become a Remnant! This was just one h.e.l.l of a mother*cking dogsh*t!

"Senior Brother Lin, Elder Qing Yangzi really hopes that you can partic.i.p.ate in this Grand Compet.i.tion. The strength of that guy born from the Fires of the Heaven and Earth is nowhere comparable to yours, Senior Brother Lin. You can replace him, Senior Brother Lin!" Li Qing added on.

"I've got it. Let's see how things go when it comes to it. What's this stuff?" Lin Fan looked at the stuff in Li Qing's hands curiously.

There wasn't anything good there though.

Some of the pills there might be pretty decent for the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect. But for Lin Fan, they did not mean anything at all.

Compared to the pills that he cultivated out himself, there was practically a world of a difference. There was no comparison that could be made between them.

"These are pills that Elder Qing Yangzi had sent over in the hopes that you would take part in the Grand Compet.i.tion. They are extremely helpful to one's cultivation." Li Qing replied.

Lin Fan went silent for a moment before raising his head, "Go back and tell Elder Qing Yangzi that I will give this matter about the Grand Compet.i.tion a serious thought."

Towards those Remnants, Lin Fan was truly unbothered about them.

That Ling Wuzun was a Remnant, and was even someone famous on the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll.

But even then, so what? He still fell in the blink of an eye.

"Then, your junior brother here will wish and congratulate senior brother in advance for a successful outcome!" Li Qing was sincerely hoping that Lin Fan would take part in it.

Lin Fan nodded his head.

Without saying anything more, Li Qing left the Saint Devil Peak.

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