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Chapter 991: So Savage To Himself!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Carrying 800,000 Contribution Points with him, Lin Fan felt like a mini tyc.o.o.n right now as he arrived at the Exchange Point of the sect.

After browsing through quickly, he realized that some of the items were truly expensive.

Taking the Five Elements Sword Wills that he had cultivated for example, that was a combination of five different types of Sword Wills, and was ranked number twenty one in the entire sect. If one wanted to exchange for it, that would cost them 3,100,000 Contribution Points.

How could that not be considered as exorbitant?

Given his current Contribution Points, if he wanted to exchange for those items, that would undoubtedly be just a dream.

At the same time, he found some Immortal Pills.

The healing pills were all priced at 100,000 Contribution Points and above. And, the amount of Contribution Points required for the pills that could help one in raising their cultivation states were even more humongous.

For most people, these Immortal Pills were extremely incredible. But Lin Fan knew that he could create a World of Pills as long as he had the appropriate amount of materials and ingredients.

He took a general look at the entire collection.

Lin Fan did take a liking to some of the martial arts mystic skills available. However, these few mystic skills were slightly more expensive, and he was short of at least a million Contribution Points.

He then headed over to the marketplace and purchased some other herbs.

He did not purchase those expensive herbs and chose to purchase some cheap and normal ones instead. He was still preparing to create those two types of pills.

The next day, Lin Fan met up with Nan Gongming. This time around, he had cultivated out a total of twenty pills.

If he could have all of them sold out, he would definitely earn till he could fly into the Heavens. However, Nan Gongming had suggested for them to not head over to the marketplace area this time around.

The disciples there were poorer.

"Most of the disciples who are richer would be over at the Pills Peak, using the Fire of Heaven and Earth there to cultivate pills." Nan Gongming said.

Lin Fan knew what sort of a place Pills Peak was. This was a place that was dedicated for the disciples in the sect to cultivate pills at. However, there was a fee for it.

A single day at the Pills Peak required 10,000 Contribution Points.

The flames there were the Heaven and Earth Fires and were extremely beneficial to cultivating pills. Not only could they raise the innate quality of the pills, they could also improve the success rate of cultivating pills.

Nan Gongming felt that they could probably reap in even greater rewards if they had headed over there.

When Lin Fan and Nan Gongming arrived at the Pills Peak, a series of fragrant pill aroma fluttered over. This had Lin Fan feeling that this was a World of Pills in itself.

This place was practically on the brink of overcrowding, and numerous disciples were conducting business over here as well. With that, there were a number of them who were selling expensive high grade pills.

"Breaking Immortal Pill! One for 100,000 Contribution Points!" Someone was advertising.

If someone wanted to exchange for a Breaking Immortal Pill within the sect, they would have to cough up 200,000 Contribution Points. And the main reason was that this pill could help raise the probability of one breaking through to the True Immortal state by a large percentage.

However, the Breaking Immortal Pills that were sold here could naturally not compare with those exchanged for by the sect.

There was naturally some small difference in terms of quality.

"Alright, time to start our business." Lin Fan said.

Nan Gongming started advertising out for him next.

"Take a look! There are Immortal Pills being sold here!"

"Damage Leaving Pills! No matter how severe your injuries are, you will definitely recover from them!"

"Mixed Yuan Powers Pills! You can recover all of your powers within a single breath!"

"Be it walking by or pa.s.sing by, make sure you do not miss it!"

Nan Gongming's shout from the bottom of his core did attract the attention of quite a few people.

Lin Fan felt that his chance of getting rich was about to approach. Therefore, he started shouting out as well, "Take a look at these pills here! They are practically G.o.dly items for healing up your wounds! Once you have these pills, you will no longer have to be afraid when going out! Even if you use up your powers completely, you do not have to worry about it either!"

"What pills? For them to have such capabilities, are they Immortal Pills?"

"What's this? There isn't even a single Law of the Immortal Dao within them, and yet you dare to proclaim them as Immortal Pills?!"

"The medicinal aura seems pretty decent. But, I suppose that they are just normal pills, aren't they?"

The disciples who had been attracted over did not have much of an interest when they caught sight of these pills here.

Some of them who were preparing to cultivate their own pills were all tyc.o.o.ns themselves. When they heard that there were Immortal Pills up for sale, they naturally rushed over here with impatience.

Healing pills were something that were extremely precious! If they were to be in a secret ground or to get into a fight with someone else, a healing pill with an exceptionally remarkable effect could often turn the tides of the battle.

But, when they caught sight of the pills, they lost every single bit of excitement they had.

What the f*ck was this? There wasn't even a single Law of the Immortal Dao in it, and yet he claimed that they were Immortal Pills?

When Lin Fan caught sight of how the disciples were preparing to leave after taking a glance at the pills, he was unbothered by it. He then looked over at Nan Gongming. Right now was the time for him to display his worth.

"Everyone, hold up there!" Nan Gongming shouted out loudly.

Everyone was curious, not knowing what this fella wanted. After all, the time of everyone here was extremely precious. How could they possibly let it be wasted by someone like him?

Nan Gongming looked over at the ma.s.ses, "I know that all of you do not believe that these are Immortal Pills. That's right, they are indeed not Immortal Pills. And yet, they possess effects that are even more wondrous than Immortal Pills. Right now, I hope that every single one of you does not blink your eyes. Because, it is now time to witness the moment of miracle."

The surrounding disciples continued to look at Nan Gongming while still trying to figure out just what he was up to. It was as though they were giving him permission to continue with his act.

Lin Fan felt that his time to step up had come. But, just as Lin Fan was about to strike out, Nan Gongming held out his hand, "There's no need! I have an even better idea!"

Lin Fan was stunned as he put down his fist. He did not know what Nan Gongming was intending to do. At this moment, he saw Nan Gongming take out a long saber before placing it in front of the ma.s.ses.

"Can all of you inspect and check out this saber?" Nan Gongming asked.

The disciples who were now attracted used their hands to touch it. Instantly, they could feel a sharp gleam that was transmitted from the surface of the saber.

"This is one good saber."

"That's right. If you were to refine it slightly further, it could perhaps even turn into a Lower Grade Utmost Treasure!"

This saber was something that Nan Gongming had obtained by a chance encounter within a secret ground. At the same time, it was his most precious treasure right now.

"I hope that every one of you will not blink your eyes later on!" Nan Gongming yelled out before wielding the long saber in his hands.

The many disciples who were watching this were all shocked. What was going on here?

How was he going to prove himself?

All of a sudden, everyone who were watching the scene felt their jaws dropping.

"Holy f*ck!"

Lin Fan, who already had some idea about how this was going to play out, could not help but cuss out when it actually happened.

This Nan Gongming was way too savage, wasn't he?

Blood sprayed out across the entire ground, as the surrounding disciples stood equally flabbergasted.

"He is mutilating himself right now!"

"Holy f*ck! Does he have to be this savage? He is practically going to die!"

Nan Gongming had stabbed that saber right into his stomach. Even if one's cultivation state were at the Supreme state, they would b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l not be able to endure this!


Nan Gongming pulled out the long saber from his stomach and stabbed it in yet again.


The surrounding disciples were practically frozen right now. They could not understand just what in the world was going on. Wasn't he just promoting those pills? Was there a need for him to mutilate himself as such?

Nan Gongming was kneeling onto the ground right now, his face grimaced extremely terribly.

Painful! This was simply way too painful!

"Do my injuries look really grave right now?" Nan Gongming raised his head and looked at the ma.s.ses.

The disciples who were just frozen right now nodded their heads furiously.

This was definitely some mother*cking h.e.l.l of an injury! If this weren't considered grave, what else could be considered grave?

At this moment, Lin Fan hurriedly placed the pill in the hands of Nan Gongming, who took the pill and demonstrated it before the ma.s.ses.

"This is the Damage Leaving Pill. No matter how severe your injuries are, you will be able to recover from it."

And in the next moment, he swallowed the pill whole.

Lin Fan could not help but admire this Nan Gongming right now as well. To think that this guy could be this savage towards himself!

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