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Chapter 990: The Path of Righteousness
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

In order to prove the awesomeness of his pills, Lin Fan was giving it his all as well.

As for this Nan Gongming, he could only be considered to be unlucky to have received this round of beating. Wanting to stand up for others without any true strength? That was certainly a recipe for disaster.

The surrounding disciples watched the scene unfold with curiosity.

Nan Gongming was convulsing while spitting out blood from his mouth. It was an extremely horrifying sight to behold.

If this were to continue on, Nan Gongming would definitely die.

But right at this moment, something that stunned the ma.s.ses happened.

They did not know what was going on, but a ball of light burst forth from Nan Gongming's body all of a sudden. The light was extremely soothing, following which, the areas where he was injured started recovering gradually.

"Eh? What's going on here?"

Nan Gongming, who was initially lying still like a dead dog, bolted up to stand all of a sudden. He then looked left and right; however, he could not tell of any issues at all!

At this moment, it was as though Nan Gongming had suddenly recalled that he was walloped by someone to the brink of death.

When his gaze landed on Lin Fan, Nan Gongming was enraged, "It's you…!"

But, that rage did not last for even a single second when Nan Gongming's expression changed. His face was then filled with shock.

"Weren't you about to kill me earlier on?" Nan Gongming exclaimed out. But, after checking himself thoroughly, he realized that there were no wounds on his body at all! There was nothing wrong at all!

The surrounding disciples were equally dumbfounded.

Just what in the world was going on right now?

"Holy f*ck! Wasn't Senior Brother Nan on the brink of death just now? How has he recovered completely all of a sudden!?"

"I have no idea! But, this person had fed Senior Brother Nan that Damage Leaving Pill or something, and he has now recovered!"

"Immortal Pill! Is that truly an Immortal Pill?"

"That is something that's even more incredible than Immortal Pills! Even the Endless Shennong Pill requires a joss stick's worth of time in order to recover! And, there's also no way one could recover as though they were in the complete pink of health as well!"

Lin Fan yelled out at this moment, "Alright! Everyone has seen the effects for yourselves now! There are still four more of these Damage Leaving Pills, and five of those Mixed Yuan Powers Pill! If you have the need for them, come and order now!"

"All of these are lifesaving elixirs! Don't miss it now! If you miss it, there won't be any left!"

Lin Fan promoted his pills heavily. If he did not show some stuff, it truly would not have worked.

At this moment, the surrounding disciples were finally moved.

Initially, they had truly not believed in him. But right now, they realized that these pills were just simply G.o.dly!

"Give me one of that!" An Inner Sect disciple yelled out. Having a pill as such was as good as having another life altogether!

If he were to have to fight with others or explore any secret grounds in the future, this would definitely keep him safer by a huge margin!

"Both types of pills! I want one of each!"

"I want the Damage Leaving Pill!"

"I want the Mixed Yuan Powers Pill!"

All of a sudden, all the disciples had Lin Fan drowned.

Nan Gongming was just staring at everything blankly with a wide opened jaw. He was then pushed outside by the surrounding disciples.

He felt that there was truly something not right about this situation here.

Right now, it was as though he was completely fine!

He recalled being walloped cruelly by the other party initially.

But, despite having endured that round of beating, there wasn't even a single bit of injury on his body at this point!

So…could that still be considered as being whacked by the other party?

At this moment, Nan Gongming went deep into his thoughts. He felt that this was an issue he would have to think long and hard about.

At this moment, there were simply way so many people trying to make purchase that Lin Fan was getting overwhelmed.

"There are too many people! The pills are limited! Alright, I'm going to start auctioning now! The first Damage Leaving Pill will go at a starting price of 50,000 Contribution Points!"

"Make it 51,000!"

"I'll make it 52,000…!"


At this moment, the entire place was bustling with noise. Some of the surrounding disciples who were setting up their own stalls nearby looked at Lin Fan dumbfounded. To think that he could b.l.o.o.d.y do it like that as well!

After he had auctioned out the pills, Lin Fan realized that he had 800,000 Contribution Points!

He was rich now!

To think that he could have sold a few ordinary pills for 800,000 Contribution Points! Lin Fan felt that there was a huge potential in this trade.

As for those disciples who had not managed to get any pills, their faces were filled with disappointment.

Some of them were downright poor. When they looked at others splurging their Contribution Points to buy those pills, they could only watch miserably.

Even though the path of cultivation was one that depended on strength entirely, it was still pretty depressing when one caught sight of others with an immense amount of wealth at times.

Lin Fan left the marketplace, and was about to head to the sect area to check if there were any good items up for exchange. But at this moment, he discovered that Nan Gongming was following behind him!

"What do you want?" Lin Fan turned around asking.

Nan Gongming looked at Lin Fan. That disposition of righteousness and justice that he had earlier on was completely gone right now. Replacing it was a meek and weak look.

The holy Fraud Fighter, Nan Gongming, could have been considered to have failed entirely this time around.

Taking in a deep breath, Nan Gongming said, "I wish to work with you."

"What do you mean work with me?" Lin Fan asked in bewilderment. What was there to work with about this? He did not understand.

"I know that you want to sell pills. But, these pills of yours would not be believed by everyone. I'm willing to be the test subject for it." Nan Gongming replied.

Lin Fan froze up. What in the world was this fella talking about? He wanted to be the test subject?

This was pretty outrageous, wasn't it?

However, in Lin Fan's opinion, this guy's words weren't lacking merit either.

The pills that he cultivated were truly a far cry in comparison with the other pills available here.

Those pills that he had earlier on could only be considered as normal pills that did not have any particularly outstanding effects. But, to think that in the eyes of these people, they would all be Immortal Pills! How was Lin Fan to mother*cking explain that?

Lin Fan could definitely create true Immortal Pills. He would just require G.o.dly herbs, that was all.

But, to think that these pills that he had created could give the Immortal Pills here a round for their money in the eyes of these disciples. Without a doubt, it was only natural for them to a.s.sume that any pills with such effects could be considered as Immortal Pills then.

However, these pills of his did not possess any Laws of the Immortal Dao. That would make it seem too fake as well.

But, if he were to have a test subject around, that would make things way, way simpler!

"How much Contribution Points do you want for it?" Lin Fan asked.

Nan Gongming thought about it for a moment before replying, "5,000 Contribution Points per day."

"Alright, deal." Lin Fan nodded his head.

Given the speed at which Lin Fan earned Contribution Points right now, 5,000 Contribution Points were something he could afford with ease.

The moment Nan Gongming heard Lin Fan agreeing to it, he too heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though he was an Inner Sect disciple, he did not have a good life. Because he was a Fraud Fighter, there were quite a number of disciples who did not like to hang out with him.

Therefore, they did not even wish to go along with him to secret grounds. As such, he could not even get 10,000 Contribution Points per month, as he had to go to the secret grounds alone.

At the same time, there was an extremely high danger for him roaming the secret grounds solo. In a moment of carelessness, he could very well fall to the dangers within.

However, the path of cultivation was one that required a truckload of resources. If he did not have Contribution Points, it was truly very hard to continue raising his cultivation state.

Therefore, when Nan Gongming realized that the pills that Lin Fan was selling were absolutely real, he contemplated about this matter for a long, long time.

He realized that there was a great business opportunity to be made here, one that would help him get the Contribution Points that he required.

After Lin Fan discussed and agreed to it with Nan Gongming, they settled on a time to meet up the next day. The both of them then went on and worked about things their own ways.

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