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Chapter 989: Witness the Moment of Miracle
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Cough, cough!"

"I am an Inner Sect disciple! My credibility is a.s.sured, and there's definitely no falsehoods here! If there's anything that's fake about these two types of pills, I would definitely pay ten for every fake one!" Lin Fan yelled out.

"Then, how many Contribution Points do you require for them?" Some of the disciples did have some intent towards them.

"One for 50,000 Contribution Points! Not expensive at all!" Lin Fan replied.

There were a total of 10 pills here. With 50,000 a pop, he would be able to gain 500,000 Contribution Points if he could sell them all.

This was not an exorbitant price. Lin Fan had checked around as well; this was the market price.

But, when the price came out, some of the disciples made way. To think that he would say that this wasn't expensive at all! This price was practically sky high!

"Huehue. The price aside first, it's hard to tell if it's real or fake." A man wearing green robes walked over.

When the surrounding disciples caught sight of who it was, they involuntarily made a path for him as they started discussing in hushed whispers.

"That's Nan Gongming!"

"Nan Gongming! The one who's t.i.tled as the Fraud Fighter amongst the Inner Sect disciples!"

When Nan Gongming came before Lin Fan, he looked at the pills that were displayed on the table, "You claim that these pills have such miraculous effects. But, do you know of the Immortal Pill within the sect, the Endless Shennong Pill?"

The Endless Shennong Pill could be considered as a G.o.dly item for healing. No matter how severe one's injuries were, they would be able to recover within the time of a single joss stick.

If one wanted to exchange for an Immortal Pill of that sort, they would require 100,000 Contribution Points.

And, the price that Lin Fan had declared right now was half the price of the Endless Shennong Pill. Yet, the effects he boasted of were way more powerful than the Endless Shennong Pill.

The moment the surrounding disciples heard of Nan Gongming's question, all of them started discussing in hushed whispers.

"That's right! The effects of that G.o.dly healing item within the sect, the Endless Shennong Pill, are similar to this pill right here. It is an Immortal Pill!"

"I've had the affinity to come across that pill once in my life. There were traces of the Laws of the Immortal Dao within the pill itself. Just by sniffing in the aroma, I could already feel myself being revitalized mentally. That's something that this Damage Leaving Pill could not hope to compare with!"

"Seems like this pill must definitely be a fake then!"

"Nan Gongming is famous for exposing frauds! Do you know how many frauds and their ploys he has ruined so far?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was about to explode.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Did this bunch of fellas really think that Yours Truly was someone who would sell fake pills?

That was way too s.h.i.tty of a situation, wasn't it?!

"I don't know anything about that Endless Shennong Pill that you speak of. However, I do know that my pills possess such effects." Lin Fan looked at Nan Gongming while saying.

"Huehue. I don't believe it." Nan Gongming shook his head as his eyes shone with a firm disbelief in them, "Other than the fact that the medicinal aura of your pills is slightly stronger, what other trademark characteristics of Immortal Pills do they possess?"

"Every single Immortal Pill possesses the Laws of the Immortal Dao. That is something that masters have created by collecting countless precious and valuable herbs. As for these pills of yours, there's no way they could be real. Therefore, I hope that you can just leave this place as soon as possible."

"In this place, as long as Nan Gongming is around, no fraudster will be able to get away with their deception!" Nan Gongming declared loudly with a harsh tone as though he was extremely serious right now.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

"Well said!"

"Senior Brother Nan is indeed the beacon of light in our hearts!"

"If these pills were truly as miraculous as you've made them out to be, how could they be sold here?"

The surrounding disciples started applauding loudly. They were thoroughly impressed with Nan Gongming. In this place, as long as there were disciples who were selling fake items, Nan Gongming would definitely make an appearance.

Using that professional judgment and knowledge of his, he would expose all the mistruths within the 'truths'.

At this moment, Nan Gongming looked over at Lin Fan. That expression of his was as though he was just waiting for this disciple to refute him.

On the other side, Lin Fan was getting a little exasperated. Yours Truly was just trying to sell some pills and get some Contribution Points to make a living!

They refused to believe in the wonders of Yours Truly's pills?

Fine! Since that was the case, he would just have to make them believe it.

"Your name is Nan Gongming, right?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right. I am an Inner Sect disciple, Nan Gongming." Nan Gongming glared straight at Lin Fan while saying.

"Step forward a little." Lin Fan replied.

Nan Gongming did not know what this fella was trying to achieve with this. Thereafter, he stood before Lin Fan, "What are you trying to do? Has your shame of being exposed by me turned into rage?"

Lin Fan looked around at the surrounding ma.s.ses, "Everyone, since you guys don't believe in me, I just have to show you guys a demonstration of its effects."

The surrounding disciples did not catch Lin Fan's drift at all. But at this moment, something that shocked everyone happened.


Lin Fan kicked out at Nan Gongming's crotch immediately.

It seemed as though time had stopped completely at this instant.

"You…!" Nan Gongming looked at Lin Fan in disbelief. A sensation of pain then began to surge up as a series of wild howls rushed out of his throat.

Lin Fan did not say anything more as he just raised his fists and sent out a flurry of fists to wallop Nan Gongming to a pulp.

'You guys can choose not to believe, fine! But right now, Yours Truly is going to prove to you guys in your faces the tyrannical nature of Yours Truly's pills!'

"B-beaten! Someone is being beaten up over here!"

"Because Senior Brother Nan exposed the other party's fake pills, his shame has turned into rage as he is walloping out at Senior Brother Nan right now!"

"But, Senior Brother Nan's strength is not weak at all! How come he is unable to fight back at all!"

Nan Gongming was absolutely stupefied right now. He hadn't expected that things would turn out as such!

He wanted to retaliate, but he realized all of a sudden that he had no way of fighting back at all!


A punch flew out.

A stream of blood sprayed out into the air.

The surrounding disciples were all just retreating as far as they could right now. At the same time, some of them started yelling out in shock.

"Someone is being murdered right here! Can anyone come and help?"

"Senior Brother Nan is going to be killed by the other party!"

Some of the people who had no idea what was going on over here rushed over because of the commotion that was being caused. But when they arrived at this place and saw that Nan Gongming was being trampled down and walloped by a disciple, they exclaimed in shock.

"Stop that! You can't fight anymore! Senior Brother Nan's aura is getting weaker by the moment!"

"Are you really intent on murdering someone? This is our sect! You can't do that in here!"

Right now, Lin Fan was getting extremely fluid with his punches.

Fist after fist, they rained down on Nan Gongming's body.

As for Nan Gongming, all he could do was lie there while his eyes shone with a look of despair. He felt that death was approaching him by the second, as though he could pa.s.s away at any moment now.

"NOOOOOO…!" Nan Gongming screamed out in his heart. However, his aura was being lost out into the surroundings extremely quickly right now.

Lin Fan inhaled a deep breath before he came down with an ultimate blow.

Initially, he had not thought of any way to prove his pills. But, ever since this Nan Gongming had appeared, Lin Fan had finally thought of it.

Wouldn't it be easy if he could just whack someone half to death?


Finally, Lin Fan came to a stop. He then looked at Nan Gongming, who was lying on the ground motionlessly, looking as though he was hanging on his very last thread of life.

The surrounding disciples gasped out in horror as they retreated even further back.

Each and every one of them let out a frightened look as though they were really afraid that this guy might do the same to them as he did to Nan Gongming if he were displeased with them.

Lin Fan relaxed with his breathing before raising his hand, "Alright, everyone here! Watch properly now! Next up, it is time to witness the moment of miracle."

"Whether or not the Damage Leaving Pill possesses the effects I claim for it to have will depend on this moment entirely!"

At this moment, Lin Fan took up a single pill, and after prying Nan Gongming's mouth open, he pushed it in.

"All of you watch closely right now." Lin Fan crossed his arms and waited patiently.

The surrounding disciples watched with skepticism. They did not know what was going to happen.

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