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Chapter 987: Reverting To His Old Trade
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

In the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave expedition this time around, the rewards obtained were pretty decent. This was especially the case for Hu Qing and the others, who had obtained quite a few cores. For them, this was a decent fortune that was gained.

Out of everything, the most surprising reward was the Quasi-Supreme Grade Utmost Treasure Scarlet Blood Demon Saber.

If they were to exchange that saber for Contribution Points back in the sect, that would be an astronomical sum to be gained.

In fact, there would be many strong disciples or even elders who would come forth and try to exchange for this Scarlet Blood Demon Saber with all sorts of medicines and pills.

"For the trip to the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave this time around, it is really all thanks to Junior Brother Lin!" Su Hongchen said.

"That's right! If not for Junior Brother Lin, we might have already died within there!" When Hu Qing thought of a certain event, he felt chills traveling down his spine despite it having pa.s.sed.

Those Earth Demons were crueler than anything else. Even with his strength as an Immemorial Ancient state being, he was left with no other way out than death in face of those Earth Demons.

Not only would those Earth Demons shred his body to pieces, they would even slurp up his fresh blood. The very thought of that was extremely horrifying.

Lin Fan gave a calm smile. This feeling of being taken as a Messiah by the ma.s.ses was simply way too pleasurable!

"It's nothing much. We are all from the same sect, and if we can take care of one another, we naturally should." Lin Fan waved his hands off dismissively while saying coolly.

Right now, the group was looking at Lin Fan with a different eye. After all, in this world, power reigned supreme. For someone like Junior Brother Lin being so polite and courteous to them even despite being this strong was something that was extremely touching.

"However, Junior Brother Lin, you still have to be careful. I don't suppose that Ling Wuzun is going to let things go just like this." Hu Qing said worriedly.

"It's alright. If the soldiers come, fight them…If the river floods, the earth will stop it. If they want to lose face even back in the sect, they can feel free to come at me by all means." Lin Fan said while chuckling.

Su Hongchen and the others thought about it for a moment. Even though they were worried in their hearts, since Junior Brother Lin did not put it to heart, they naturally did not continue with that topic.

"I'll head back first." Lin Fan cupped his fists towards everyone. Right now, he had to head back and fuse this Scarlet Blood Demon Saber into his own treasures.

The Eternal Axe was already a Legendary Weapon right now. Based on the grading of the Endless Mainland, it could even be considered as an Immortal Weapon.

However, this Immortal Weapon wasn't exactly perfect just yet. After all, back in the Ancient Saint World, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were not fully refined just yet. It was a far cry compared to this Endless Mainland. Therefore, Lin Fan had to continue to put some work into his Eternal Axe.

After Lin Fan's departure, Hu Qing spoke up, "Let us go exchange these cores for Contribution Points. Junior Sister Hongchen will then send them over to Junior Brother Lin."

"Alright! Even though these Contribution Points may not be enough to satisfy Junior Brother Lin's standards, he has just entered the sect after all. There are definitely some places where he could still make use of some Contribution Points." Su Hongchen replied.

Saint Devil Peak…

When Lin Fan landed, he realized that Li Qing was already waiting at the entrance.

Li Qing was an Outer Sect disciple while Lin Fan was an Inner Sect disciple. When he met Lin Fan, he naturally had to address him as senior brother.

"Senior Brother Lin, you've returned!" The moment Li Qing caught sight of Lin Fan, he rushed up to greet immediately.

"What's up?" Lin Fan looked at Li Qing carefully, not knowing what this was all about. But, when he caught sight of the things in the latter's hands, he let out a look of surprise.

Could he be here to deliver items this time around?

"Senior Brother Lin, this is a 'Five Elements Pill' here for the Five Elements Sword Wills. With this, you will be able to learn it with only half the effort." Li Qing explained.

Lin Fan took the pill over in his hands with some suspicion. He was an Inner Sect disciple. How could there be so many benefits?

"This is also welfare from the sect?" Lin Fan asked.

Li Qing nodded his head, "That's right. You're an Inner Sect disciple, senior brother. From time to time, you will receive welfare!"

Lin Fan patted down on Li Qing's shoulder, "Don't lie to me, alright? I have a rough idea what an Inner Sect disciple is all about now. There are still Remnants above me."

Li Qing's face changed slightly before he chuckled out, "Senior Brother Lin, actually, your position should have been as a Remnant. However, there are only ten seats available for Remnants, and there was no availability. Therefore, even though you're an Inner Sect disciple, you will still receive the same treatment as Remnants should."

"Oh, so that's the case. I see." When Lin Fan observed Li Qing's expression, he kind of bought it. Otherwise, who would be silly to such an extent that they would keep sending him so much good stuff?

"Thank you for the troubles then, Junior Brother Li." Lin Fan replied.

"It's no trouble! No trouble at all! If there's nothing else, your junior brother will take his leave first." Li Qing waved his hand away at Lin Fan before leaving the Saint Devil Peak.

Lin Fan held the pill in his hand. Right now, the Five Elements Sword Wills had long been fused by him. Therefore, he naturally had no use for such booster pills anymore.

However, popping it down would still gain him quite a bit of experience points nevertheless.

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy as he tossed the pill into his mouth.

'Ding…Experience Points +3,000,000.'

Popping pills for experience points growth, this was something that Lin Fan hasn't experienced for the longest time now. It was because back in the Ancient Saint World, pills could barely give him any experience points.

But right now, the feeling of having his experience points soar through pills was one that was akin to ascending to the Heavens.

Within the peak…

Lin Fan sat down cross-legged and took out the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber immediately, then took out the Eternal Axe.

The Heaven and Earth Smelt came out next.


The Heaven and Earth Smelt was Lin Fan's most tyrannical treasure. A perfect combination of both offense and defense, this was something that was purely overpowered.

"This Eternal Axe could be considered as a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon. However, because the Laws of the Immortal Weapon aren't fully refined, its powers are less than one percent of a normal Lower Grade Immortal Weapon."


Lin Fan tossed the Eternal Axe and the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


Right now, Lin Fan's proficiency in crafting weapons was at a pinnacle state, allowing him to draw out the essence of the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber into the Eternal Axe.


The smelt vibrated slightly.

The Eternal Axe started giving off a slight aura of an Immortal Weapon. However, because it was in the Heaven and Earth Smelt, the aura naturally did not leak out at all.

'Ding…Congratulations on refining success.'

Lin Fan took out the Eternal Axe as his lips curled into a look of satisfaction. As for that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber, the only thing left of it was some sc.r.a.p debris. It had basically no function left any longer.

Eternal Axe.

Grade: Lower Grade Immortal Weapon.

Right now, some of the treasures he had with him, such as the Demon City and others, could not evolve at all due to lack of materials.

However, he knew that he could go searching for some Legendary Items if he had the chance, so that he could raise the levels of all the treasures he had on him.

By that time, he would truly be domineering.

Poor! Way too poor!

Lin Fan knew that he was really poor right now. There weren't many things he could show off from his inventory right now. He did not have any pills or any Legendary Items that were crafted out.

As for those Shengyang Pills, ever since he arrived at this place, there was practically no f*cking use of them anymore.

Those Shengyang Pills might have been some decent items back in the Ancient Saint World. But ever since he arrived at this Endless Mainland, it had turned into some inferior product.

This was angry-worthy, rage-probable, and tears-inducing all at the same time.

If he wanted to raise his cultivation state, he only had two goals right now.

First: Killing powerful beings.

Second: Popping these elixirs.

At this moment, Lin Fan entered a state of deep thought. Seemed like he had to go out and explore for a bit. Either that, or he would have to go back to his old trade.

Eventually, Lin Fan thought it through hard and deep.

Seemed like the best way was still for him to revert to his old trade.

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