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Chapter 1008: Nearly Lost My Chast.i.ty
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, the current situation was one that had everyone somewhat stumped.

This was especially the case for Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu. Since when had they ever come across a scene as such? Their little hearts started palpitating furiously.

Motherf*cking h.e.l.l! Just what in the world was this all about? What was that Golden Immortal state powerful being doing? Why did he turn this way all of a sudden?

"Big Bro, who is that heap of muscles? Why do I get the feeling that he's feeling exceptionally miserable in his heart?" When Qiu Zhanyu caught sight of the miserable look on the face of the Big Ancient Demon, he felt his heart tightening. It was as though looking at the Big Ancient Demon was breaking his heart.

"Hais! This is something difficult to explain in a few words." Lin Fan sighed out in exasperation. His heart was feeling equally ached, 'Ah, my dear Big Ancient Demon! It's been rough on you in this lifetime! This will definitely be the last time!'


At this moment, Lin Fan discovered that the Big Ancient Demon was just standing in the void. His entire body was straightened up as those domineering eyes glared at the berserk figure in the distance with a death stare.

Even though the Big Ancient Demon was much larger in body size compared to the Demon Lord, size wasn't everything.

The Big Ancient Demon had roared out to boost his own morale. He then took a single step out and treaded toward the Demon Lord.

He wanted to use his hands to suppress this Demon Lord savagely.

"I, the Big Ancient Demon, shall know no fear!" The Big Ancient Demon growled out as he was filled with an endless battle intent.



Right now, the devilish looking Demon Lord was breathing out heavily. When he caught sight of the Big Ancient Demon's body, his breathing got even heavier. Every single breath of air he puffed out was steaming hot.

Heaven and Earth's Figure!

As the Demon Lord was berserk right now, he had an urge to take down the other party savagely within his heart. As such, he deployed the Heaven and Earth's Figure, causing that initially small and weak body of his to turn into an extremely huge and malevolent demon's body.


A huge fight was breaking out.

Lin Fan, who was within the Heaven and Earth Smelt right now, sighed out slightly. The Big Ancient Demon was truly a good companion of his. Each time something as such happened, he would always be at the vanguard position.

The entire Earth cracked out as relentless roars boomed out.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were just breaking out in shivers. This was a fight that was far from ordinary. They were so rattled that they did not even know what sort of words they could use to describe something as such anymore.

All they could say was that this was too darned wild.

"It's time." When Lin Fan caught sight of the situation out, his heart leaped with joy. The Big Ancient Demon had held the Demon Lord down entirely by now.

Actually, no. It was more accurate to say that the Demon Lord had held the Big Ancient Demon down entirely by now.

Being pinned down on the ground, the Big Ancient Demon did not have any chance to fight back at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan came out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

He then took out his super duper ultra Legendary Weapon, the Nine Five Legendary Brick. At a moment as such, it was only a Legendary Weapon as such that could salvage everything.

Lin Fan looked at his Nine Five Legendary Brick. For a moment, he could not help but sigh out as well. It had been so long since he had used this Legendary Weapon that it was almost rotting by staying with him by now.

This brick was no ordinary Legendary Weapon. In fact, even a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon could not even be compared to a fraction of it.

Even though it did not wield much destructive power, its capabilities to knock someone out for one minute allowed one to kill every single G.o.d and Buddha it came across.


Lin Fan's body shifted as he tunneled through the Earth. He did not dare to be overly brazen; he had to make his way up ahead sneakily.

At this moment, the Demon Lord felt as though his heart was about to explode. As a Demon Lord, how could he be doing something as such?

However, he felt as though his Inner Heart was being tied down by some incredible force, such that he could not wrestle any bit of control away from it.

This was a situation that had the Demon Lord feeling extremely afraid. He was a Golden Immortal state powerful being, with a mental state that was as resolute as the Heavens! There should be nothing that could penetrate through this. But, faced with the power before him, he felt as though his Inner Heart could barely hold out any longer!

This was something all too scary for the Demon Lord to face.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were hidden at a corner right now, "What is our Big Bro trying to do?"

"I've got no idea. But, our Big Bro's guts are really way too big! That's a Golden Immortal state being!"

At this moment, Lin Fan was extremely excited. Rich! He was going to strike it rich soon!

A Golden Immortal state powerful being! If he could kill this fella, how many experience points would that amount to? Just the Laws of the Golden Immortal alone would be enough for him to earn a heap!

Rolling about on the ground, the Demon Lord and the Big Ancient Demon created a sandstorm of dust. The Big Ancient Demon was trying his best to hold his fort so that he would not lose his defenses. But, under the relentless a.s.saults of the Demon Lord, even the Big Ancient Demon was finding it hard to continue guarding.

"Old Bro! Hurry up and come save me!" The Big Ancient Demon yelled out helplessly.

'I'm coming! Don't worry now!' Lin Fan called out in his heart. But, at a moment as such, safety took precedence over anything else. Who knew if the Demon Lord would pull off some cheap tricks!

He crept closer to the Demon Lord stealthily.

The Demon Lord, who had taken on the Heaven and Earth's Figure right now, had a body that was much larger than that of the Big Ancient Demon.

As the two fumbled about on the ground, the impact was cataclysmic. This was absolutely frightening, just like gigantic mountains that were rolling about on the ground.

"I'M GOING TO F*CK YOU TO DEATH!" The Demon Lord was choking the Big Ancient Demon with his arms as those bloodshot eyes of his shone with an endless l.u.s.t.

And right now, the Demon Lord was reacting even more furiously than ever.

"Oh my f*cking G.o.d! I'm going to lose my chast.i.ty!" When the Big Ancient Demon felt that metal rod like thing poking at him, his heart was despairing beyond anything else.

Ever since he had turned into the Weapon Spirit of Old Bro, the path of his life was one that was fraught with misery.

During normal fights, Old Bro wouldn't even summon him out to fight the other party. But each time the other party was influenced by the Power of Biggra, Old Bro would always summon him to allow the other party to mess with him.

Up to this point, the Big Ancient Demon was even starting to question if he was even a Weapon Spirit anymore.

"I'm coming!"

At this moment, Lin Fan bolted up from the ground with an extremely stylish look. The Nine Five Legendary Brick in his hand had unknowingly raised Lin Fan's style points even higher.

When Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu caught sight of this, they could not help but exclaim out, "Big Bro is Big Bro indeed! To think that he could look so b.l.o.o.d.y suave with this dire counterattack!"

"We haven't acknowledged the wrong Big Bro! From this day forth, the path of our lives will definitely be a flourishing one!"

"Demon Lord, go home and take care of your kids!" Lin Fan roared out with a full overbearing might. That was just how tyrannical he was going to be.

A single brick out and nothing in the world could stand in its way.


The innate function of a full minute of fainting was activated instantly.

The initially berserk Demon Lord came to a halt in his motions all of a sudden. That berserk aura of his was retracted as his head shook about giddily, as though there were countless birds revolving around his head.


Complete knockout.

"Old Bro! You've finally struck out! I was this close to losing my chast.i.ty!" The Big Ancient Demon said.

"Don't worry. Your chast.i.ty has long been gone." Lin Fan replied.

The moment the Big Ancient Demon heard this, how could he possibly dare to admit to it? "Old Bro, you can't malign me as such! For so many times, I've always just been protecting myself! I've never once let those guys get their hands on me!"

Lin Fan glanced over at the Big Ancient Demon. If he trusted this guy's words, ghosts would appear for sure!

"Big Bro! You are way too strong!" When Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu caught sight of this, they ran over from the distance. The both of them let out astounded looks on their faces.

'Oh, what a great Old Bro! OUR Old Bro! To think that he had really knocked that Golden Immortal Demon Lord sprawling!'

Tyrannical! This was truly way too tyrannical!

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