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Chapter 1007: Truly Just This One Last Time
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The pills this time around were close to a full thousand.

After the Demon Lord sucked all of those pills into his stomach, his tummy was bloated up for a moment. This was because he could not digest them immediately for a moment or so due to all the medicinal properties that were being mixed in his stomach right now.

At this moment, the severely injured Demon Lord's face changed a little. He could already feel all the medicinal effects that were taking place and healing his wounds from within his stomach.



Slowly, the mysterious medicinal effects cruised through his entire body. This was something that had him pretty elated. He had not thought that he would be sent such a lad during this extremely difficult time of his.

This was an ant-like existence. Yet, the pills that he was cultivating out were far superior compared to any of those he had seen from any other Pill Cultivation Master in his life.

If he could obtain this lad's pill cultivation skills, who else would be a match for him in the Endless Mainland from now on?

When Lin Fan took a look at the situation of the Demon Lord right now, his face tensed up slightly. How was he supposed to f*ck this guy over later on?

This Demon Lord had already swallowed all those pills into his tummy. As for the Power of Biggra, it was senseless and odorless. Unless Lin Fan were to directly strike out with it, even the Demon Lord would not be able to detect everything that was contained within those pills.

Right now, Lin Fan could only hope that the Power of Biggra would be effective. Otherwise, everything he had done thus far would have been for naught.

And at that time, his outcome would truly be extremely horrible.

If he did not wish to die, his only option at that time would be to hide within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

But, that was as good as the end of his lifetime as well.

"Good! Good indeed!" The Demon Lord, who had digested all the medicinal effects of the pills, broke out into laughter. That devilishly handsome face of his let out a crazed smile.

The issue revolving around his wounds healing up was something that had gone beyond his expectations. If things were to carry on this way, he would definitely be able to heal up his injuries extremely soon.

And by then, it would be time for a bloodbath.

"Sir Demon Lord, how are you feeling right now?" Lin Fan asked with a smile on his face.

"Hmph! Pretty decent. To think that an ant such as yourself would possess such capabilities. That is something that has Your Lord pretty astounded. However, your main mission right now is to have that Immortal Herb of Your Lord cultivated into a pill. Otherwise, Your Lord is going to have you killed with a single palm strike!" The Demon Lord replied harshly.

"Sure, sure! No problem! As long as you're pleased, your underling here is willing to do anything for you, Demon Lord!" Lin Fan licked his lips and chuckled out.

However, inside his heart, he was just cursing out at the Demon Lord's mother right now. 'Willing to f*ck her that is!'

Momentarily, Lin Fan felt his mental state trigger as Biggra was slowly starting to take effect.

The number of pills that the Demon Lord had consumed had already reached an extremely horrifying count right now. If the Power of Biggra was still unable to hold down the other party at this stage, he could only hide in the Heaven and Earth Smelt and be a tortoise for the rest of his life then.

"Why are you still not cultivating the Immortal Herb for Your Lord?" The face of the Demon Lord scrunched up as a dark aura brewed around him, causing a boundless killing intent to surge forth.

The moment this killing intent was emitted, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu peed their pants in fear.

Horrifying! Way too horrifying!

The strength of this Demon Lord was way too tyrannical! The both of them had explored all across the world from North to South, and had come across countless powerful beings. But, the aura that was being given off by this Demon Lord was something that had both of them frozen solid completely.

This sense of cowardice was something that was coming forth from the very bottom of their hearts.

"Sir Demon Lord, please let me rest for a moment. I will cultivate the pill with all my efforts in a little while." Lin Fan was truly cursing out at his mother once more.

Why in the world was the Power of Biggra not taking effect yet? This was way too messed up, wasn't it?

One second!

Five seconds!

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that the body of the Demon Lord jerked out as though there was something that was happening within his body.

"Huh?" The brows of the Demon Lord furrowed as though he had just discovered some problem or something. At this moment, he sent his consciousness deep into his body.

Within the body of the Demon Lord was an extremely thick mist that manifested into a gigantic dragon swirling all around the place.

Biggra had exploded!

And this time around, it wasn't something as simple as breathing it through the nose. It was exploding out from within his body.

So what if he were a Golden Immortal state powerful being? The Power of Biggra was a heaven revolting G.o.dly item created out by Lin Fan.

Within the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan had made a huge name and done so incredibly well, all thanks to the Power of Biggra. Who knew how many powerful beings he had f*cked over and scammed to death just with it.

"Sir Demon Lord, what's wrong with you?" Lin Fan let out a smile before his expression changed into one that was ever so deserving of a good whack. He wanted to check out just what the situation was with the Demon Lord right now.

"You…!" The face of the Demon Lord changed starkly. He could sense that the power of the mist within his body was pretty tyrannical. Even when he churned his powers to try and hold it down, he could not withstand it at all!

His inner heart was eaten up by this step by step. It was as though he couldn't really maintain control over it anymore.

"There's something wrong with those pills!" At this moment, the Demon Lord snapped to a realization. This was especially the case when he caught sight of the expression on Lin Fan's face. His suspicions were all confirmed.

"d.a.m.nED ANT! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SCAM YOUR LORD?" The Demon Lord was enraged as he raised his hand. A boundless power that possessed the Laws of the Immortal Dao slammed out toward Lin Fan.

"Hurry up and come with me." Without any hesitation, Lin Fan summoned out the Heaven and Earth Smelt. He then dragged Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu before entering the Heaven and Earth Smelt together.

"Holy f*ck…!" The faces of Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were flabbergasted right now. They did not know what was going on.

How were they in a furnace right now?

Also, what was up with the Demon Lord outside? By the looks of it, he seemed extremely infuriated. Could something have had happened?

"Big Bro, what's going on now?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

"Hehe... That Demon Lord was trying to scam and kill us. If I don't strike first, what do you think will go on then?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Oh! I get it now! Big Bro, you were just scamming the Demon Lord! Did you do something to the pills, Big Bro?" Jin Zhengu asked curiously.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin, "What do you think?"

At this moment, Lin Fan peered through the Heaven and Earth Smelt to check out the situation outside. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This had better work! Otherwise, all his hard work would have been for naught!

The only thing he saw was the Demon Lord howling out madly. That devilish face of his was looking even more devilish right now. Those eyes of his were bloodshot as though they were filled with frenzy.

'd.a.m.n IT! G.o.d d.a.m.n IT!' The Demon Lord raged out in his heart. To think that a mere ant would dare deceive him, causing a grand Demon Lord such as himself to be played for in circles just like a fool!

An extremely profound power rumbled out of him that was trying its best to expunge this rampaging mist out of his body.

However, the mist had caused the Demon Lord to feel extremely terrified. It was because he had just realized that his powers seemed to have fused together with the mist into a single body.

If he wanted to purge out the mist, he would have to expend every single last drop of his powers!

But, how could he possibly do that?!

If his powers were gone, it would be an extremely simple task for those ants to kill him!

d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

He was a Demon Lord! How could he be feeling such primitive carnal urges right now? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

When Lin Fan caught sight of everything outside from within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he was overwhelmed with joy.

This was b.l.o.o.d.y going to succeed for sure now!

At this moment, Lin Fan took out his Demon City.

When the Big Ancient Demon caught sight of everything that was happening outside the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he was scared so badly that his face turned pale as a sheet.

"Old Bro, I'm don't with stuff like this! Please don't make me go out there again!" The Big Ancient Demon begged out. A single look was enough for him to tell that the other fella was under the influence of the Power of Biggra.

He had long turned extremely crazed and berserk. It didn't matter who one was, as the only thought the Demon Lord had would be to f*ck one to death.

Lin Fan patted down on the Big Ancient Demon's shoulder consolingly, "This is the last time... Just this one last time. Once you're done with this one time, there won't be a next time."

Two streams of tears poured down from the sides of the Big Ancient Demon's eyes. He felt as though this body of his was going to be betrayed by himself once more.

But, when he looked at that sincere face of Old Bro, he felt that he should trust his Old Bro this one last time.

Looking at the Big Ancient Demon agreeing to it, Lin Fan opened up the Heaven and Earth Smelt immediately and tossed him out.

Now that the Demon Lord was infected with the Power of Biggra, as long as he saw a living creature, the first thought on his mind would be to f*ck it.

If Lin Fan didn't have the Big Ancient Demon attract the 'firepower' of the Demon Lord, it might truly be extremely difficult to suppress this guy.

When Lin Fan looked at the Big Ancient Demon, he could only think silently in his mind, 'It's going to be 'c.u.m' on you.'

As for Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, when they caught sight of this scene before them, they too were equally dumbfounded for a moment or so.

The Big Ancient Demon hollered somehow, "Come on then! I'm not afraid of you!"


And with that, the wrestling match of a century had just begun. (At this point, we shall engage in a censorship act of 10,000 words…)

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