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Back in the house, Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. People these days were just way too petty. What was up with those pill cultivation masters on the Danding Peak? Goodness! Not a single shred of intelligence. For no reason, they brought over a couple of n.o.bodys to create a ruckus here. Brainless!

But on second thought, Lin Fan laughed. His status was definitely established with the loving respect of all the outer sect disciples and an endless amount of pills to cultivate.

Not only did he earn a lump sum from this, but he also had them idolizing him as a G.o.d. Only someone like Yours Truly could think up such a strategy.

It was just that Danding Peak would definitely not let up with just this once. Who knew, they might even bring over some elders. The outer sect disciples made up the foundation of the entire sect, and Danding Peak had controlled the distribution of pills all this while. Now that they lost the entire portion of the outer sect disciples’ business, things would not be settled this easily.

But just in the span of this half a month, Lin Fan also truly understood the terrifying nature of Danding Peak’s wealth.

Based on Danding Peak’s yield efficiency of one serving of pills for every ten sets of ingredients, it was utter bulls.h.i.t! They must have duped a ton of ingredients from the disciples for that amount.

After all, the success rate of 10 to 1 was simply way too low. Compared to him, that was utter rubbish!

But these were all just guesses on his part. As to whether or not it was the actual truth, he did not know.

But Lin Fan could not be bothered to think any further than that. Taking out the ingredients, he took a glance and found nothing valuable; just the common stuff. Seemed like the good stuff could only be gotten from people like Jian Wudi and the likes.

Next day…

Danding Peak had not enjoyed a moment of peace since the previous day. Everyone was wailing while carrying Li Shun back, and the ruckus continued until the next day.

Upon looking at Senior Brother Li’s tragic state, the Danding Peak disciples were enraged.

"Those guys at Nameless Peak are just too much!"

"That’s right! We can’t let them off just like this! Not only did they steal our resources, but they also landed Senior Brother Li in this state!"

"Senior Brother Li! What do you think we should do! Should we complain about them to the Senior Elder?"


Li Shun lay on his bed motionless. Those empty, dark eyes of his fluttered continuously, as though one had lost all hope towards life.

The servant disciple of his was crying by his side, thoroughly heartbroken.

Li Shun opened his mouth, and a hoa.r.s.e voice full of regret came through.

"Nameless Peak has bullied us too far. I shall let Elder Gu know of this matter." Li Shun said grudgingly. A fire started dancing within his eyes. He swore on his life that Nameless Peak would pay the price for this matter.

"That’s right! Let Elder Gu know! Let him take a stand for us!" The ma.s.ses agreed.

Elder Gu was the man in charge of this area, and was the disciple of the Senior Elder. Upon cultivating till the pericelestial level, one had the choice to either be an inner sect disciple or remain on the peaks to be an elder.

And Elder Gu chose the latter to stay with the Senior Elder of the Peak. Thus, he was in charge of all the outer sect matters on Danding Peak.

Danding Peak, Outer Sect Pill Cultivation Main Hall.

"Disciple Li Shun requests an audience with Elder Gu." Carried up by his disciples to the hall, Li Shun shouted.

"Senior Brother Li, the Elder is in the midst of cultivating pills. Please wait for a bit." A disciple hurried over and greeted him.


Not long after, a voice came from within the halls.


Li Shun and gang entered the great hall. This time, they must have Elder Gu seek justice for them.

Upon entering the great hall, Li Shun broke away from the support of his juniors and collapsed on the floor wailing.

"Elder, you’ve got to help us this time around…" Li Shun cried tragically. Following suit, the juniors all broke into tears as well.

Elder Gu frowned at this sight, "What happened?"

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. Compared to the other peaks, Danding Peak enjoyed a better standing. This was because they were in charge of the sect’s pills. Thus, all disciples would generally show them appropriate respect for this reason.

But the sight of Li Shun crying pitifully was indeed puzzling.

"Senior Brother! That…that Nameless Peak has pushed us too far!" Li Shun cried out and following that, exaggerated the tale of his tragic downfall at Nameless Peak.

The calm expression of Elder Gu turned sour gradually. Especially at the last part, it was enraged.

"Is everything true?" Elder Gu’s face was cold with rage, wondering if this incredulity was possible.

An unknown Peak had actually managed to pull all the disciples over? If this was true, where was Danding Peak to stand in the future?

Actually, none of the things Li Shun had said mattered to him. His expression only turned scary once he heard that none of the outer sect disciples were coming up to Danding Peak for pills anymore.

If Danding Peak did not have any outer sect disciples, then what use did he have as the Elder in charge of the outer sect matters? Wouldn’t that turn him into an empty t.i.tle?

"Every word I spoke of was the truth! Please seek justice for us!" Li Shun cried externally, but he was rejoicing internally when he saw Elder Gu’s angry face. As long as Elder Gu stood up for them, what problems could there be?

"Hmph! Darn this Nameless Peak. A pity for our Grand Master to have brought in a rat. After awarding them the Peak, they, in turn, decided to destroy the order Glory Sect had maintained for thousands of years. Unforgivable!" Elder Gu’s eyes shined with anger, determined to settle this issue.

"Elder, do we need to inform Master?"

"Not required. Master is in the midst of a retreat. A matter as such can be handled by just me."

Even if this matter were to be made known to the Grand Master, they’d have still the right to act. Allowing Nameless Peak to be given away to create their own sect, no one could argue with it, as it was a decision the Grand Master made himself. But to climb on top of Danding Peak and bully them? Who could tolerate that?

"I’ll head to Nameless Peak first thing tomorrow. I’d like to see what sort of abilities he has." Elder Gu said coldly.

A smile spread across Li Shun and gang, "Elder, if you were to go, that kid would definitely be p.i.s.sing his pants!"


As Li Shun and gang left the hall, each of them was rejoicing over the oncoming calamity of Nameless Peak.

"Tomorrow Elder Gu shall seek vengeance for what happened yesterday."

"Hmph, even though he was someone appointed by the Grand Master, he still broke a rule by going against us!"

"Trying to disrupt the order of Danding Peak? Does he really think he can do whatever he wants?"


Li Shun, who was sulking initially, could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Once Elder Gu was to head there tomorrow and let them know of Danding Peak’s strength, they’d never dare to be impudent again.

Especially those disciples of his, how dare they humiliate him like that? They truly didn’t know their worth.

"Senior Brother, let me help you back. We’ll have a good show tomorrow." The servant boy said.


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