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Chapter 1006: Choke You To Death, B*stard!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"I'm called Qiu Zhanyu."

"I'm called Jin Zhengu."

The Demon Lord nodded his head in satisfaction. Even though there was a strong surge of killing intent that had risen within his heart, he kept it hidden completely. For the Demon Lord, this fella's pills were a great help. If it were possible, it might not even take that long before his injuries were recovered completely.

By then, all of those darned old fools would surely get it, as he would definitely have all of them killed!

He had roamed around the Endless Mainland while concealing his ident.i.ty for dozens of thousands of years now. What sort of pills had he not come across? And yet, the pill produced by this ant was something that had him completely taken aback!

Without any trace of the Law of the Immortal Dao, the pills were still superior even when compared to Immortal Pills!

However, because the strength of the Demon Lord was way too formidable and his injuries were way too severe, even an elixir as such which could heal up all his wounds in the blink of an eye could not produce the same impact.

But, the fact that he was able to recover by 20% just by swallowing a few hundred of those pills was something that was extremely horrifying for the Demon Lord.

He had remained hidden in this underground abyss and had his servant lure in powerful beings before sucking their Essence Blood dry to heal up his own injuries. But, the speed of doing so was way too slow.

He could not afford to wait for such a long time.

This Heaven and Earth Invincible Healing Saint Pill or whatnot was something that he had inspected personally; there were no issues with it. At the same time, given his current cultivation state, he wasn't afraid of any tricks that these ants could come up with either.

"Give Your Lord more pills like those!" The Demon Lord said as his eyes shone with a cold glint. It was as though he was going to kill the other party if he did not produce these pills.

For Lin Fan who had hit a snag right now, he was truly convinced over the strength of this Demon Lord. Even though the latter was injured, he was still ever so darned powerful.

If he were to truly break out into a huge fight with the Demon Lord because of him brashly entering this underground abyss, the consciousness of a Golden Immortal state powerful being alone would be able to crush them into ashes.

"Demon Lord, I really don't have any more of those pills! If you want more of them, I need Spirit Herbs!" Lin Fan put on a face of extreme fear. This was the perfect demonstration of how someone who was totally helpless upon meeting a powerful being should look.

Anything else aside, this acting of Lin Fan was definitely top notch. He could truly be considered as an Oscar-level actor.

At the same time, Lin Fan made sure to reveal his cultivation state entirely. When the Demon Lord caught sight of everything clearly, he let go his guard and caution.

In the face of a Golden Immortal state being, a True Immortal state being was nothing but an ant.

"Hmm?" The face of the Demon Lord changed, evidently slightly p.i.s.sed. It was as though he was angered over the fact that Lin Fan did not have any pills.

"Demon Lord, even if you kill me, it's useless! All of the Spirit Herbs that I had with me were all cultivated into pills!" Lin Fan added on.

The Demon Lord entered a state of silence. It was evident that he was pondering over this issue. But, it didn't take long before the Demon Lord spoke up, "What Spirit Herbs do you require?"

"Any random Spirit Herbs will do! However, they must have a life to them. If there are any Immortal Herbs, that would be even better! I'll definitely be able to cultivate out a Xuanhuang Ultimate Big Pill! Just one of that and I'm sure you can recover from your wounds entirely, Demon Lord!" Lin Fan replied.

"What? You can even cultivate out pills of that level?" The moment the Demon Lord heard those words, he was momentarily stunned. Even though he was a Golden Immortal state being and could cultivate some pills of his own as well, because he wasn't a Pill Cultivation Master, there were many pills with mystifying effects that he could not produce.

But now that he had heard Lin Fan's words, how could he not be rattled?

From the start, the Demon Lord had been considering to kill Lin Fan off after he had recovered. But right now, he was having other intentions.

If he could take in this fella as his underling, he might be able to have pills cultivated for him exclusively in the future.

However, the Demon Lord would definitely not trust Lin Fan. As long as he could heal up his powers completely, he would then deploy his unparalleled great mystic skills and smite Lin Fan into a walking corpse. Or perhaps, he would rip everything out of Lin Fan entirely, including his gifts in cultivating pills.

However, given the state of his current grave injuries, he couldn't deploy mystic skills of that level.

"Alright! But, if you dare to try anything funny, you will definitely suffer an absolutely horrendous outcome." The Demon Lord pointed out with his finger as countless Spirit Herbs swiveled out.

"No, no! How would I dare to? I've pledged my allegiance entirely to you, Demon Lord! How could I possibly deceive you?"

Lin Fan took the Spirit Herbs over in his hands and started acting out like he was cultivating the pills. However, he had long been thinking of ideas of how to have this Demon Lord killed.

Within his palms, the Power of Biggra was slowly being infused into the pills. All of those pills that he had fed the Demon Lord earlier on had already been infused with the Power of Biggra as well.

Even though the Demon Lord had consumed a couple hundreds of pills, Lin Fan was still afraid that the Power of Biggra might still not be enough. Hence, he cultivated out some more pills to let the Demon Lord consume them.

'Go on and eat more, dogsh*t! You'll definitely go into a fit later on!'

When the Demon Lord caught sight of everything before him, he nodded his head in approval. He lifted his finger, "This is a strand of Immortal Herb here. Cultivate it into a pill for Your Lord."

At this moment, an Immortal Herb floated out in the void. There were only three leaves on this strand of herb. But, those three leaves were sparkling and glistening with a color just like snow petals that gave off an extremely chilling aura.

"This is the Extreme Frost Triple Yin Gra.s.s!" Lin Fan's face let out a startled expression.

"Hmph! Seems like you've got some knowledge at least." The Demon Lord snorted out coldly.

The reason why he was injured was all because of this Extreme Frost Triple Yin Gra.s.s. This was an extremely rare Immortal Herb that would only form after 10,000 years. With it, one could create a Nine Turns G.o.d Fortune Pill that could forcefully increase one's cultivation state by one level!

And, it was precisely because of this that he was surrounded and attacked by those old fools before being defeated eventually. However, he had still managed to get his hands on this strand of Immortal Herb.

Lin Fan's heart skipped with joy. To think that his luck would be this good! He then held the strand of Immortal Herb in his palms.

The moment it made contact, there was a layer of snow white frost that covered the surface of his palms.

This was the power of an Immortal Herb. If it were any ordinary person, a single touch could have them frozen into a snowman.

This could be considered as the epitome of tyranny.


Holding this strand of Immortal Herb in his hands, Lin Fan's heart was filled with elation. To think that this Demon Lord would be in possession of a strand of Immortal Herb! Lin Fan wondered if there would be any more to it.

"Cultivate the Immortal Herb!" The Demon Lord barked out.

'Cultivate your f*cking mother! Yours Truly is depending on this herb to soar into the skies!'

"Demon Lord, I will require some time for this Immortal Herb. These pills here will be done soon, so you can consume all of these here first." Lin Fan revealed such an aggrieved face that the Demon Lord could not find anything to refute him with. That disgustingly handsome face of the Demon Lord let out a grim look.

Such a temperamental person! This was just a nutcase!

That was the conclusion that Lin Fan derived from this man.

"Pills completed!"

Lin Fan called out softly as he flipped his palms over. A series of pills that gave off a fragrant aroma floated out gently within the void.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were both completely stumped right now.

Big Bro was just bowing down in defeat! To think that he was cultivating pills for the Demon Lord baddie instead of trying to escape! If that Demon Lord baddie were to recover, wouldn't they all be dead meat?

This was such a simple logic! How come Big Bro just wasn't getting it at all?

At this moment, both of them huddled together in a ball. They didn't even have the heart to want to fight back.

As for that Heaven and Earth Net… Sigh! They might as well forget it then.

This guy before them was way too formidable. They had better not get too brazen now.

When he caught sight of the pills before him, the Demon Lord's heart leaped with joy. He then opened up his mouth widely and sucked all of the pills into his belly.

The concentrated medicinal properties of the pills melted straight away as they entered the body of the Demon Lord.

Looking at the actions of the Demon Lord, Lin Fan scoffed out in his heart.

'I'll choke you to death, b*stard! Later on, you'll know what it's like to cry!'

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