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Chapter 1002: Level Up
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Totally dead meat…!"

In the face of that boundless might, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu's faces changed starkly. The strength of this fella had gone far beyond their expectations. Initially, they had thought that the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, the Heaven and Earth Net, would be able to fight against this fella. But, who would have thought that the other party had come prepared?

Yin Zhenfeng struck out with his palm as he sent forth his move, the Baleful Yin Murdering Heaven Palm that pushed all the way through. This was a martial arts mystic skill that carried with it the Demonic Qi of the Earth Abyss in the Endless Mainland and was formed from its culmination. When it was deployed, there was a sinister Power of Baleful Yin that was sent forth in waves along with it.

If there were any beings who were weaker and ended up in contact with this Power of Baleful Yin, they would be turned into ashes immediately.

The Baleful Yin rumbled out as a menacing dragon howled over. This dragon looked exceptionally malevolent, and those jet black scales it had shone with a cold gleam.

"DIE…!" Yin Zhenfeng snorted out coldly as his eyes shone with a violent, berserk look.

"LITTLE BROTHER, LET US MEET AGAIN IN OUR NEXT LIFETIME." Qiu Zhanyu shook that rotund and plump body of his before screaming out.

"BIG BROTHER, WE WILL! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT!" Jin Zhengu howled out as well.

Lin Fan, who was standing at the sidelines, chuckled out helplessly. Shifting his body nimbly, he disappeared from where he was. By the time he next appeared, he slapped up with his palm, shattering the void and controlling that sinister dragon within it.


Moving his palm, Lin Fan's fingers were just like claws as a berserk amount of power was gathered within, crushing that sinister dragon into dust.

"Who are you?" Yin Zhenfeng's face froze up as he glared at Lin Fan warily. He then looked at the token at Lin Fan's waist before scoffing out coldly, "You are a Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect."

Lin Fan looked around at his waist. Oh, so this was the thing that had revealed his ident.i.ty to the outside world.

"As a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect, what are you trying to do? Unless you're thinking about helping these two fellas and waging war with my Heavenly Demon Sect, are you?" The voice of Yin Zhenfeng was grim right now.

"Now, those words of yours are getting a little c.o.c.ky now. I'm watching over these two people, and yet you're thinking of killing them. Are YOU thinking about waging war with my Heaven and Earth Sect?" Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he reversed the question.

"You…!" Yin Zhenfeng's face was dark. It was as though he had not expected that the other party would actually spout out words as such.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, who had already been waiting to receive death, were so emotional at the fact that there was someone who was here to save them that they hugged out at Lin Fan's thighs immediately.

"Big Brother, please save us!" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu bowed down without a single bit of hesitation. This was something that had Lin Fan feeling bemused.

"Weren't you guys trying to rob me just moments earlier?" Lin Fan asked.

"Big Brother… we were in the wrong! As long as you save us, Big Brother, we will definitely compensate you properly and accordingly!" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu cried out.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin.

The main reason for this was that it had been a long time since Lin Fan had received some experience points right now. As for this Yin Zhenfeng before him? This was a huge amount of walking experience points here!

True Immortal state middle level… Even though this wasn't the largest fish out in the sea, this was sufficient for the current Lin Fan.

"Even though you're a Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect,…"


Before Yin Zhenfeng had even finished with his words, he realized that this guy had already struck out at him!

"When it's time to fight, you must never ever beep beep. Otherwise, it'll lead to your death."

In a flash, Lin Fan appeared right before Yin Zhenfeng. He hurled out a fist that had a speed so fast that it was enough to have everyone's jaws drop in amazement.


An explosion boomed out; this fist of Lin Fan wasn't one that was so easy to block against.

So what if one was at True Immortal state middle level? If they were struck by it, it would still be one h.e.l.l of a wallop for them.

The Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star was brought by Lin Fan to the Endless Mainland as well. A single fist was enough to have Yin Zhenfeng's entire face rupture, causing an endless amount of blood to spray out.

"d.a.m.n it!" Yin Zhenfeng was enraged right now. As he slapped his palms together, a red beam of light shone out from within his palms. This blood light was extremely sinister, carrying a torrential Demonic Qi.

"Demonic Earth Abyss!"

Yin Zhenfeng started separating his palms slowly. When they were separating out, an extremely horrifying abyss formed within his palms as though it was about to descend down upon the world.

"d.a.m.ned fella! How dare you challenge my might? I'll have you dead!" Yin Zhenfeng roared out in rage. The Laws of True Immortals surged out from within his body. When a powerful being reached the True Immortal state, they would be able to sense the Heaven and Earth and utilize the might of the Heaven and Earth itself to suppress their enemies.

Therefore, within the Endless Mainland, unless it was some exceptional prodigy or had some treasures, there was practically no chance for anyone of Immemorial Ancient state to want to defeat someone of True Immortal state.

The difficulty of that was extremely high, similar to one wanting to ascend into the highest Heavens.

"Let us net!"

At this moment, Lin Fan had already made his preparations when all of a sudden, a gigantic net appeared around Yin Zhenfeng out of nowhere.

Yin Zhenfeng's face changed immediately. He wanted to defend against this, but he was a step too late.


He was netted right in the middle, without any chance of fighting back at all.

Within the net, Yin Zhenfeng found all of his powers being sealed up. In fact, he did not have any bit of strength remaining to even continue floating up in the void.

"Big Brother! We've caught him!" Jin Zhengu was tugging furiously as he exerted strength into both arms to drag the net and his captive over.

"Little Brother, you're so incredible!" Qiu Zhanyu yelled out excitedly.

Lin Fan was slightly speechless right now. He did not even have a chance to show off! What a tragedy!

"Let me go! You bunch of dogsh*ts! As long as Your Father doesn't die, I'll make sure to turn you guys into nothing but ashes and bones!" Yin Zhenfeng was yelling out. His face was so grim that it was extremely horrifying to look at.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were evidently rattled by that threat.

"Big Brother, come over here for a moment!" Jin Zhengu beckoned out towards Qiu Zhanyu as the both of them huddled their heads deep in conversation once more.

"What should we do with this fella? If we let him off, he will definitely come and kill us in the future!" Jin Zhengu asked worriedly.

"Little Brother, do you have any more brilliant suggestions? This fella is indeed a problem!" Qiu Zhanyu did not know what to do right now either.

"Big Brother, should we just kill him? Or, how about let's rear him up so that he can't escape for his entire life?" Jin Zhengu suggested.

The moment Qiu Zhanyu heard those words, he shook his head, "We can't kill him! This guy seems to be a disciple of the Heavenly Demon Sect! If we were to kill him, it's going to be one h.e.l.l of a tragedy for us!"

"Should we just keep him locked up in the net for all eternity, so that he can't get out for his entire life?" Jin Zhengu asked.

The moment Qiu Zhanyu heard this, he nodded his head, "Little Brother! You are really quick witted! That is such an amazing plan! Alright, let's do that then!"




Just as Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were done discussing, a tragic wail rang out. They looked over to see Lin Fan stamping down on Yin Zhenfeng with his feet before channeling his powers to rumble out, crushing him to death in the blink of an eye.

"This…!" When Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu caught sight of that, they were completely dumbfounded.

"You've killed him…!" The both of them raised their heads and looked over at Lin Fan blankly.

Lin Fan revealed a wide beam.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing True Immortal state middle level being Yin Zhenfeng.'

'Ding… Experience Points +70,000,000.'

'Ding… Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: True Immortal state.'

All of a sudden, after the notifications from the System came to an end, there was a sudden change within Lin Fan's body. The powers within his body were rumbling out like a gushing river that could not stay restrained.


Within Lin Fan's Inner World, a door appeared all of a sudden. This door seemed as though it was a door to the Heaven and Earth. Under the ramming of his torrential power, the door was slammed open directly.

If anyone else were to know about this, they would definitely be shocked with a look of absolute horror.

What kind of a b.l.o.o.d.y joke was this? Opening the Heaven and Earth door with such ease as though a window was being opened? How horrifying was this?

Above Lin Fan's head, the powers gushed up through the Heaven and Earth as the Law of the True Immortals wrapped around his entire body.

Lin Fan's Law of True Immortals was extremely thick compared to anyone else's. This was a Law that was even thicker than most other True Immortal state beings, evidence of just how deep his foundations and resources were.

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