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"Junior Master!"

Just at this moment, the outer sect disciples who the Danding Peak disciples had initially thought were just present to watch a show echoed out in unison.

Scared out of their wits, the Danding Peak guys did not dare to make any eye contact.

"Toss them out" Lin Fan shot a glance at them and headed back into the house. He wasn’t worried about the affairs that would follow. If he had been nicer to these guys from Danding Peak, they might even have mistaken it for him being afraid of them.

As a man, one ought to show his manliness at times.

"Alright then, please leave," Zhang Ergou smiled cheerily.

"Hmph, what can you guys do to me?" Li Shun stood out front and strutted his chest. He stared at Zhang Ergou, proud as a peac.o.c.k.

He was the right-hand disciple of the Senior Elder of Danding Peak. What could these guys do to him?

"Who the f*ck threw that?!" Just at this moment, a rock flew at Li Shun from out of nowhere.

As Li Shun was pretty strong himself, he could sense the rock as though eyes had opened at the back of his head. Stretching out his hand, he caught the rock easily. His face burned with rage upon catching it.

"COME OUT! Whoever did it!" Upon seeing the rock thrown, the servant boy shouted as well, acting tough in the presence of Li Shun.

"You had better come out. Your father will teach you what it’s like to be a human today." Li Shun growled unforgivingly.

"I threw it!" At this moment, an outer sect disciple walked out.

"You’re courting death." With a cold flash in his eyes, Li Shun dashed forward, intending to pull out the disciple for a good beating. He would use this guy as an example for the rest of them to never disrespect him again.

"What’re you trying to do!" The disciples who were just standing by and watching suddenly stepped forth together, shouting in the same tune.

This series of shouts was filled with vigor and earth-shattering power, seeming like if any Danding Peak disciples were to move, they’d be met with the resistance of the entire group.

Shocked, Li Shun took a few steps back. His expression then turned cold as he faced these disciples, "You guys want to rebel?"

The group from Danding Peak had not expected that these outer sect disciples would be so united. This was unprecedented.

Could it be that all of them were under the influence of some drug?

"Hurry and get the h.e.l.l lost!"

"d.a.m.n it! It’s all because of you bloodsucking sh*ts that I couldn’t get all the way to level two. To h.e.l.l with you sh*ts!"

"Now that Junior Master Lin finally took pity on us and offered his services, you guys are sore about it? F*ck off! If you stay here, I’ll fight you to the death!"



The outer sect disciples were all extremely riled up. All of their eyes were bloodshot as they recalled their dreary past.

Some of them had spent countless amount of time and efforts gathering a measly amount of ingredients. They had hoped to attain a new cultivation base with them. But due to the extreme exploitation, they were left with little to none and in the end, failed.

"You...you guys!" Li Shun looked at these outer sect disciples and a fire burnt within his heart.

Looking at the situation, Zhang Ergou let out a smile. Amateurs! How dare they come up to Nameless Peak to strut their stuff! These guys were just asking for it.

Just then, Zhang Ergou’s eyes lit up as a thought struck him.

"You guys, are just getting way ahead of yourselves! " Li Shun got angrier and angrier. To think that such a scene would happen on Nameless Peak. These guys must have gotten way too c.o.c.ky to speak to him in such a manner.

Just as Li Shun was about to lash out, the furious expression of his took a turn.

"AH! "

A pitiful wail rang out across Nameless Peak.

Zhang Ergou had snuck in an attack from the back, a swift kick between his little nuggets.

This was the first time Zhang Ergou had used his Master’s ultimate technique. While nervous, he was filled with expectations for it.

He did not know how this would end up, but he knew it’d be scary. This skill possessed the power to destroy Heaven and Earth, to sever any humanity within a person.

The skies changed at this moment. The once burning sun seemed to be hiding within cloud covers.

Li Shun’s face momentarily turned pale. It was so pale that he looked like a skeleton. A heart throbbing pain slowly surged through his entire body, and his little nuggets even felt numb.

It was like...he couldn’t feel ‘em nuggets no more.

Li Shun collapsed on the floor and fell into a spasm.

Zhang Ergou could only describe this feeling with one word: Pleasure. This was a feeling he could not use words to describe, and could only be acknowledged through experience.

"Hmph, weakling." Zhang Ergou looked at him in disdain. Sweeping his hand back, he looked into the distant skies, as though Li Shun was nothing to him.

Zhang Ergou was very proud of his demeanor at this moment. This feeling must have definitely spread over to the crowd present.

"Senior Brother…!" The crowd from Danding Peak echoed out at the sight of Li Shun crippled on the ground. They were busy engaging in a staring war with the outer sect disciples. Thus, n.o.body actually knew what caused Li Shun to collapse as such.

But the outer sect disciples who saw Li Shun being taken down in a single strike by Zhang Ergou cheered in unison.

"Brother Gou!"


Zhang Ergou stared at the skies and revealed a wide smile. While that ugly triangular face of his may have destroyed the mood, at that moment, he was the hero of the outer sect disciples.

Feng Bujue had witnessed everything from the start till the end with disbelief towards his senior brother. He had not expected Senior Brother to strike Li Shun from the back with their great master’s ultimate technique.


While the kick did not amount to much in Feng Bujue’s eyes, but the fact that Li Shun was crippled on the ground was evidence of its devastating impact.


"What did you do to Senior Brother Li! " Danding Peak disciples shouted angrily.

Zhang Ergou’s face changed as he bellowed, "Get the h.e.l.l out of Nameless Peak! Or you will be in the same state as him! "

The Danding Peak disciples were stunned by the wild look on Zhang Ergou’s face. Looking around, the outer sect disciples were equally unruly. In the end, they carried Li Shun and left the place.

"Hmph, just a few clowns and they dare to come over to bare their claws! " Zhang Ergou exclaimed in disdain.

For Zhang Ergou, today was a wonderful day of acting strong. There was an indescribable pleasure. He hoped that he’d be able to feel this way again in the future.

"Brother Gou! Invincible…!"

"Brother Gou is invincible!!! "

While the outer sect disciples were idolizing Zhang Ergou, he gave out a mild smile, "My dear Junior Brothers, please head back. Do not forget to collect your pills tomorrow."

In the hearts of the outer sect disciples, Nameless Peak was now the G.o.dliest peak ever. They would not let anything disgrace this sacred ground.

They knew that Danding Peak would not let this be over, but so what? At most they could come time and again, but they would chase them out time and again as well. Did they think that they were such weaklings?

As the outer sect disciples left, Zhang Ergou sn.i.g.g.e.red, "Junior Brother! The ultimate skill that our great Master Lin has pa.s.sed down to us...is simply too strong!"

"Yupp…" Feng Bujue looked at his senior brother, and then at his own feet. His heart couldn’t help but waver slightly.

‘This skill…is just…’

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