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Chapter 996: Are You Guys Convinced?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Grand Compet.i.tion of the Heaven and Earth Sect was an extremely grand affair. There were countless disciples who were waiting for this moment for the longest time now.

But now that everything had escalated to such a state, this wasn't something that everyone had wanted to happen.

All of the Outer Sect and Inner Sect disciples came to a stop in whatever they were doing, all of them fixated on the happenings at the sparring arena up ahead.

There were two figures up there.

One of them was the number one Remnant, Dao Wentian, and the other was an Inner Sect disciple.

All of the Remnants who were seated on their elevated platform sn.i.g.g.e.red out while discussing.

"This fella is practically courting death! To think that he would dare to challenge Senior Brother Dao Wentian!"

"Who in the sect doesn't know that Dao Wentian is the one with the most formidable strength amongst the Remnants! Even some of the elders of True Immortal state cannot dare to claim that they can defeat him!"

"And yet, that lad is claiming that he can take down the other party in a single move! That is just completely laughable!"

Ling Wuzun could be considered to have lost all his face right now. Being suppressed by an Inner Sect disciple was a shame that he would never be able to wash off for his entire life.

In fact, he had just turned into a complete joke.

And right now, the fella that was standing on the stage was the most hated person of his entire life.

'Senior Brother Dao Wentian, you must definitely defeat and kill that fella!' Ling Wuzun cheered in his heart. Even if the other party weren't killed, he must be whacked up like a dog at the very least.

When Li Qing looked at the figures up on the stage, he was frozen for a moment as well.

"Elder, Senior Brother Lin…! He…!" Li Qing did not know what to say.

Even though he knew that Senior Brother Lin was strong, even stronger than most Remnants, he still felt a little uneasy when this was Dao Wentian he was facing up against.

This Dao Wentian was ranked number four on the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll, and possessed an extraordinary strength. He was an existence not to be underestimated.

Even Elder Qing Yangzi could not last three moves against him.

How much of a chance did Senior Brother Lin have?

Qing Yangzi gripped his fists tightly at this moment as his face was grim. It seemed as though there was a single breath that was stuck in his chest as his entire face was flushed red. In his eyes, there was only a single figure that stood there unmoving in the winds.

"Hmph! To think that the feeble light of a pearl would dare to s.n.a.t.c.h for glory from the shine of the moonlight." When Dao Wentian caught sight of this Inner Sect disciple before him, his tone was cold and frosty and his expression was haughty. It was as though he had complete disregard for Lin Fan.

Initially, Lin Fan did not want to fight for all this attention with others in the sect. His only goal was to raise his strength continuously and turn into a powerful being at the pinnacle.

If he could enter a sect, it would be akin to him having a backing. But, given the current situation, he had no other way but to strike out.

Lin Fan had not expected that Qing Yangzi would have given so much effort and emphasis on him. All the while, Qing Yangzi had viewed him as a supreme paragon, and someone who should be a Remnant of the sect rightfully. Even though all Qing Yangzi managed to fight for was a spot amongst the Inner Sect disciple, he was afraid that Lin Fan might be unhappy over it, and had even used his own Contribution Points to exchange for items so that he could enjoy the treatment that Remnants enjoyed.

But right now, Qing Yangzi was being bullied.

What else could Lin Fan do other than proving himself?

Initially, he had wanted to strike it big and rich silently. But right now, he just had to let everyone else know of what he could do then.

Lin Fan looked over at Dao Wentian calmly and his lips curled into a smile, "One move."


In a flash, Lin Fan's figure had disappeared from where he was.

All the surrounding disciples were suddenly shocked. They could not find his figure at all!

The new movement skill created from fusing 'Reaching Heavens in a Single Bound' and 'So Near, Yet So Far' was something that was unusually horrifying.


At this moment, a tremendous pressure burst forth from the void above.

Dao Wentian raised his head and his face changed. To think that this fella would have some capabilities to him!

"The Dao is infinite, and one shall return to their natural order! A single thread of might!"

Dao Wentian hollered out as he chanted out the wisdom of the great Dao in his mouth. As he punched out with a single fist, a bright beam of light shone out with an unparalleled might. Pa.s.sing through the past and present, the powers that were channeled surged up, causing the entire sparring arena to quake in the face of it.

When some of the elders caught sight of this single fist of Dao Wentian, they could not help but exclaim out.

"Seems like the reason why Dao Wentian's cultivation state had been stuck at the Immemorial Ancient state full cultivation state was that he was just working on refining and perfecting the root of his cultivation!"

"This single fist crosses all living beings, and the mystic skill has even entered the Dao state, such that it possesses the power of the Heaven and Earth. Once he deploys it, it can absorb and give out everything with an aura that seems as though an infinite number of horses are galloping out! I'm afraid that the Inner Sect disciple is going to have trouble defending against this!"

"To think that a mere Inner Sect disciple would dare to try exchanging blows with me, Dao Wentian. That is just seeking your own humiliation. I, Dao Wentian, will not kill you. But, I will make you remember this for life." Dao Wentian barked out.

At this moment, Lin Fan's face was calm as the powers within his body rumbled out furiously.

"So what if your mystic skills are infused into the Dao? If I say I'm going to take you down with one move, I'm going to take you down with one move. KNEEL DOWN FOR ME!"


A single palm strike that seemed as though it could split open the entire universe bolted down from the Heavens with a torrential might. It seemed as though there was a heavenly might that was slamming down towards Dao Wentian.

"How could this be…?"

Dao Wentian's face was drained of color. But all of a sudden, that single palm seemed like it had pa.s.sed through time and s.p.a.ce. By the time he reacted to it, that palm had already pressed down on top of his head.



The entire ground split apart.

The surrounding disciples could only watch the scene before them with wide open jaws. They felt as though their entire hearts had come to a stop.

How could this be? To think that Dao Wentian would have lost!

When the elders caught sight of everything before their very eyes, they bolted upright. All of their faces were aghast as though they had just seen a ghost.

Dao Wentian felt as though his knees were buckling under the weight of the pressure as he collapsed onto the ground with a thud. On his head, that extremely normal and plain looking palm had him suppressed heavily.

Lin Fan stood there with a look of contempt as he looked at this ant trapped under his palm.

"First among the Remnants, but that's all he amounts to." Lin Fan's voice was indifferent. However, like the way a king would speak, the ma.s.ses felt their hearts quiver under its influence.

Li Qing was stupefied right now. His pupils were so wide open it seemed as though his entire eyeball was about to explode out.

Su Hongchen and the others were in so much shock that their jaws were wide open.

As for Elder Qing Yangzi, his tears streaked down the side of his eyes as he roared out in laughter.


His laughter was endless as it infected the entire sparring arena's surroundings.

"That is a Remnant! The number one among all Remnants!"

"And that is a disciple that I, Qing Yangzi, had brought back for the sect! To be able to crush this so-called number one Remnant in a single move, that's the type of disciple that I, Qing Yangzi, have brought back for the sect with a great foresight …!"

On the seating area of the Remnants, all of those Remnants were watching everything before them and felt as though their hearts had come to a stop.

Each one of them stood up as their bodies shivered uncontrollably, and a surge of fear filled their hearts.

Right now, Dao Wentian was feeling an endless amount of shame within him as he roared out in rage.


The one who had suffered the greatest blow was none other than Dao Wentian. To think that he would be taken down by the other party within a single move!

And in such a humiliating manner to boot!


Dao Wentian howled out as the feeling of disbelief within his heart was getting ever stronger. It felt like it was a volcano that was about to erupt.


At this moment, Dao Wentian screamed out furiously and struggled. However, the palm that was still pressing down on his head was just like a gigantic mountain crushing on him. He could not resist or fight back at all.


Dao Wentian bellowed out. His entire body's aura was just like a berserk typhoon right now that erupted out.

"He is trying to break through his cultivation state and enter the True Immortal state!" The elders exclaimed out in shock.

Momentarily, the entire arena was filled with a tremendous surge of powers that were flowing out like a current.

Within Dao Wentian's body, it seemed as though a beast that was in slumber had just awakened. A maddened roar reverberated throughout the entire world.


Lin Fan cast him a side glance and said with a calm tone, "Hmph! Even if you enter the True Immortal state, so what?"


The entire void trembled.

A strain of Law of the True Immortals coiled itself around Dao Wentian's body as the aura of the Dao of the Immortals shook up all the audiences present.

"So strong! To think that after Dao Wentian entered the True Immortal state, he would be even stronger than most other True Immortals!"

Right now, Dao Wentian's eyes were bloodshot as his powers were rumbling out like ma.s.sive tidal waves.

At this moment, the ma.s.ses were immersed in a state of shock.

But at THAT very moment, there was something that shocked them even more.

"True Immortal state, so what?"



A reverberating explosion shocked the entire world.

Lin Fan roared out with vigor as the powers in that palm of his surged up furiously once more before slapping down and crushing Dao Wentian onto the ground harshly once and for all.

"First among the Remnants, but that's all he amounts to."

Lin Fan raised his foot before stomping down on Dao Wentian.

In that instant, every single member of the audience was just watching that figure with an absolutely horrified look.

To think that even the Dao Wentian who had broken into True Immortal state could not have any strength to fight back at all! Just how strong was this disciple over here?

How could he possibly be this strong?

At this moment, Lin Fan stood on the sparring arena. He did not head down. Instead, he gave his robes a sweep before glaring at those seats of the Remnants up above. He looked at those high and mighty Remnants straight in the eye before saying out.

"I, Lin Fan, shall rank as the number one among the Remnants. Out of the nine of you, who is not convinced?"


Right now, the entire scene had blown up into a frenzy.

"Speak!" Lin Fan's expression was sharp as he glared straight at the platform where the Remnants stood in shock.

At this moment, Lin Fan's presence was extremely tyrannical, and his tone was exceptionally overbearing. He did not even give any of those Remnants any chance to regain any bit of dignity at all.

He was just questioning those Remnants in their faces right now.

Were they convinced of his strength?

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