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Chapter 986: Violent Whacking
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

When Ling Wuzun struck out, an extremely profound power converged onto a single finger of his that struck out at Lin Fan's back. This was evidently to get that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber in the latter's hands.

If this were anyone else, they would most likely be dead right here. But, since this was Lin Fan, he was undoubtedly just courting death.

Lin Fan turned around and sliced out with the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber. A torrential Blood Qi gushed out from it, intertwining into a straight line that attacked out at Ling Wuzun.

"Junior brother, don't be rash now!" When Su Hongchen caught sight of this scene, she yelped out in shock. She hadn't expected that things would come to this.

This Ling Wuzun here was a Remnant! Not only that, his cultivation was extremely profound! Even that Xue Tianzi wouldn't be a match for him!

"Hmph! To think that a single Inner Sect disciple would dare to strike out at me. I wonder who gave you those guts." Ling Wuzun was enraged right now. As he slapped out with a single palm strike, it seemed as though the surrounding void was crushed down by some immense pressure, breaking apart bit by bit.

The surrounding disciples exclaimed out.

"Senior Brother Ling's going at it for real right now! Seems like that fella is about to get crippled!"

"I'm sure senior brother isn't going to take his life. However, he will definitely make sure that he teaches that guy how to be a proper disciple."

"The demonic nature of that Scarlet Blood Demon Saber is immense. As an Inner Sect disciple, what capabilities does he even have to be able to withstand its demonic nature? If that thing is left in his hands, the Heaven and Earth Sect will definitely be filled with a bloodthirsty maniac for sure!" Jian Fengchen said.

The strength of Ling Wuzun was something that Lin Fan had total disregard for. This cultivation state of his wasn't even as strong as those people that Lin Fan had met back in the secret ground eleven years ago.


Even though this Scarlet Blood Demon Saber was a treasure of Xue Tianzi and had a direct connection with him, ever since Lin Fan killed him, it had already been subdued in the latter's hands.


This Ling Wuzun had truly overestimated his worth. He thought that Lin Fan's strength would amount to nothing much. But, when that saber gleam actually clashed with his palm, his face changed entirely.

'How could this be?'

Everything in its path withered and died, leaving destruction in its wake. The saber gleam so sharp that it seemed as if nothing could stand in its way. Even that palm of Ling Wuzun was sliced apart by Lin Fan.

Ling Wuzun's pupils dilated as the blood red gleam approached him. At the same time, that extremely sharp Saber Qi slashed out at him as well. Before the saber had even reached him, the Saber Qi had already arrived.

When this extremely sharp Saber Qi sliced out on Ling Wuzun's face, it stung as though his skin was torn apart.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a cold grin. An existence as such was something he could take down with the back of his hands.

When Hu Qing caught sight of this, he was absolutely alarmed. It was as though he could not even begin to imagine the consequences of his Junior Brother Lin if he killed this Ling Wuzun.

"Junior Brother Lin, stop it…!" Hu Qing yelled.


By the time Ling Wuzun reacted to it, the saber gleam had already arrived at his throat.

That blood red saber gleam was extremely cold and bone chilling. Through it, Ling Wuzun could feel the cold blooded intent behind it.


Ling Wuzun's throat bobbed up and down as a single bead of sweat flowed down his forehead ever so slowly.

He was starting to feel fear in his heart right now.

When Jian Fengchen caught sight of this, his face was drained of color as well. He hadn't expected that Senior Brother Ling would not be a match for this fella. And not only that, the other party had even stuck a saber gleam right at this throat!

"What are you trying to do? This is Remnant Senior Brother Ling! As an Inner Sect disciple, what are you trying to do?" Jian Fengchen barked out with all the courage he could muster.

"Hmm?" Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he shot a single glance over at Jian Fengchen.

Startled, Jian Fengchen stumbled back a few steps in fear. In his eyes, this man before him was way too horrifying.

All the other surrounding disciples were completely filled with fright right now as well, totally unable to believe in the scene before them.

Senior Brother Ling was a Remnant! How in the world could he be defeated this easily?


At this moment, Ling Wuzun wanted to speak up. However, he was cut short by Lin Fan.

"Don't speak now." Lin Fan said.

Hu Qing rushed up immediately and came beside Lin Fan.

"Junior Brother Lin, you mustn't kill him! Otherwise, things will be real bad!" Hu Qing told him.

"Why now? Could something big happen out of me killing him?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Junior Brother Lin, the sect rules decree that as long as it is a fellow disciple, you must never harm his or her life. If you have some life and death hatred, you can settle it through a duel as long as things don't get lethal." Hu Qing replied.

"Oh, I see. So, that's the way it is." Lin Fan nodded his head. Now, this was interesting.

"What are you thinking of doing?" Ling Wuzun's face was drained of color as his expression tightened up.

If there were no one surrounding them right now, Lin Fan would have just killed this fella decisively. But right now, the situation was a little troublesome.

"Number forty eight on the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll, yet that's all you amount to." Lin Fan laughed out coldly. He then slapped out furiously towards Ling Wuzun with a single palm.


"You'd dare?" Ling Wuzun hadn't expected that the other party would dare to strike at him.

"What would I not dare? Since a fella like you dares to s.n.a.t.c.h the Scarlet Blood Demon Saber, you were just courting death to begin with." Raising his leg swiftly, Lin Fan swung it out at Ling Wuzun's face instantly.

With that, a series of tragic cries rang out.

When the surrounding disciples caught sight of this scene, their faces turned pale with fright. Was this guy seeking death?!

This person before them was a Remnant! If he dared to treat the other party as such, wasn't he afraid of the consequences it might bring forth?

Even though Ling Wuzun was the weakest out of all the Remnants out there, he was still a Remnant no matter what! Compared to those Inner Sect disciples, he was way stronger!

Anyone who was able to get into the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll was a genius amongst geniuses. These were not individuals that ordinary people could hope to compare with.

Even if it were Hu Qing combined with every single other disciple present, they were still no match for Ling Wuzun.

And, the only reason why Lin Fan was able to take down the other party was that his own strength had already reached an extremely formidable state.

If even someone of a True Immortal state could be defeated by Lin Fan, it was needless to talk about all these other people who were just skirting around the boundaries of Immemorial Ancient state.

Only, there was one person on that True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll that had Lin Fan feeling extremely wary towards. And that was the number one on the roll, Qin Shengjun.

But, in the past eleven years when Lin Fan had been in the Endless Mainland, that Qin Shengjun had long broken through, and was no longer on this True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll.

Thus, Lin Fan was pretty curious as to the sort of existence that Qin Shengjun would be right now.

As for the current number one of the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll, it wasn't someone of the Heaven and Earth Sect. That person belonged to some other sect.

If there were a chance, Lin Fan would definitely love to exchange blows with someone like that.

However, he did not know how far apart the difference between this person and Qin Shengjun would be.

At this moment, Lin Fan did not hesitate as he trampled on Ling Wuzun's face till it was entirely swollen before he relented.

"Junior Brother Lin, that's about enough…" When Hu Qing caught sight of that once haughty looking Ling Wuzun, he could not help but breathe in a mouthful of cold air.

Just what sort of a background did this Junior Brother Lin hail from? To think that he would be this overbearing! Wasn't he afraid that Ling Wuzun would find trouble for him after they headed back?

However, Hu Qing did not feel that this would cause much of a ruckus back in the sect. At the same time, this Ling Wuzun knew that he was no match for Junior Brother Lin as well. Therefore, he should not seek out needless trouble for himself.

Only, one must still always be on guard at all times. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good to suffer a disadvantage all for nothing.

"Yes. Let's head back then."

This time around, Lin Fan had gained quite a bit from this Earth Abyssal Demon Cave, and felt that it was about time to leave as well.

He then cast a last glance at that Ling Wuzun, who was walloped so badly he did not even look human anymore, and smirked out coldly.

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