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Chapter 983: They Have Some Intellect
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Hu Qing did not have any significant changes in his expressions. He had realized that he was no match for the other party. While it was hard for him to maintain his expression stable, he was thankful that the people here were all on his side at the very least. There was no fear of being seen in such a state by them.

"To think that Junior Brother Lin's strength would be this strong! For the trip to the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave this time around, we will probably be in your care." Hu Qing cupped his fists while saying.

Even though he had lost, this had Hu Qing feeling that this was quite an opportunity for them to enter the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave indeed

The stronger the strength of their party members, the safer they would be.

Bing Linxing and Ru Wanshu looked straight at Lin Fan as well. This was an acknowledgment towards the strong.

"Let's gather tomorrow then. We'll take our leave first." Hu Qing said.

When Hu Qing and the others left, Lin Fan was also ready to head back to prepare for a little. Thus, he cupped fists to Su Hongchen, bidding her farewell before leaving.

The next day…

The ma.s.ses gathered and headed forth together. After traveling through the void for a couple of days, they finally arrived at their destination.

They floated gently in the void.

Lin Fan looked down at this indefinitely huge Earth Abyssal Demon Cave and could not help but gasp out.

This cave was just like a black hole, so deep that one could neither make out its depths nor what was going on within. There was an unusually lonely sense of death pervading in and around it, which was extremely scary.

"This here is the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave. The creatures that reside within are called Earth Demons, and they love to drink up our Essence Blood. Therefore, after entering, I hope that everyone can work together and try not to do anything reckless on your own." Hu Qing said.

"If we meet other sects, we must definitely be on our guard as well. After all, the most dangerous things here are not those Earth Demons, but the disciples of the other sects."

Lin Fan listened intently and could more or less figure out what was going on. Everyone then turned into streaks of light that dove right into the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave.

The moment they entered the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave, it got so dark that they could not even make out their five fingers for a moment. Even if they had the strength of Immemorial Ancient state, their vision was still blocked out, and they could only sense everything through their consciousness.

"You guys must make sure not to breathe in the Putrid Demonic Qi here. This place is filled with all sorts of intents, and there have been many people who have fallen here. As such, their grudges are mixed in with the Putrid Demonic Qi as well."

Lin Fan breathed in slightly.

When the Putrid Demonic Qi made its way into Lin Fan's body, it turned into a series of demons that roared out in fury. However, they were suppressed by the System instantaneously before being converted into experience points in its purest form.

This Putrid Demonic Qi was just like Spirit Qi. It was just that it wasn't suitable for them to take in.

It wasn't long before everyone felt their feet touching ground.

The ground here was pitch black, darker than anything could be. At the same time, it was unusually tough. Within the void was a blood red moon that shone light down onto this Earth Abyssal Demon Cave.

The earthen fires spurted out while raging blazes caused the temperature in this place to rise considerably.

"Everyone, watch out! Let us continue heading in deeper."

For the moment, there was nothing weird in their surroundings. Hu Qing seemed as though he was pretty familiar with this place as he led Lin Fan and the others to strike it out within.

After a long time, they came to a stop.

"Watch out! There's a group of Earth Demons up ahead." Hu Qing said.

Lin Fan focused his gaze over. The Earth Demons up ahead did not look any different from Humans. However, their entire body was jet black, and the scales on their body were distinguished. Under the shimmer of the blood red moonlight, they let out a series of eerie glows.

An Earth Demon had torn apart a disciple from some sect and was drinking his blood.

"That's a disciple of Hua Yue Sect." Su Hongchen said, "I remember heading to that sect before. They're considered to be a smaller scale sect. But, to think that a disciple of theirs would fall in the hands of these Earth Demons. That's quite a pity."

Sweeping his glance over, Lin Fan saw that the cultivation states of these Earth Demons were mostly at Divine celestial level. There would be the occasional Supreme state ones as well.


All of a sudden, a roar filled the entire place.

Within the group of Earth Demons was a single one that suddenly roared out in rage. That pitch black body began to expand rapidly as the Blood Qi around him was being gathered around him at a swift rate.

"That over there is a leader of the Earth Demons. Based on the situation right now, it seems like he's about to level up!" Ru Wanshu said.

"Should we strike out right now? Once this Earth Demon levels up, he would be at Immemorial Ancient state. His core should be good stuff by then." Bing Linxing asked.

"Alright, let us go then." Hu Qing surveyed the situation around and realized that there was no large group of Earth Demons gathered.



The group bolted out and attacked the Earth Demons.

"d.a.m.ned living beings! How dare they strike out just as Your Leader is breaking through? Go and devour them!" The leader howled out as the surrounding Earth Demons pounced towards Lin Fan and the others in a frenzy.


Lin Fan was totally unbothered by these ants. Even after killing them, he could not reap in any significant experience points.

As he raised his finger, it was as though he was slicing out at a chicken as he killed all of those Earth Demons instantly. Even though some of those Earth Demons were at Supreme state as well, compared to Lin Fan, they were still extremely insignificant.

"HAHA! We've really earned big now! Who would have thought that the underlings of this Earth Demon are nothing more than small fries!" Hu Qing roared out in laughter.

He then hollered out and like a tiger as he leaped out towards the Earth Demon that was breaking through.

And just at this moment, Lin Fan's brows furrowed up.

"Watch out!" Lin Fan warned.

But right then, the Earth Demon that was breaking through started roaring out in laughter in return. All of a sudden, his surroundings started exploding as a pair of pitch black demonic hands extended out from the ground, intending to tear apart Hu Qing's chest.

Out of nowhere, there was a bunch of Earth Demons that had suddenly appeared all around Hu Qing! To make matters worse, the cultivation state of these Earth Demons was at Immemorial Ancient state middle level.

It all happened too fast for him to react and defend against.

Hu Qing's face was drained of color. However, it was all too late.

"HAHA! These living beings are truly dumb indeed. All Your Leader has to do is deploy some small tricks, and G.o.d knows how many living beings are scammed by it thoroughly. Do you guys really think that we Earth Demons are good to kill?"

"While you guys need our cores, we Earth Demons also need your Essence Blood!"

"Living being… go and die for Your Leader!" The leader of the Earth Demons laughed out wildly and suddenly came to a stop during his breakthrough! With those sharp demonic arms of his, he grabbed out at Hu Qing.

"Hu Qing…!" Su Hongchen and the others were completely shocked right now as they exclaimed out. On their side, Lin Fan's brows furrowed as his feet moved ever so slightly; with that, he vanished from where he was immediately.


At this moment, Lin Fan had used So Near, Yet So Far. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Hu Qing. When his body jerked momentarily, an extremely sharp Sword Will took on the shape of a semicircle before slicing out at all of these Earth Demons.


In a flash, the bodies of these Earth Demons all ruptured out as their jet-black blood gushed out into the sky.

All this happened in a split thousandth of a second.

It was only after Lin Fan had annihilated the entire group of Earth Demons that the group could clearly make out the situation.

"Are you alright?" Lin Fan stood there and asked calmly.

Hu Qing looked at Lin Fan with a face of absolute bewilderment, as though he could not believe what had just happened. He didn't even have the chance to make out clearly what had just happened moments prior!

By the time he reacted to it, he realised that this person had already slain all of those Earth Demons.

"T-thank you…" Hu Qing's voice was still trembling slightly. All he could feel was how frightening the strength of Lin Fan was. Even Su Hongchen and the others were frozen for a moment before snapping to their senses.

"Junior Brother Lin, your strength…!"

Lin Fan smiled out indifferently, "Everyone, do take care to watch out. The intellect of these Earth Demons is not low. They do know how to lure us out."

After killing that leader of those Earth Demons, the System rang out with notifications of all the experience points gained.

That was quite a good feeling.

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