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Chapter 982: Earth Abyssal Demon Cave
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

A few days later…

The Saint Devil Peak was peaceful and harmonious, without anyone visiting at all.

Lin Fan's joining of the Heaven and Earth Sect, and becoming one of their Inner Sect disciples did not cause that much of a stir or attract anyone's attention.

In the past few days, Lin Fan had started to grasp the general situation of the Endless Mainland as well.

Nine sects, six residences, three caves, and seventy two gangs…

This was the distribution of strength within the entire Endless Mainland. These were the highest levels amongst everything. And, those minor sects and gangs out there were not that weak either.

Most of the minor sects and gangs were formed by the accomplished disciples of some major sects or something before spreading out their influence. Some of them were at a level not to be scoffed at.

On this day, Lin Fan stood on the Saint Devil Peak as he looked down at the entire Heaven and Earth Sect. There was a total of 10,008 such broken peaks that resonated with the Heaven and Earth.

And, the reason why these broken peaks could remain afloat in the void was precisely because of this mutual resonance with the Heaven and Earth that created a corresponding energy, allowing them to float there forever.

If something as such had to be sustained with normal powers, that would be way too horrifying an expenditure.

Furthermore, there would not be anyone who would be lame enough to do nothing but float these broken peaks in the void the entire time.


At this moment, a figure in red pa.s.sed through the void above the Saint Devil Peak, then came to a stop as a voice traveled over.

"Eh? Oh! I didn't know that someone has taken residence in this broken peak already."

Lin Fan lifted his head and looked at the woman dressed in red above. Her features were clean and sweet. Even though she could not be described as a supreme beauty, she was still pretty decent.

"What is your name?"

Lin Fan looked at the woman in red calmly, "Lin Fan... And yours?"

"Su Hongchen."

"My broken peak is right beside yours. From now on, we can be considered as neighbors as well! How about coming over to my peak to take a look?" Su Hongchen said.

Lin Fan thought about it for a moment. Since he had just entered the sect, it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to get to know some people as well. Who knew what might happen in the future?

"Alright, accepting your offer is the best respect I can give!" Lin Fan nodded his head.


Indeed, the broken peak of Su Hongchen was extremely close to his. And outside her broken peak were nine different treasures that were revolving around the peak to form a unique formation, possessing the capabilities of both attack and defense in the same body. This was pretty decent indeed!

"This is the Nine Chains Formation. All of these nine treasures are Middle Grade Utmost Treasures that are connected to form a single body. However, what it lacks now is a single core to rely on. Otherwise, even if it were a True Immortal state being, they would not be able to break through the defenses of this peak of mine." Su Hongchen said with pride.

Lin Fan nodded his head. Indeed, the toys in this Endless Mainland were far more high-end than those back in the Ancient Saint World.

Even treasures could be used to join together and form a unique formation.

In the Ancient Saint World, there were not many uses of treasures. Even if it were formations, that was extremely rare, and there would rarely be anyone who would use those to defend against enemies.

"This is my Red Dust Peak. After years of hard work, there's finally some structure to it." Su Hongchen said.

Pa.s.sing through the formation, they landed on the peak.

"Your Spirit Qi here is even thicker than the world outside by two or three times." Lin Fan commented.

"That's for sure. Every broken peak has its unique formation that's working at extracting the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth within. After all, there are too many people cultivating around here. Some people's skills are overly tyrannical, and can easily absorb all the Spirit Qi in a radius of a hundred miles dry. This is something that could affect us drastically. Therefore, we just collect Spirit Qi and store them inside here usually." Su Hongchen replied.

"Oh, so that's the case." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"I've looked at that mountain peak of yours. It looks to be in its initial stage. Have you only joined the sect recently?" Su Hongchen asked.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"If there's anything you do not get, feel free to come check it out with me!" Su Hongchen offered.

Su Hongchen watched Lin Fan observe the people that were roaming around the mountain peak. There were many disciples living here. When they b.u.mped into Su Hongchen, they would greet her politely as well.

"These are all servant disciples, and some of the Outer Sect disciples. I had them over to clean up the peak." Su Hongchen seemed like a really friendly person who explained many things for Lin Fan.

At the same time, Lin Fan had realized that the territory of Su Hongchen had developed out pretty decently. There were many curious herbs that were being grown in her garden.

In the Crafting Room, there were some disciples that were working hard at crafting out materials. They were all extremely busy. If he hadn't thought about the size of this place itself, it could even suffice as a minor sect of its own.

Lin Fan nodded his head. This time around, he had truly gained quite a bit of knowledge.

At this moment, there were a few people standing outside the Red Dust Peak.

"I've got friends coming." When Su Hongchen sensed the situation outside her formation, she swept her robes and a pa.s.sageway tore open, allowing a few figures to land down.

"Hongchen, this is?" An extremely bulky man looked at Lin Fan with a trace of wariness in his eyes.

"This is Lin Fan, who has just joined the sect. His broken peak is right beside mine."

"This person here is Hu Qing, the owner of Tiger Saint Peak."

Su Hongchen then introduced two other people to Lin Fan.

One of them had a really strong weapon intent. This was a Young Master of a family that crafted weapons, Bing Linxing.

There was another one that was dressed like a scholar. Within his brows was a Confucian aura, and his name was Ru Wanshu.

Lin Fan cupped his fist and greeted them. The cultivation state of these people was pretty decent. They were both at the Immemorial Ancient state.

"Hongchen, this time around, we're intending to form a party for an expedition to the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave. Do you want to join us?" Hu Qing asked.

"Sure! Even though that Earth Abyssal Demon Cave is incredibly dangerous, the rewards to be obtained are tremendous. If we were to party up, we would most likely be fine as long as we don't go into the deeper levels." Su Hongchen replied.

Lin Fan had some knowledge about this Earth Abyssal Demon Cave. This was an underground world that had many entrances throughout the entire Endless Mainland.

At that place were plenty of ferocious beasts. However, most of them would reside in the deeper levels. As long as one did not seek to provoke them intentionally, there would usually be no issues with it.

"Brother Lin, do you want to come along?" Su Hongchen asked.

Lin Fan was taken aback slightly. To think that this Su Hongchen would take the initiative to invite him. That was something that had him slightly startled.

But, when he thought about it again, it would naturally be for the best if he could tag along.

For his path of cultivation, the fastest way about was to kill powerful beings. If he could head to this Earth Abyssal Demon Cave, that would be the best he could hope for.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement.

"Hold on, Hongchen! How is the strength of this fella here? I wouldn't want him to be a burden and tug at our hind legs. This time around, we're not the only ones entering the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave." Hu Qing said.

"Who else is heading over?" Su Hongchen asked in surprise.

"As far as I know, Jian Fengchen has already brought people with him into the Earth Abyssal Demon Cave. And then there's also Young Mister Gong Hai…" Hu Qing said before casting a glance over at Lin Fan.

"It's fine if you want to join us. But first, I'll have to test out your strength."

All of a sudden, Hu Qing spread out his fingers and grabbed out with a tiger claw, lunging at Lin Fan's shoulders.

The void started cracking out while emitting explosions. That tiger claw seemed to be capable of tearing open the Heaven and Earth, causing an Astral Wind to howl out furiously. Everyone nearby stumbled back immediately from the commotion.

At such proximity, even they could feel the Astral Wind slapping by their faces and giving them a stinging pain from within.

But, Lin Fan just lifted his palm casually. Without any fancy moves, he held that claw in his hands firmly.

"Huh?" Hu Qing was stunned. All of a sudden, he felt as though all the powers within his entire body had been frozen by something! He even felt a feeling of being cut off from it!

"Thanks for letting me win." Lin Fan smiled out indifferently, unbothered by everything in the least bit.

Su Hongchen was pretty taken aback. She hadn't expected that the strength of this man would be this strong! This was something totally out of her expectations.

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