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"Senior Brother! It seems to be pretty lively down there! Could it be that tons of people are heading over?" As his cultivation base was higher than Zhang Ergou, so were Feng Bujue’s five senses.

"Oh, really?" Zhang Ergou asked questioningly. Standing up and looking down the peak, he found a black ma.s.s approaching, as if packed with people.

"Junior Brother, let’s get to work. There seems to be a lot of customers approaching. Seems like our great Master’s pill cultivating skills are truly captivating" Zhang Ergou laughed.

To Zhang Ergou, having more people seeking pills was the best thing that could happen.

After all, this would help to boost Nameless Peak’s reputation. As it stood, people were already referring to him as Brother Gou. If things were to get hotter, people might even start to call him Master Gou!


"Senior Brother, the outer sect disciples have followed along!" A Danding Peak disciple voiced out when he realized the crowd behind them.

"Hmph, come along then. It’s time for them to realize who is truly number 1 in Glory Sect", Li Shun snorted coldly.

Regarding this, Li Shun would not wait, nor could he afford to. If this carried on, how were they to survive?

The reason for their affluent lifestyle in the sect was thanks to these countless disciples seeking help for pills.

But now that these resources had been transferred to the Nameless Peak, they were earning much less. If this was to carry on, they might not even make enough to survive.

Looking at the big crowd approaching, Zhang Ergou laughed, "h.e.l.lo junior brothers! Do not rush! Make a line and queue up one by one!"

Seemed like there were too many people. Therefore, an order had to be established naturally. If the crowd got too rowdy, the orders could get messed up.

"Queue? Queue your a.s.s! Get your master to scoot out immediately!" Li Shun roared.

While Nameless Peak had been given to them for the establishment of Saint Devil Sect by the Grand Master himself, Li Shun did not give a d.a.m.n.

They were the true disciples of Danding Peak. Furthermore, back in Danding Peak, they were the personal disciples of the Senior Elder. Hence they enjoyed a strong standing back home as well.

As to this newly established unknown sect, Li Shun could not even give two hoots.

Zhang Ergou, who was smiling, had his expression reddened. Who was this this fella? How dare he? The moment he arrived, he shouted for their Master to come out? Impudent!

"Hmph! You guys listen up. This guy here is the Senior disciple of Danding Peak’s Senior Elder, Senior Brother Li. Get your who knows what Master out!" The servant boy beside Li Shun puffed up his chest and demanded aggressively.

The moment they heard Danding Peak, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue understood. These guys were here to create trouble.

Whlie the two of them had not been to Danding Peak recently, but they knew things must be pretty horrendous down there.

If Master Lin were to come out personally, would these guys still get to live?

"How dare you! Is Nameless Peak a place where you can shoot your mouth off! You guys at Danding Peak have been exploiting our poor outer sect disciples and their hard-earned ingredients for so many years. Now that our Master couldn’t bear to see these guys get bullied any further and opened his own pill services for the sake of our dear brothers, you have the cheek to come here and cause a ruckus?!?" Zhang Ergou replied fiercely. While others usually recommended to not burn the bridge down entirely, Zhang Ergou paid no heed to such decency.

"Hmph, cheeky fella. Just the two of you and you think you can stop us Danding Peak disciples? Know your worth, fool. Get your Master out!" Li Shun stared at the two of them haughtily.

With just three men on Nameless Peak, how could they afford to offend their Danding Peak?


Lin Fan already knew about this situation outside. Furthermore, he had already thought through this situation whereby Danding Peak would come knocking.

This was something they could not shy from forever.

But Lin Fan was not afraid. So what if they were Danding Peak? Did it mean that everyone HAD to go to them for pills?

Now, of course in terms of business, compet.i.tors in the same trade were naturally enemies. He COULD try to build a better relationship with them emotionally, but, to be honest, he just couldn’t be bothered.

Lin Fan came out of his house.

Upon the appearance of their master, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue rushed forth, "Master! Danding Peak disciples are here to create a mess!"

"Yes, I know." Lin Fan nodded and approached the group.

"You’re Lin Fan?" Li Shun stared at Lin Fan with aggression in his eyes.

To Li Shun, this man didn’t seem like he was anything much.

Poaching disciples for pills from Danding Peak? These guys were just courting death.

"What is the issue here?" Lin Fan asked calmly.

"Ha. Ha." Li Shun chortled coldly. ‘What’s the issue? Oh, come on, don’t act all innocent now.’

"What rights do you guys from Nameless Peak have to cultivate pills? Do you guys have permission from the sect?" Li Shun bellowed. He turned around to the outer sect disciples behind him, raised his hands and shouted, " Dear outer sect disciples! Please don’t harm yourself for a moment of greed! Pill cultivation is an art with a long history and background! It has been pa.s.sed down to us from the start of Danding Peak’s creation! If you guys consume these pills without any form of guarantee for just a moment of greed, it will be too late for regrets if you experience any horrible after effects!"

Li Shun’s words made sense. With the history of Danding Peak as his backing, anyone else would have been thoroughly convinced. But from these outer sect disciples, all he heard were sn.i.g.g.e.rs.

If Danding Peak had not exploited them so ruthlessly in the past, they might have fallen for his words. But now, it all just sounded like a joke.

"Aren’t you guys only here at Nameless Peak because you can’t exploit us anymore? You guys who only seek to steal from our hard-earned efforts are the true enemy of our big family!"

"Take a look yourselves! How many talented disciples have we wasted just because they couldn't get enough pills due to your exploitative ways? All their time and youth, just because they couldn’t get enough pills to reach higher cultivation! And you have the cheek to confront Nameless Peak? Ridiculous!" Lin Fan said righteously and furiously.

Amongst the outer sect disciples, some of them started stirring at the words of Junior master Lin. He made perfect sense. Be it they themselves or someone they knew, all of them had experienced such exploitation in the past. In the past, they were helpless. But now, they were just furious.

If the exploitation wasn’t this ruthless, how would they have wasted so much time of their lives!

"Hmph, a bunch of lies!" Not expecting Lin Fan to rebuke, Li Shun was enraged beyond measures.

"Ergou! Send off the guests! No Danding Peak disciples or dogs are allowed on our peak in the future!" Lin Fan swept his robes and turned around, no longer to be bothered.

"Yes, Master!" Zhang Ergou replied and turned towards them, "Go on, get out! Get out!"

Li Shun looked at the situation and laughed out, "Just the two of you and you guys think you can chase us away? No way. We’re getting things straight today. Otherwise, Nameless Peak will never know a day of peace!"

"That’s right, straighten things out!"

"Yeah, you pariah disciples of Nameless Peak, unless you give us an explanation, we’ll take this up with the Grand Master!"


Lin Fan stopped moving.

The disciples of Danding Peak gave a cold laugh. It seemed like he got scared. But when Lin Fan’s unwavering gaze turned towards them, they felt a cold chill down their spine.

"Two of us?" He asked gently.


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