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Chapter 980: All Of You Are Blind!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lin Fan had been waiting outside for quite some time now, and was getting somewhat impatient. Just what in the world was this Qing Yangzi up to, taking so long and not returning yet?

But at this moment, Qing Yangzi's figure appeared in Lin Fan's line of sight.

Along the way, Qing Yangzi was scolding out at the entire f*cking family descendants of Elder Huo. But, when he appeared before Lin Fan, his face changed as he let out a wondrous smile that was wider than anything else.

"Everything has been settled. You are now an Inner Sect disciple! Do you know? The moment the Grandmaster heard that you are such a genius, he was exhilarated and could not wait to pull you into the ranks of Inner Sect disciples! Now, you get to have a broken mountain peak of your own!" Qing Yangzi's face was filled with joy.

The surrounding disciples were stunned.

Inner Sect disciple?

Even though being an Inner Sect disciple was pretty decent, they knew that this junior brother before them was a paragon!

For him to be able to take down a True Immortal state lower level being as just an Immemorial Ancient state upper level being, what sort of tyrannical existence was that?

Did the Grandmaster get shot in the head or something?

He was truly not going to give a disciple as such the Seat of a Remnant?

Naturally, these were just thoughts in their minds. If they were to truly dare say out these words, they would be struck to death for sure.

When they looked at how Elder Qing Yangzi's face was as per normal, and in fact, looking pretty overwhelmed, they naturally understood that he was just trying to scam Lin Fan by telling him how precious it was to be an Inner Sect disciple.

"Inner Sect disciple?" Lin Fan was a little confused when he first heard of it. But, when he caught sight of the envious faces on everyone around him, he felt pretty good inside his heart.

Seemed like this Inner Sect disciple position was pretty incredible!

Fair enough! At least, he had obtained a status that was befitting of him.

"Congratulations Senior Brother Lin on becoming an Inner Sect disciple!" Li Qing cupped his fist and congratulated.

Even though Lin Fan had entered the sect later, because his cultivation state was higher, his position was naturally higher than theirs as well. Therefore, it was only right for them to address him as senior brother.

"You're too kind." Lin Fan chuckled out and returned the greeting.

"Let's go! We'll go choose a broken peak for you!" Qing Yangzi chuckled out.

However, he was still cursing out at the Grandmaster in his heart.

'If you guys refuse to believe me, so be it! I am not getting any younger now, and there's a limit to my innate potential as well. But, even if that's the case, this old man shall give it a shot this time around to try and raise this paragon on my own, so that he can whack the faces of all of you old fools.' Qing Yangzi thought.

This was especially the case for that Elder Huo. He had Qing Yangzi hopping in rage.

That b.l.o.o.d.y dog f*cking fire mixbred! Who knew if that sh*t that he brought back was his b*stard child or something? And, he dared to have the guts to say that he found it by coincidence? Motherf*cking dogsh*t!

Not long afterward…

Lin Fan, Qing Yangzi, and the others floated gently in the void.

In front of them, many broken peaks were floating around the in the sky, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Every single broken peak had a palace on it.

The unoccupied palaces looked extremely ordinary, and one could not tell anything different about them.

But, those broken peaks that were occupied by others emitted an extremely thick Spirit Qi. There were also varying degree of shimmering lights that were shrouding these broken peaks.

"There are so many?" Lin Fan realized that there were many occupied broken peaks here. There were at least thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of them here!

This Inner Sect disciple thing was way too worthless, wasn't it?

"That's right! There are many broken peaks! Take a look below! That's the area where the Outer Sect disciples reside!" Qing Yangzi pointed out.

When Lin Fan looked down, he furrowed his brows slightly, "So cramped?"

"Look further down. That's where the Servant Disciples are." Qing Yangzi pointed out once more.

Lin Fan looked further down as pointed out. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, that was so pathetic! The houses were simple and cramped together. This was even worse than back in the Xuanhuang World!

"And, what are those over there then?" Lin Fan pointed over at the distance where there were ten heaven piercing peaks. They were boundless in might, and countless of treasures wrapped around the surroundings of the peaks. Rainbow colored gleams of lights extended out as a myriad of rainbows kowtowed towards the peaks themselves. It looked extremely spectacular.

When Qing Yangzi turned around to look at those peaks, his face changed slightly. He then returned to his usual expression while saying, "Those are nothing. They are the descendants of the upper echelons of the sect, the second generations. They're all useless, a bunch of f*cking idiots."

When Li Qing heard the words of Elder Qing Yangzi, his heart skipped a beat.

Elder was being way too tyrannical now, wasn't he?! Those peaks were where the Remnants of the sect lived!

None of those Remnants were pushovers. If they had heard the elder saying such words, they might even break out into fights with the elder himself.

Even though Qing Yangzi was an elder, he was only an elder in charge of recruiting disciples. Within the sect, he did not have that much of authority.

Even the words of those Remnants had more power than Qing Yangzi's.

"Oh? Seems like there's also the practice of second generations taking the backdoor into the sect, eh?" Lin Fan nodded his head. He felt that this place was pretty decent.

"Let's not talk about those anymore. Take your pick. If there is any that you find a liking to, let this old man know. I'll help you make arrangements." Qing Yangzi veered the conversation away. Clearly, he did not want to stay on that topic.

For Lin Fan, entering the Heaven and Earth Sect was not for enjoyment. He was here to cultivate. All the utmost powerful beings and Demonic G.o.ds of the secret ground were still waiting for him to rescue them.

"That one there then." Lin Fan pointed out at a peak while saying.

"Alright." Qing Yangzi nodded his head and took out a jade tablet, infusing his powers into it. Immediately, a bright light shone out of the jade tablet that wrapped the entire broken peak into it. As though it was being pulled by gravity, it slowly flew before Lin Fan and the others.


A small stream of water coiled around the entire broken peak and cleansed all the structures of dust. The withered trees and flora started flourishing as though they had just been given a new burst of life.

"Keep this with you. From now on forth, this broken peak is yours. Do you want to give it a name?" Qing Yangzi asked.

"Name it Saint Devil Peak then." Lin Fan replied.

"Saint Devil Peak? That is a pretty decent name! The Daos of both ends that encompa.s.ses everything… This will surely turn into something big!" Qing Yangzi chuckled out.

Lin Fan walked into the structures. Even though the surface area wasn't all that big, he had everything he needed.

Pills Room, Weapons Crafting Room, Cultivation Room, Herbs Garden, et cetera…

"How is it? Pretty decent, right? I'll have you know that the privileges of being an Inner Sect disciple are immense!" Qing Yangzi smiled out.

"Not too bad." Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction. The treatment towards Inner Sect disciples is pretty decent.

"Take a good rest first then. I'll have someone send over the stuff related to the sect later on." Qing Yangzi said.


Qing Yangzi and the others left the broken peak.

"Elder, Senior Brother Lin's potential is second to none! Why did the Grandmaster not give him the Seat of a Remnant?" Li Qing asked puzzledly.

"Don't talk about it anymore. Something cropped up midway. That b.l.o.o.d.y d.a.m.ned Elder Huo spouted out with some unusual Fire Spirit of the Heaven and Earth out of nowhere. Because of that, the Grandmaster's attention was taken in by him entirely."

"As for this Seat of a Remnant, there were only ten to begin with. Initially, there was a single one that was open, and thus, there was some hope. But who would have thought that something as such would happen." Qing Yangzi said.

"That's a real pity." Li Qing replied.

"Go. Let us go prepare everything for him." Qing Yangzi pondered for a moment before gritting his teeth. This time around, he was going to go all out for it. How could such a paragon that was uncovered by this old man be allowed to sink into the depths of nothingness just like that?

No matter what, he would have to help this lad grow.

He would have to gamble with everything he had. One fine day, he would definitely let those guys know that not giving Lin Fan the Seat of a Remnant was a blind and wrong choice made by them!

In the entire sect, this old man was the brightest of 'em all!

Even though Li Qing did not know what Qing Yangzi was going to prepare for Lin Fan, when he caught sight of that expression of the latter wanting to go all in, he was stunned as well.

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