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Chapter 977: You Have Already Lost
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Qing Yangzi could not help but get serious at this moment.

This lad had some capabilities indeed. The powers that burst forth from that punch earlier on were far from normal. If not for the fact that his reaction speed was fast, he might truly have been struck by the Dao of that lad.

Outsiders often enjoyed the surface of the tricks while professionals understood the intricacies of it.

The commoners naturally could not tell just how powerful that single strike was.

That single punch had even caused the void to distort. That was something that the commoners viewed as special effects.

But, the vagrant martial artists were astounded beyond anything else. They knew that if they had been on the receiving end of it, they definitely wouldn't have been able to block it at all.

The amount of power that emanated out was simply way too formidable!

"Again." Qing Yangzi's face was serious right now as his robes fluttered out with an aura that seemed like banners bursting forth from within. The duel this time around was one of pure brute power; there were no treasures involved.

"Alright, I'll just have to see what sort of capabilities True Immortal state lower level possesses!" Lin Fan roared out. Leaping up with a single foot, his entire body started shapeshifting.

But, by the time one took another look, there was merely an afterimage left in his original position.

Lin Fan's speed had surpa.s.sed everything. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared beside Qing Yangzi.

This was a speed that had the spectators watching in astonishment.

This was especially the case for the Heaven and Earth Sect disciples. All of them were dumbfounded.

To think that they could not even follow Lin Fan's figure!

"So fast!"

Qing Yangzi's lips curled into a cold smile. At True Immortal state, one's life was comparable to that of the Heavens. This was the zenith of cultivation states. Even if it were only the lower level, it wasn't something that Immemorial Ancient state beings could hope to face against.

Lin Fan did not hesitate as the powers within his body rumbled out, and a dragon of power swam around his body. When he spread out both his palms with his ten fingers, the void was pushed back by the pressure as everything slammed out towards Qing Yangzi.

"Interesting!" Qing Yangzi chuckled out and swept at his robes. It seemed as though those robes had a life of their own as they spiraled out and contained all ten of Lin Fan's fingers and wrapped them up.


The duel this time around was a true and actual duel. Lin Fan did not resort to any of those underhanded moves he had in his kitty. If he were to truly deploy them, this Qing Yangzi here would have fallen in defeat with the first chance he had earlier on.

But right now, Lin Fan wanted to use a duel as such to check out for himself just how far apart he was from True Immortals.

At this moment, Lin Fan's ten fingers were just like sharp blades that could slice through anything as they swiveled up and cut at time and s.p.a.ce itself. Those heaven-encompa.s.sing robes of Feng Qingzi were shredded up by Lin Fan.

"Old man, show some true skills. Otherwise, you're really going to lose." Lin Fan's body flashed out as his battle intent skyrocketed. A Battle Intent Spirit that was manifested from his battle intent appeared and burst forth from his body.

"So strong…!" The disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect had not expected that this young man would be able to fight with their elder to this extent! This was something that had them taken aback completely.

"Good lad! To think that you would have the cultivation state of an Immemorial Ancient state upper level even at this young age. Even if you were in the Heaven and Earth Sect, you would be one of the top few prodigies. However, if you want to rattle a True Immortal state being with that amount of power, that is still far from enough."

"Today, this old man is going to teach you a lesson."

The moment he said out those words, the aura of Qing Yangzi took on a stark change. Within the unknowns, he was barely perceptible. It was as though there was a Law with the width of a thumb wrapping around the entire body of Qing Yangzi. This was the Law of True Immortals.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he could also fully sense the aura that was being emanated out by this Law of the True Immortals.


This was repression in terms of their very foundational basis.

But to Lin Fan, none of this mattered.


Lin Fan roared out as his body jerked. Those initially calm eyes of his shone with a sharp glint as the powers within his body started to boil with life. Even if it was a mere cell, it was expanding out rapidly right now, activating every single last bit of power within his body to its fullest extent.

When Qing Yangzi felt this aura that was emanated out from Lin Fan, he felt his heart skip a beat once more. This was a power that had far surpa.s.sed the threshold of an Immemorial Ancient state upper level being.



That seemingly imperceptible Law of True Immortals burst forth from him before turning into a boundless amount of power. Qing Yangzi then raised his hand and closed his five fingers into a fist.

This fist alone was similar to a punch of the Heaven and Earth. Even a small little wave possessed all the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. This was a state that was only comprehensible to True Immortal state beings.

"Lad, the biggest difference between Immemorial Ancient state and a True Immortal state is whether or not one has the ability to fuse one's mystic skills of the martial arts into the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, and turn them into mystic skills of the Dao. Even if it's a normal and una.s.suming punch, it will possess an incredible amount of might. This punch is where the essence of the True Immortal state really lies."

"True Immortal Punch!"

Qing Yangzi's body shivered slightly. It was as though there was an elderly man with a white beard standing at the top of that fist of his. This elderly man, on the other hand, was just like a Master of the Heaven and Earth who was educating all the living beings on how they should sense out and feel for the Heaven and Earth.

Before the punch had even arrived, that boundless power had already enveloped Lin Fan within it entirely. Under this power of a True Immortal, every single fiber of his cultivation state seemed as though it was being repressed down.

Even though there was already a barrier set up at the vicinity, this aura was still managing to seep out ever so slightly.

The leaking aura repressed the ma.s.ses and had them feeling as though they wanted to prostrate onto the ground into submission in the face of it.

"So, this is the might of the True Immortal state." At this moment, Lin Fan came to a big realization and revealed an 'Eureka!' expression. He then chuckled out, "To comprehend the mystic skills of the martial arts into mystic skills of the Dao…"

"So, it's just like that?"


All of a sudden, Lin Fan roared out into laughter. That body of his was straight like a sword right now as he stood tall within the world at this moment.

A series of heaven piercing Sword Wills bolted forth from the ground, bent on shattering the entire firmaments.

At this moment, the Sword Will that was erupting forth from Lin Fan was just like the Emperor of all Sword Wills. A formless and edged Sword Will streaked through the void and clashed with that single punch's intent.

This unparalleled sharp Sword Will sliced through everything and destroyed everything in its path. When it made contact with that True Immortal Punch's intent, it sent the latter flying away instantly.

"What?" Qing Yangzi's face tensed up as he let out a look of astonishment.

But by now, it was all too late.

Lin Fan moved his body and disappeared from where he was instantly.

Using two fingers placed together as a sword, the next time he appeared, he was right before the face of Qing Yangzi. When Lin Fan drew across with his fingers, it had already reached the forehead of Qing Yangzi.

"You have already lost." Lin Fan's voice was indifferent as though he was speaking of something extremely normal. On the opposite side, Qing Yangzi was just totally flabbergasted as though he could not believe everything before his eyes.

Qing Yangzi knew that if this lad were to use a single thought, his entire brains would be minced into sludge with the Sword Will of the latter.

"You've yet to enter a True Immortal state…! How could you have your mystic skills turned into Dao…?" Qing Yangzi's voice was hoa.r.s.e and croaky right now as though he had just seen a ghost.

"What? Has no one in this world ever done so?" Lin Fan asked.

"It's not that. There were…"

"And what were they called?" Lin Fan questioned once more.

"Supreme paragons."

Lin Fan took back his fingers and leaped down from the Sparring Arena. He then placed his hands behind his back and walked into the distance, "Since that's the case, what's there to be surprised about? If they are supreme paragons, why can't I be a supreme paragon as well?"

"Anyways, your strength is pretty decent. I guess I could make do with the Heaven and Earth Sect. We'll head over tomorrow."

By the time Qing Yangzi snapped back to his senses, Lin Fan had long left the place under the escort of his Lin Family.

"Holy f*ck! I-I…!" Qing Yangzi could feel his heart thumping furiously. He hadn't expected that he would lose, or the that the lad would be this arrogant!

As for the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect, all of them were just watching with jaws wide open right now.

To think that the elder would have actually lost…!

As for Qing Yangzi, he could never ever figure out for the life of him how that final move of the other party's fingers was performed. How did he actually do it?

How could it possibly disintegrate his very own True Immortal Punch?

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