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Chapter 975: Let The Duel Begin
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Oh, my son! Hurry and come over! Take a look at these wives that your daddy has chosen for you!" Even from far away, Lin Haoming had already started to shout out.

All of these wives were not too bad. He was undoubtedly quite pleased. As long as his son were to agree, none of those previous issues would be issues anymore.

Lin Fan had rarely appeared out in the Rising Dragon City. Therefore, all of these Missies of the different families had naturally not seen him before.

But, now that they knew that they were about to turn into someone's wife, they naturally wanted to take a look at what their future husband would look like.

This single glance over had their gazes linger for a long, long time, as they were unable to pull themselves away from that image.

On top of that lake, that elegant demeanor with those long breezing locks; that calm expression that was showing traces of tyranny within that aura… This was something that had them falling for him deeply right from the start.

Initially, all of them once had plans for their own futures. If they did not have enough innate potential for martial arts, they basically had no say in the matters governing their marriage.

But, even if they had no say, they hoped to be able to marry someone whom they could bear with at least.

But, this single gaze had all of them deeply mesmerized by this Young Master of the Lin Family.

If they had any misgivings from the start, they had all vanished at this instant. All of them were willing to be the wife of the Young Master of the Lin Family right now.

When all the other Family Heads caught sight of this figure floating above the surface of the lake, their eyes shone with a bright gleam as well.

That was the Young Master of the Lin Family… a man who had been reclusive and silent for the past eleven years, even till the point where he was deemed as a worthless piece of trash.

But right now, he had shocked the world through a single remarkable feat that reverberated throughout the entire Rising Dragon City.


Lin Fan sighed out in exasperation. This was an affair that had caught him by surprise.

As he took one step after another, the surface of the lake was just like flat ground for him. In fact, there weren't even any ripples that were caused by his walking.

Even though his aura was kept within him, that disposition was still pretty extraordinary. This wasn't something that the Young Masters of the other families could compare with.

"What is all of this about?" When Lin Fan landed on the ground, he asked with a calm expression.

"My son! Hurry and come take a look! What do you think of these ladies?" Lin Haoming felt that he was really having a tedious role as a father, that he even had to busy himself for the happiness of his son's married life.

Lin Fan was extremely exasperated right now as he waved it off with his hands, "Right now, my entire heart is focused on cultivation. I have no time to be bothered with affairs as such."

He was someone who was poised to be the strongest powerful being that had ever existed. Furthermore, weren't these chicks here way too young?

Even if they could bear to do these chicks, Yours Truly couldn't bear to do it!

He would be filled with a feeling of sin!

At this moment, all of these chicks began discussing in hushed whispers.

"Young Master Lin is so handsome!"

"He possesses such a great strength even at such a young age! If I were to be the wife of Young Master Lin, I would definitely be filled with a great sense of security in the future!"

"Oh, my son! You must not get hasty for cultivation and all! First, you've got to settle down with a family before you continue on the path of cultivation. If you were to have any children in the future, you would be able to focus on cultivating with ease in the future!" The moment Lin Haoming heard Lin Fan's disagreement, he started to get fl.u.s.tered.

Initially when he had Lin Fan, Lin Haoming was already thinking about how to groom him such that he could have him take over the role as the Family Head.

But right now, this son of his was definitely going to be selected to enter a sect. If that were the case, the Seat of the Family Head could only be pa.s.sed down to the next generation then.

Once he handed over the Seat of the Family Head, Lin Haoming could finally live a life of ease.

"That's right, that's right! Young Master Lin, one must not get hasty with the path of cultivation! First comes the family, then comes the career!"

"The wedding ceremony will be swift and will not take up too much time!"

Some of the other Family Heads started chiming in right now.

As for those Missies of the different families, they took some initiative amidst their shyness to cast some flirtatious glances over at Lin Fan as well.

Lin Fan was truly afraid of these guys right now.

Settle down their a*ses!

All of these chicks might not even be mature in their minds just yet.

If he were to focus on cultivating later on, who knew when he would end up being a cuckold because of them in the future?

By then, it was definite that his cultivation state would only rise with time.

As for the blemish of being a cuckold? One could never ever wash off that shame.

"There's no need to speak any further about this matter. At the same time, I fully understand your intentions for visiting this time around."

"Today, I'll make things clear right here. As long as you guys don't cause any trouble for the Lin Family in the future, I, Lin Fan, will not cause trouble for you guys either. And, even if you guys meet with any troubles in the Rising Dragon City or get bullied, I can help you guys to stand up for justice as well. However, there is no need to discuss about this matter regarding pandering for kinship." Lin Fan said.

When the ma.s.ses saw how curtly Lin Fan had rejected everything, they did not know what to do for a moment or so. All of them then cast their sights over at Lin Haoming, hoping that he could help them speak out with a word of goodwill or more.

"T-this…!" At this moment, Lin Haoming was equally helpless. This son of his did not like to speak much from the very beginning. He didn't have much of a choice towards this as well.

"Then, do you guys want to push this matter back first?" Lin Haoming looked at the ma.s.ses.

"Alright, everyone, leave first. I'll be dueling with Qing Yangzi tomorrow. Don't come and disturb me." Lin Fan turned his back around and prepared to leave with his hands behind his back.

The various Family Heads revealed looks of disappointment in their gazes. In their eyes, the safest guarantee they could get was if they were to be able to build some relationship here.

Even though Young Master Lin had promised right now that he would protect them, they still felt a little unsettled in their hearts. It was as though empty words meant nothing.

But, Lin Haoming knew that there was no turning back for this matter. Therefore, he continued, "Alright, please head back first, everyone. Just let this matter rest first."

"My son has already said that he will look over the entire Rising Dragon City. As for our Lin Family, we do not like to fight and cause conflicts either. All of you can rest a.s.sured."

He felt a little regretful towards this. He naturally understood the reason why the other seven great families would come proposing for marriage. But of course, his main intention was still to get his son some wives.

But now that his son was the one rejecting the idea, what else could he do?

If the Lin Family were one that loved to fight out, Lin Haoming wouldn't have just lived life idly by, wasting his life every day on pleasures instead of plotting against the other families during all these years.

When the various Family Heads looked at Lin Haoming, they could only cup their fists and bid farewell eventually. However, they left the presents they brought over.

No matter what, those would do as welcome gifts then.

Within the house…!

After Lin Fan knew that those fellas had left, he heaved out a sigh of relief as well.

That was so d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y horrifying!

He was going to duel with that Qing Yangzi guy tomorrow.

Lin Fan could already tell that the cultivation state of that Qing Yangzi was at True Immortal state lower level.

There was yet another state above the Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state, and that state was the True Immortal state.

The might of a True Immortal was something that had Lin Fan pretty curious about it. At the same time, he wanted to try out for himself just what the strength of a powerful being at that state would be like.

Within the Ancient Saint World, those utmost powerful beings had already been through countless of eras. And yet, none of them had been able to break through from the Immemorial Ancient state. The reason for that should be that the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were incomplete in that world.

And because of that, the highest possible state they could attain there was the Immemorial Ancient state.

Ever since he had come forth from that jail there, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth here were more complete. If Lin Fan wanted to reach a new cultivation state, that would naturally be of no issue as well.

Right now, Lin Fan had just unlocked his seal and he had to focus his energy on healing up his body so that he could push his Essence, Spirit and Vitality to their peak.

He had to face the duel tomorrow with the best condition he could muster.

Next day…!

The entire Rising Dragon City was bustling with excitement. Even if it were those ordinary commoners, all of them knew that the Young Master of the Lin Family was going to face off with some old bigshot from a sect.

And, the location for it was at the biggest Sparring Arena of the Rising Dragon City.

Qing Yangzi had arrived bright and early to lay down a protective barrier. Otherwise, given their strength, even if only a little bit were to seep out, it could probably shock the residents of the Rising Dragon City to death from its impact.

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