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Chapter 974: Just What Sort Of A Situation Was This?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Right now, the situation at the scene was a little chaotic. The seven Family Heads were all arguing with one another, with no single side willing to let up. All of them were describing their daughters as though they were fairies.

For a moment, Lin Haoming did not know what to do at all. He could only stand at the sidelines and watch them argue it out.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" When Lin Hanyu heard the sounds of the argument, she came forth to check out what was happening.

"All of them want to marry their daughters to your younger brother. This… No! Erm… There are just too many of them. I don't know how to choose now." Lin Haoming said, clearly forced in a spot.

Lin Hanyu was stunned for a second, then gave off a m.u.f.fled laugh. Though, she did feel that it was quite a good idea to have her younger brother settle down at a young age.

"Father, how about you ask all of them to bring their daughters over. We'll then choose from them slowly later on. How about that?" Lin Hanyu said.

She hadn't expected that things would turn out as such. However, she knew that it was all because her younger brother was way too amazing.

From now on forth, his future was immensely bright.

And, these seven great families were naturally here to pander for connections.

"Eh? That's right!" Lin Haoming slapped out on his thighs before a.s.serting control over the current situation, "Everyone, since all of you say that your daughters are all as beautiful as fairies, how about asking them over for all of us to take a look? How does that sound?"

The moment Lin Haoming said these words, everyone agreed to it immediately. If one wanted to whack a metal bar onto their bodies, they had to have a body of steel first. One always had to back up their claims with facts.

Thus, all of them hurried home respectively to bring their daughters out for a 'fight'.

When the ma.s.ses finally dispersed, Lin Haoming could not help but heave out a sigh of relief. This situation right now was just way too explosive!

"Bring all of your younger sisters over and have them help take a look as well." Lin Haoming said.

"Yes." Lin Hanyu nodded her head. To them, this was a big affair right now. They had to find a perfect wife for their younger brother no matter what!

The moment Lin Feixue and Lin Lan'er heard that they were choosing a wife for Lin Fan, all of them were filled with curiosity when they arrived at the Main Hall.

To them, this was honestly the biggest thing they could think of.

There was only this single male child of the entire Lin Family. They naturally were hoping that the Lin Family could be filled with descendants.

It didn't take long before the seven Family Heads came over with their daughters respectively. The moment they walked into the Lin Family, it was a majestic sight to behold that attracted everyone's attention.

Lin Haoming took a look and nodded his head in approval as well, "Not bad! Truly not too bad!"

The Huang Family Head was the first to push out his daughter, "Brother Lin, please take a look. What do you think?"

"Not bad!" Lin Haoming replied instantly.

Even though the Huang Family Head wasn't all that good looking altogether, this daughter of his was honestly not all talk. Anything one wanted, she had it. In terms of figure, she was practically a top tiered beauty.

"Hmph! Brother Lin, check out MY daughter here!" The Shen Family Head scoffed at the Huang Family Head in disdain as he pushed his own daughter out.

When Lin Haoming took a look, he nodded his head even more.

"Not bad!"

Being dragged here by their fathers, all of these girls bore a bit of embarra.s.sment with them. Some of them were filled with exasperation.

When they first heard that their fathers wanted to arrange a marriage for them, they had some resistance. But, when they heard that it was the Young Master of the Lin Family, they resisted even further.

They did not know why they had to get married to some trash cripple!

But, after hearing of the incident with the Young Master of the Lin Family, all of them agreed to it willingly.

Powerful, young, and handsome… This was the perfect Prince Charming in their hearts!

And when they heard that there was compet.i.tion, they placed extra emphasis on dressing themselves up well with makeup to ensure they looked their best.

"What can you guys amount to? Check out MY daughter!"

All the other Family Heads felt that if they did not start taking the initiative, the others would definitely gain the upper hand.

Lin Haoming nodded his head left and right. He then asked his daughters, "What do you guys think?"

"All of them are not bad." Lin Hanyu nodded her head. If these girls were to marry her younger brother, they might be pretty befitting indeed. And, this was especially the case with some of them whose cultivation states and potential were pretty decent as well.

"All of these big sisters are all really pretty." Lin Lan'er commented.

Lin Haoming was quite pleased as well. Since his own daughters had already said so, it meant that they had all pa.s.sed the test so far.

"Brother Lin, you call the shots. Whom are you choosing?" The Huang Family Head asked.

"Well, my daughter's definitely the more outstanding one. All of your daughters are still way too far off when compared to her."

"Shameless! Can't you speak from the bottom of your heart with your conscience?"

For a moment or so, all of them started arguing once more.

When Lin Haoming caught sight of the situation, he felt his headache returning once more. If he were to only choose one of them, this would be pretty unforgivable.

There was a high likelihood that a bloodbath would break out instead.

"Father, how about we choose all of them then?" Lin Hanyu said.

Lin Haoming did not say anything. Perhaps that was truly the best solution then. This was the only way to not offend anyone, and for everyone to coexist harmoniously in the future.

"Everyone, all of your precious daughters are excellent. How about all of you joining my Lin Family?" Lin Haoming said.

When the ma.s.ses heard that, they hesitated for a moment. They then exchanged glances before gritting down on their teeth.

"Alright, that proposition sounds okay."

In the eyes of the seven Family Heads, if any of them were to not get into marriage with the Lin Family, it would definitely lead to some danger in the future.

And, since things had come to this right now, it'd be better to maintain the distribution of power in the entire Rising Dragon City then.

Even though the Lin Family would be the only one being stronger in the future, at least the other seven great families would be on equal footing.

"I'll go and inform Big Brother now!" Lin Lan'er said excitedly before rushing over to where Lin Fan stayed.

"Brother Lin, since this matter is decided as such right now, how about letting us meet with your Young Master?" The Family Heads said.

"Alright! Everyone, please follow me." Lin Haoming agreed.

At this moment in an exquisite yard…

Lin Fan was standing on the water surface in the middle of a lake right now. Closing his eyes gently, his entire mental state was focused deep within the Heaven and Earth.

When he sensed the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, Lin Fan finally understood how dazzling this entire Endless Mainland was.

Both the powers of the Heaven and Earth as well as its structure were way more refined and vast compared to even the Ancient Saint World after it had fused with the Infinite Worlds.

This was a world that was truly incredible.

Lin Fan was filled with fighting spirit right now as he was determined to raise his fighting strength in this world as quickly as possible.

That Heaven and Earth Sect was pretty decent, that was indeed true. However, Lin Fan did not want to just be a normal disciple. No matter what, he had to start off even higher.

That was the only way for him to be valued and get in touch with even more profound martial arts mystic skills.

"Big Brother…!" Just as Lin Fan was fully immersed in it, Lin Lan'er ran over from the distance.

"Father has just found a bunch of wives for you!"

When she first called out to him, Lin Fan did not have much of a reaction. But when heard the words that followed, he froze completely.

What in the b.l.o.o.d.y world were they up to this time around?


Yours Truly was only eleven years old! Wasn't it way too early for a wife to come into play?

And that wasn't even the main point just yet.

It was that 'a bunch of wives'.

What the f*ck did that mean? Why did he have such a bad feeling about this?

And just at this moment, a clutter of noises traveled over from the distance. When Lin Fan focused his gaze over, he saw Lin Haoming headed for his direction while bringing a group of people with him.

Following closely behind him was a group of chicks.

Those chicks weren't all that old. At best, they were only in their teens. And, the youngest amongst them was probably only eleven or twelve years old.

What the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! All of these were just children!

If this was in his previous life, the minimum penalty for this sh*t was three years, and the maximum penalty was a death sentence!

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