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Chapter 973: This Is So Exasperating
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The events at the Huang Family spread throughout the entire Rising Dragon City within a single day. The first reaction of the commoners who caught wind of this was just disbelief.

The Young Master of the Lin Family sweeping through the entire Huang Family?

He even severed the palms of the Young Master of the Huang Family?

This was one h.e.l.l of a cold joke, wasn't it?

But, when they pa.s.sed by the Huang Family and caught sight of that deep split in between, they were thoroughly convinced.

In their opinion, this was something that was ever so outrageous.

At the same time, there were rumors spreading outside that the Heaven and Earth Sect wanted to recruit the Young Master of the Lin Family as a disciple. However, the Young Master of the Lin Family insisted on dueling an elder of the Heaven and Earth Sect to check out the capabilities of the Sect.

The more something like this spread out, the more ridiculous it got. At the end of the day, it turned into something absolutely wild and unbelievable.

Some of the Family Heads… No, even the Old Masters, of the other families were starting to feel restless by now.

This was something that was getting way too big.

As for those housekeepers in charge of the great families, they started getting busy as well.

The fact that the Young Master of the Lin Family was formidable was something that had them taken aback slightly. But, it was the news after it that had them rooted in fear.

The Heaven and Earth Sect wanted to recruit the Young Master of the Lin Family as their disciple?

That was THE Heaven and Earth Sect… A sect that even people who fought and spilled their guts out might not be able to to get a spot in!

If this Young Master of the Lin Family were to join the sect, he would definitely skyrocket in status! In his eyes, all of the great families would be nothing but ants!

They had to prepare gifts now!

They had to prepare men for him now!

Lin Family…

The fact that their third child had suddenly turned so incredible was something that had many people shocked.

"My son! How did you suddenly turn so incredible?" Lin Haoming asked with incredulity. If he hadn't witnessed it with his very eyes, he wouldn't have believed it even at the death of him!

The Old Master of the Huang Family was quite something. But, to think that even he would be dragged out by his very own son! How tyrannical was that!

"Erm, I guess I just turned powerful in a moment of carelessness?" Lin Fan truly did not know how to respond to that question. At the same time, he was truly speechless towards this Lin Haoming.

It was truly quite the tragedy that the Lin Family had to be placed in his hands.

If not for the fact that the other few families did not really want to go to the extremes with him, and that this Lin Haoming also knew how to back off at times, the Lin Family might have already perished a long time ago.

"Bravo!" Lin Haoming bought that explanation. Turning incredible in a moment of carelessness? That was an answer that deserved full marks!

"Wifey! That womb of yours has done a good job! You are the lucky star of our Lin Family! Our benefactor!" Lin Haoming hugged his wife and declared.

Mrs. Lin was smiling like a flower that was blossoming in spring right now. In her eyes, she had truly done well this time around!

"Big Brother, all these while, I had always thought that you weren't anything much! But, we'll see who else dares to bully me from now on!" Lin Lan'er said excitedly.

The Big Sister, Lin Hanyu, and the second Sister, Lin Feixue, were both encircling Lin Fan as well. It was as though the both of them wanted to peer through the depths of this Little Brother of theirs.

Soundlessly, he just went through day after day without a single peep. And, there they were worrying that this Little Brother of theirs might have some problems or something.

But, the events of today had them so scared that they could barely speak out anymore.

Amazing! Way too amazing!

Was this even still their Little Brother?

"I'll go and rest first." Lin Fan excused himself immediately. If he were to continue lingering here, who knew what other questions he would be bombarded with.

After Lin Fan's departure, everyone form the Lin Family got into discussion immediately. To all of them, everything that had happened today was way too huge.

The next day…!

"Master! Master…!" The old housekeeper ran over hurriedly.

He knew that his Young Master had just shown a remarkable feat the previous day. Even though he was only a servant, he was still extremely excited in his heart as well.

When one person attained the Dao, even the chickens and dogs around him would rise to the Heavens.

With the Young Master being so powerful right now, it was not as though the Lin Family would continue on its downward path, right? They would definitely turn stronger than ever! And as servants, he would have more face when he was heading outside as well!

"What's up?" After feeling ecstatic for the entire night, Lin Haoming was still feeling some remnants of those excited feelings.

"The Family Head of the Wu Family is here! He has even brought quite some stuff with him, and requests to meet with you!" The old housekeeper said.

"Let him in then." Right now, Lin Haoming could finally straighten his back. His words carried way more volume than usual. He then went towards the Main Seat in the house and sipped his tea while waiting patiently.

"Aiyoh! Brother Lin…!" The moment the Family Head of the Wu Family entered, his pa.s.sion was just like fire. The smile on his face was as bright as flowers in spring, and he seemed exceptionally chummy right now.

"Ah! So, it's the Family Head of the Wu Family. Come on in and have a seat!" Lin Haoming said with a chuckle. However, his b.u.m did not even budge a single inch.

Right now, his son was absolutely incredible! Therefore, he definitely had to show some authority along with it.

"Oh, Brother Lin! My greatest congratulations!" The Wu Family Head congratulated straightaway.

Lin Haoming smiled in return. Even though it was a composed smile, the expression on his face had fully presented the amount of pride he had in his heart.

"Brother Lin… Actually, I'm here to discuss something with you this time around. I hope that you'll give me your good wishes towards it, Brother Lin." The Wu Family Head said.

"Please go ahead and speak your mind." Lin Haoming replied.

"My family's daughter is thirteen years old this year. Honestly, I've been thinking about arranging her marriage and stuff. Now that the son of Brother Lin is already eleven years old, I was thinking of putting the two of them together and matchmaking a little. I wonder what you think about that, Brother Lin?" The Wu Family Head continued.

"That's great news. I heard that the daughter of the Wu Family is extremely pretty. Within the Rising Dragon City, she could be considered as a beautiful flower as well." Lin Haoming remarked.

At the same time, he was beginning to plan out some things on his own.

This son of his was definitely going to join the Heaven and Earth Sect. But, once he was gone, who knew when he would return next.

If he were to help him marry a wife and leave a descendant behind, that would be pretty decent as well. Furthermore, it was important to establish close ties with the other families.

The moment the Wu Family Head heard that the Lin Family Head had agreed to it, his heart leaped with joy.

But just at this moment, the old housekeeper returned.

"Master, the Family Head of the Dance Family has come visiting."

"Let him in."

"Oh, Brother Lin! I hope you do not get offended over this sudden visit by me! This time around, I'm here to discuss about a marriage proposal of my precious daughter. I hope to become in-laws with you, Brother Lin!" The Dance Family Head was straight to the point as he spoke up immediately.

"Ah…!" Lin Haoming was stumped for a moment, and was caught in a spot, "Well, Brother Dance, Brother Wu here is also here to discuss about proposing marriage. Well, I…"

Before Lin Haoming was even finished with his words, the old housekeeper came over once more.

"Master! The Huang Family Head is here!"

"Please let him in…" Right now, Lin Haoming was starting to feel some headache. Just what in the world were these fellas up to?

"Old Bro Lin! I'm really sorry about the events of yesterday! It's honestly my fault for the lack of upbringing. This time around, I'm here to talk about marriage…"

The old housekeeper who had already run several trips by now returned yet again in a huff.

"Master, the Family Head of the Shen Family is here…"

"Please let him in…!"

Lin Haoming was truly about to explode right now. Just what in the world were these guys up to? Were they all here to discuss about marriage?

"HAHA! Brother Lin…!" The moment the Shen Family Head entered, he cast a glance at the other Family Heads before speaking his mind.

Yet another marriage proposal…

Thereafter, it didn't take long before all the other Family Heads had arrived.

At this moment, the Main Hall was just like a marketplace. For some unknown reason, the seven Family Heads had started fighting with one another.

"Hey, Old Sh*t Huang! That daughter of yours is already sixteen years old and you dare to take her out as an offer? Gosh, don't you know of shame?"

"Hmph! So what if she's sixteen? She's the fourth ranked beauty in the entire Rising Dragon City! Is your daughter even as pretty as mine?"

"All of you can keep quiet now. Can YOUR daughters even compare with mine…?"

Lin Haoming stumbled back slightly. The atmosphere in the air right now was so different! How in the world had his son turned so popular all of a sudden?!

But, if he were to marry ALL of them over and have each of them give birth to one or two, wouldn't the family line of the Lin Family be filled with offspring?

That didn't sound half bad at all!

But, if Lin Fan found out about this, he would definitely puke out blood in rage.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Did Lin Haoming take him for a livestock?

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