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"Master." Feng Bujue greeted courteously from the side.

Lin Fan’s invincible poise landed. That gently elegant yet domineering aura rose and spread through the crowds. Everyone was immersed in his deep, focused gaze, unable to pull themselves out from this man’s charm.

Pa.s.sing by Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan gave out a cold hmph. At that moment, a thunderous voice exploded within Zhang Ergou. Like a man whose soul was ripped from within him, he was scared s.h.i.tless and started trembling uncontrollably.

The ten geniuses eyed Lin Fan with amazement. Thoughts were flying in their heads. Was this man, the owner of Nameless Peak? The Master of Saint Devil Sect? The great Master of Pill Cultivation?

Upon further observation, they were terrified to find out that they could not see through this man’s cultivation base. They could not even grasp a single sense of his power.

Just…what level of cultivation was this man at? To think that he was impossibly strong to this extent…

"Junior Master Lin! Junior Brother Zhang…he…!" Ye Shaotian noticed the dissatisfied expression on Junior Master Lin, presumably over what Junior brother Zhang had done, and rushed over in hopes of explaining the situation. And just as he opened his mouth, his words were pushed back.

"You need not help him explain." Lin Fan said firmly.

"Yes, Junior Master" Ye Shaotian took a look at Zhang Ergou and sighed, then remained silent.

The ten geniuses looked at Ye Shaotian, astounded. They had never expected that Junior Brother Ye, who was always domineering and arrogant, to step down from just a single sentence from anyone.

Lin Fan walked towards the disciple whom Zhang Ergou had chased away.

"What is your name?" Lin Fan asked gently.

Looking at Lin Fan, the disciple trembled within his heart. It was as though a tap had opened within and everything that flowed out was fear.

"I…I am w.a.n.g Baofei" The disciple choked and replied nervously. He did not know what this man wanted. Could it be that his mockery of Nameless Peak from before had incurred this man’s wrath?

Upon this thought, w.a.n.g Baofei was almost brought to tears. But what happened next made him fl.u.s.ter.

"Ah, Junior Disciple w.a.n.g. My incompetent disciple has bullied you. As his master, I offer you my sincerest apologies." Lin Fan did not look angry at all. On the contrary, he looked extremely pained. It was a heart-wrenching sight for anyone who saw him.

"No…no…! Junior Master Lin! Please spare…me!" w.a.n.g Tianfei replied hurriedly.

He had not expected Junior master Lin to apologize to himself. If this were in the past, w.a.n.g Baofei would not have bothered. But Junior Master Lin was the great pill cultivating master of Nameless Peak!

Looking at Zhang Baofei’s fl.u.s.tered look, Lin Fan let out a heartbroken sigh. He turned around and stared at Zhang Ergou, "Do you realize your mistake now? This is your junior brother. How could you bully him?"

"Master, I am wrong." Zhang Ergou replied repentantly.

"You would do well to remember that even though Yours Truly is the master of Saint Devil Sect on the Nameless Peak, we are all from the same family of Glory Sect. These guys are still your junior brothers! As a senior, your job is to love and care for them! How can you be so rude towards them? For a strong and mighty sect, its core should be the love of the disciples within. If all of them were to be like you, how can our sect become strong?"

At this moment, all the disciples present stared at Lin Fan confounded. This was the first time they had heard anyone make such a speech.

Ye Shaotian, who was bowing down, raised his head with a heartfelt gaze. Deep in his heart, he was filled with even more respect for Lin Fan.

This was Junior Master Lin. A compa.s.sionate and benevolent Junior Master who cared for his junior disciples selflessly.

The ten geniuses too stared at Lin Fan in bewilderment and shock. Ever since they entered the sect, they had not witnessed any elder with such seniority apologizing to a lowly disciple.

"Ah, Junior Disciple w.a.n.g, do not fear or worry. In the eyes of Yours Truly, you are all the same. Even though they are my personal disciples, so are you in my eyes. That’s because we are a great family of Glory Sect. You guys are the future pillars of our foundation." Lin Fan’s heartfelt speech and those earnest eyes touched every disciple present in the area.

Turning to Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan continued, "Ergou, you are the senior disciple of our Sect. Remember dearly that our enemies are not our dear surrounding juniors, but those people outside who want to harm our big family. They are the true enemies."

"Junior disciples, why is it that we continue to study martial arts? Is it to attain the stage of being peerless? Or is it to bring about more respect from everyone else? Perhaps it is so. But as we continue to move forward, what is the most important thing to remember? It is to protect those that are dear to us. To meet with each other is just fate. But to be able to live with one another, that’s a deep affinity."

"Ergou, apologize to Junior Brother w.a.n.g. If you do not receive his forgiveness, then you are not a disciple of Yours Truly from this day on either" Lin Fan said firmly. With a swish of his robes, he brought the surrounding atmosphere to a new high.

Zhang Ergou’s eyes were bloodshot red. He ran forward in a mix of tears and snot and collapsed in front of Lin Fan, "NO!! MASTER, PLEASE NO!! I want to stay by your side for the rest of my life!"

Zhang Ergou’s cries were tragic and pitiful, bringing warm tears to anyone listening.

w.a.n.g Baofei was all the more touched. He had not expected that for the sake of someone like him, Junior Master Lin was willing to oust his dear disciple from the sect.

"Junior Master Lin, it was my fault! Please do not fault Senior Brother Zhang! It was me who started being rude and arrogant, mocking senior brother! I implore you to forgive Senior Brother please, Junior master Lin!" w.a.n.g Baofei choked and begged.

"Hmph, since junior disciple w.a.n.g has pleaded for you, I’ll let it off this time round. If there’s a next time, you can get out of the sect yourself" Lin Fan reprimanded.

"Yes, master!" Zhang Ergou wiped his tears and upon standing up, turned around, "Thank you, Junior Brother!"

"Senior Brother! I was the one who let you down!" w.a.n.g Baofei apologized earnestly.


"From this day on, if any of you junior disciples require pill cultivating services, feel free to come to Nameless Peak. I won’t charge anything" Lin Fan said.

"Thank you, Junior Master!" By this point, every single disciple was deeply melted by Lin Fan’s speech earlier on.

To them, Junior Master Lin was indeed a senior worth their utmost reverence.

Such a Junior Master was something one could not have ever hoped for.

Lin Fan glanced lightly at the ten geniuses. Since they had not headed up to greet him, he decided to play it cool. But he doubted they could resist doing so.

"Alright, that’s it for today. You can leave now, junior disciples. Feel free to head up Nameless Peak for anything in the future" Lin Fan said

And just as he prepared to leave, the ten geniuses responded.

"Hold up, Junior Master!"

Lin Fan revealed a momentary smile. ‘I knew you guys would do it.’

"My sincerest thanks for your pill, Junior Master Lin" Meng Hao and the rest thanked him earnestly.

After hearing Lin Fan’s speech, they had a clear idea in their hearts. This Junior Master Lin was not like the others in the sect.

"Small matter. You junior disciples work hard at your cultivation. Should you need more pills in the future, feel free to head up to the Nameless Peak." Lin Fan nodded his head and ended the conversation.

Leaving the bait open for a bigger fish, this was a fact that Lin Fan understood well.

These ten geniuses were nothing simple. Compared to the average outer sect disciple, they were way craftier. If he presented himself overly warm in their first meeting, he’d be at a loss in the future.

Even after Lin Fan led his two disciples back, the outer sect disciples couldn’t stop staring at the small figure leaving in the distant path. At last, the disciples looked at each other and revealed a smile of happiness.


"Ergou, no one followed, right?" Lin Fan whispered.

"No, Master." Zhang Ergou turned around sneakily.


"Master, I spilled my heart and guts for that performance. You definitely have to reward me with two Biggras!" Zhang Ergou gave it his all for the act. Especially his facial expressions, they were definitely on point and impressive.

This could be considered a leap in his cultivation as well, a boost in his spiritual morale.

"Alright. While your performance was decent, what killed it was the speech by Yours Truly. Do you agree?" Looking at Zhang Ergou’s proud face, Lin Fan did not want to give it to him.

"That’s right, Master! I was just about to get to that! The speech you made was truly too touching!" For the Biggra, Zhang Ergou did not need to hold back. He just had to a.s.slick all the way.

"Master, you and senior brother’s partnering was awesome! A pity I’m nowhere as smart as senior brother, thus unable to help you" Feng Bujue said dejectedly.

Looking at the disappointed Feng Bujue, Lin Fan smiled, "Don’t worry. Learn more from your senior brother. You’ll have tons of chances to perform in the days to come. I’ve got confidence in you."

"Yes!" Feng Bujue nodded his head profusely.

The three of them walked up the path of the empty Nameless Peak in bouts of joy and laughter, immersed in happiness.

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