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Chapter 972: Literally Soaring Act
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

In some of the other great families at this moment…

Chen Family…

"What? You said that that trash of a Young Master of the Lin Family just sliced the entire Huang Family's house cleanly into two with a single sword? Not only that, he managed to take down the Old Master of the Huang Family with ease?"

"That's right! That Young Master of the Lin Family is no trash! Not only that, his strength is immensely horrifying!"

"How could this be…?"

Dance Family!

Wu Family!

When the Family Heads of the remaining six great families heard of this event, all of them were completely flabbergasted as they let out astonished expressions.

Huang Family's entrance…

Huang Tailong was shivering there with his legs wobbling and about to collapse at any moment. His eyes shone with a look of fear.

To think that this trash of a Young Master of the Lin Family would actually be strong to the extent that even the Old Master wasn't his match. If that were the case, what could he, Huang Tailong, do?

"Divine celestial level 7 state? That is some pathetic strength you have there, and yet you want to forcefully marry the girls of our Lin Family? Who gave you the guts to do so?" Lin Fan's expression was calm. However, every single word that came out of his mouth reverberated in the heart of Huang Tailong.

"I-I…!" Even though Huang Tailong was quite a bit older than Lin Fan, in the face of a situation as such, he was scared so witless he could barely speak anymore.

Horrifying… Way too horrifying!

At the same time, he was howling out in his heart.

'b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! If you were so strong, why the h.e.l.l did you have to hide your strength!'

'b.l.o.o.d.y piece of trash! To think that you would have put on an act for so many years!'

'Had I known that you were so formidable, Your Father wouldn't have dared to go mess with your Lin Family!'

"L-Lin Family Head! Please, appease your son! M-My Huang Family shall apologize to you guys now!" The Huang Family Head was just completely begging for mercy right now. As for Lin Haoming, his mouth was opened so widely that one could almost stuff an entire chicken's egg in it right now.

He had not thought that this relatively introverted son of his who did not love to cultivate would actually be this domineering! This was just heaven revolting!

This pleading tone of Huang Yan right now was exceptionally cathartic for Lin Haoming.

For the dozens of years he had been through, today was the most pleasurable of them all.

"Huang Yan, my son is not the trash like the rumors of the outside world has been spouting! Ever since he was born, he has displayed an exceptional gift for the martial arts. In the past few years, he has always been working hard at cultivating."

"As for me, Lin Haoming, I am not someone who loves showing off. All I wanted to do was to live a peaceful life in the Rising Dragon City. Therefore, I did not bother to clarify those rumors at all. If not for the fact that your son has gone overboard, I don't reckon that my son would come seeking trouble with your Huang Family for no reason at all."

"After all, our Lin Family has always maintained a low profile." Lin Haoming lamented out.

"Yes, yes! You are right, Old Bro Lin, it's my son's fault! Please be appeased, Old Bro Lin!" Huang Yan lowered his head in cowardice. If even their Old Master were no match for him, what sh*t could he do?

If the young brat were to get displeased and decided to lay waste to their entire Huang Family, who could they complain to?

Right now, Lin Haoming's mood was as though he had just gulped down ice cold water. His heart was cool and happy to the maximum.

"Oh, son! Since your Uncle Huang here has put it as such, how about we let it go then? Otherwise, it'll seem as though our Lin Family is really petty." Lin Haoming said.

Lin Fan took a look at Huang Yan and flicked his wrist. Instantly, a domineering Sword Will slashed out.



Huang Tailong screamed out in pain. Both of his palms had been sliced off from his wrist down.

"Since that's the case, I'll forget it then. But, this hand of yours has got to stay like this for three years. Any objections?" Lin Fan asked.

This fella was a Divine celestial level 7 state being, and could, therefore, regenerate his limbs. However, the area around his wrist had been sealed up by the Sword Qi. Unless it was a powerful being who surpa.s.sed the Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state came forth to help, no one else would be able to purge it off at all.

"N-no objections! Nothing at all!" Huang Yan replied hurriedly.

Lin Fan turned around and prepared to leave. At the same time, the three beautiful flowers of the Lin Family spoke up immediately.

"Big Brother! You're the best!"

"Little Brother! Haven't you been hiding yourself far too deep?"

Mrs. Lin was equally stunned right now. Was this even her son?

However, it wasn't wrong for Mrs. Lin to question it. This Lin Fan was truly not her son; he was merely borrowing her son's body. However, since Lin Gan had drunk a good whole year of her milk, he could be considered as half her son.

And, just as he and his family were about to leave, the elderly man who had been observing him the entire time stood out and blocked his path.

"Young fella, your strength is pretty decent. Do you wish to join my sect?" Qing Yangzi stroked his long white beard as he put on a disposition of a powerful being.

Initially, Lin Haoming was a little suspicious towards this elderly man who had blocked their path. But, when he heard the word 'sect', his eyes shone with a bright gleam.

"Senior, may I inquire which sect are you from?" Lin Haoming asked immediately.

The sects were the strongest existences in the entire Endless Mainland. There were countless of people who wanted to enter sects, but the sects didn't take a fancy to them at all.

But, now that there was a sect that was requesting his son to join on their own accord, how could Lin Haoming not be ecstatic over this?

When the ma.s.ses of the Huang Family heard these words of the elderly man, they stopped in their tracks and were drawn in as well.


That was such a high-end existence in this world! If anyone were to be able to join a sect, they would practically be sparrows that would skyrocket to turn into phoenixes!

Families and whatnot? By then, none of those would matter in the face of a sect!

"Heaven and Earth Sect." Qing Yangzi said in a calm tone. At the same time, he was awaiting the stunned expression that everyone would give him.

The reputation of the Heaven and Earth Sect was outstanding. They were ranked as one of the top nine righteous sects in the entire Endless Mainland. There were countless people who hoped to be able to join the Heaven and Earth Sect.

And indeed, the moment Qing Yangzi said out the name of the sect, everyone other than Lin Fan was taken aback immensely.

"AH! Heaven and Earth Sect! That's incredible!" Lin Haoming exclaimed out in shock. He then tugged at Lin Fan immediately, "Son! This is a great sect! If you were to become a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect, you will definitely bring glory to our family name!"

"By that time, who else would dare to say that your father is useless? After all, without your father, how could there be such an impressive son such as yourself?"

When the Huang Family Head and the Old Master Huang heard the name, they frowned out. With that, there was no doubt that the Lin Family was going to be ranked as the top among the eight great families by then.

And, if this lad were to really make a name out of himself, even the entire Rising Dragon City would not be enough to accommodate the fame of the Lin Family by then. with jo

Right now, Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed. What he wanted to do exactly was enter a sect. But, who would have thought that the sect would come knocking on his doorsteps instead?

Moreover, if Lin Fan wanted to join a sect, it would have to be a major sect.

Even though the name of the Heaven and Earth Sect seemed pretty big right now, Lin Fan did not know too much about their strength in general.

If he were to really join the Heaven and Earth Sect and find out that this sect was pretty trashy afterward, then that would be too late for him to even cry out anymore.

"Old man, fight me three days later. If your strength is to my satisfaction, I wouldn't mind joining the Heaven and Earth Sect." Lin Fan said.

"Brat! You're going overboard!" The disciples around Qing Yangzi blew up the moment they heard these words.

"Haha! Alright! Three days later, this old man will test out this precious jade such as yourself personally." Qing Yangzi roared out in laughter.

All the surrounding ma.s.ses could not be ever more flabbergasted right now. Lin Haoming was especially getting fl.u.s.tered right now.

"My dear son, why do you have to act as such? That's THE Heaven and Earth Sect!" Lin Haoming said.

Lin Fan chuckled out and placed his hands behind his back before diving out into the void.

"I hope that you will not disappoint me!"


At this moment, everyone nearly collapsed onto the ground kneeling.

Lin Haoming nearly even fainted over as he huffed out heavily. Since when had his lad turned so good at acting bullsh*t? This wasn't something that Lin Haoming had ever taught him!

As for everyone from the Huang Family, they were just stunned wide eyed.

Wilful, tyrannical and arrogant!

But, the three beautiful flowers of the Lin Family just had their eyes sparkling out with lights of joy.

"Little Brother is so handsome!"

"Big Brother is so tyrannical!"

Yang Qingzi looked over into the distance and remarked, "That lad is a little domineering."

"Elder, let us go and teach that brat a lesson! Honestly, he doesn't know the difference between Heaven and Earth!" Some of the disciples were enraged right now. To think that that brat would dare to be this audacious!

The fact that he was able to be fancied by the Heaven and Earth Sect was a fortune that he must have ama.s.sed over several lifetimes!

"There's no need." Qing Yangzi waved it off with his hands and a calm expression.

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