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Chapter 971: Because I'm Happy
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"That's the Young Master of the Lin Family, right? What's he trying to do?"

"I've got no idea. He's even brought a sword with him. Don't tell me he's going to go slice someone up?"

"This Young Master Lin rarely comes out at all. In the past few years, I've only seen him once or twice!"

All the commoners pointed out and remarked at Lin Fan, not knowing what was about to happen.

At this moment within a restaurant…

A few men and women were seated within in a circle. There was an elderly man who was calm and composed as he sat there patiently.

"Elder, the reason why we're out this time around is to recruit disciples with potential. But, it seems as though the only ones of the younger generation out there with potential should belong to the eight great families, right?" A man with a square face remarked to the elderly man with a polite tone.

"No hurry now. Take our time to look and wait out. Among the commoners, there are many from the younger generation with potential as well. All of those children from the eight great families have been fed pills since they were young. Even though their cultivation states are high compared to those of the same age, their potential may not be all that good. If that's the case, their future path will in cultivation will be tough." The elderly man replied calmly.

"Got it." The man nodded his head.

The couple of girls by the side were all outstanding beauties. They could not peel away from the delicacies served at all. This time around, they were just out to explore with their elder. As for the mission of selecting junior brothers, they decided to just leave it all to their senior brother and elder.

How could they possibly be in the mood to be concerned about such stuff?

At this moment, a commotion was breaking out in the lower floor of the restaurant.

"What's going on?" The female disciples got curious as they leaned over the wooden railings to check out the situation below.

"Just who is that young man? Who is he looking for carrying that sword with him?"

The commoners who had headed down from above started gossiping excitedly.

"Isn't that the Young Master of the Lin Family? Rumors have it that he's only a wasted trash! What do you say he's going to do?"

"Who knows?"

The elderly man took a single glance before he lost his interest. Because Lin Fan had the System, he had contained all the aura within his body and kept it hidden.

Therefore, with just a single glance, the elderly man had already dismissed his potential and forgotten all about him.

"Elder, that young man has pretty decent features. However, his strength doesn't amount to anything much." The square-faced man commented.

"Yes." The elderly man nodded his head. Unconcerned thereafter, he continued his wait patiently. He believed that he would definitely find some young ones that would suit his likings.

Westward in the city…

Huang Family…

After touring the city dandily, Huang Tailong headed home. After that, he met with his father and requested straightaway that he was going to head to the Lin Family to propose to marry those three brats over.

Since this wasn't any big issue, Huang Tailong's father agreed to it naturally.

Indeed, the position of the Lin Family within the Rising Dragon City was nothing much. Even though they might seem like a great family in the eyes of the commoners, in the eyes of the Huang Family, they were merely average.

Firstly, they had no one strong as a backing.

Secondly, they did not have many resources.

All of those resources had been wasted by that wastrel Lin Haoming.

If this were fifty years ago, they might still have been quite something. But, if it came down to it, the blame had to be on the head of Lin Haoming. Back when he was young, he had created trouble which resulted in the powerful beings of the Lin Family to be crippled.

From there on, the Lin Family had no one strong to cover and back them up.

Outside the doors…

Lin Fan stood there and looked at the structures of the building before him. There was gold and jade in all its glorious splendor, a sight way more majestic than the Lin Family's.

"What do you want?"

When the guards at the door caught sight of a young man wielding a sword and standing there, they barked out immediately. As for the commoners nearby, they started whispering in hushed voices.

They hadn't expected that the Young Master of the Lin Family would actually head over to the Huang Family! Just what in the world was going on right now?

When the guards at the door heard the conversation that was being whispered amongst the commoners, they looked at Lin Fan with a weird expression. They hadn't expected for this lad to be the Young Master of the Lin Family.

Even though the Lin Family was also one of the eight great families, they did not fear them at all.

Lin Fan raised his hand. Suddenly, the longsword in his hands began to scream out as it burst forth with a tremendous sword gleam.


A torrential Sword Will burst forth from the ground and the entire Heaven and Earth seemed as though they were going to be torn apart. This Sword Will was boundless, bringing with it a feeling as though there was nothing that could stand in its way.

The elderly man who was seated in the restaurant far away suddenly bolted up as his eyes shone with a look of disbelief. His gaze then focused over into the distance.

"What a tyrannical Sword Will!"

The heart of the elderly man skipped a beat. A Sword Will of this level bore with it a tremendous intent. It could even be considered as the unrivalled state of the Sword Dao!

Without any hesitation, that elderly man flashed out as he rushed forth towards the location where the Sword Will was emanating out from.


The many disciples followed suit; they too had felt the existence of that Sword Will.

At this moment in the Huang Family…

The ma.s.ses who were observing had collapsed onto the ground and sat there in a crippled position, with their jaws wide agape and their faces filled with looks of shock.

When Lin Haoming, who had rushed over, caught sight of this, he too was completely dumbfounded.

"Little Brother…! H-he…!" Lin Hanyu's tongue was stuck in her mouth right now.

At this moment, the only thing that could be seen were the residences of the Huang Family being sliced cleanly into two by that sword. There was even a gigantic crack on the ground below. And not only that, this crack was only here because Lin Fan held back. If he hadn't, this would have turned an endless abyss that dug right into the ground.

'Hehe… that's strange. This Sword Will is even stronger and more overbearing than back in the Ancient Saint World!' Lin Fan was bewildered in his heart. However, he did not let it affect him at all.

What Lin Fan did not know was that due to the completeness of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth in this place, Lin Fan's strength had unconsciously been rising gradually in the past eleven years as well.

"My son! Y-you…!" When Lin Haoming came to the side of Lin Fan, his face was astounded in disbelief.

How could his own son be this overbearing?


All of a sudden, a roar burst forth from the courtyard of the Huang Family. A tyrannical aura slammed out from within, exerting pressure on everyone present.

Lin Fan had long sensed that there was someone capable within the Huang Family, with a cultivation state of Supreme full cultivation level.

For the Huang Family, that was someone that was of an Old Master level.

That sword from earlier on had swept through the entire Huang Family and sliced it clean into two. If they were not alarmed by this, there would definitely be something wrong about that!


"Watch out!" The face of Lin Haoming was drained of color. This aura was something that seemed way too scary to him.

However, Lin Fan merely chuckled out calmly. Using his fingers, he grabbed out at the void and pulled out the elderly man of the Huang Family who was hidden deep in the void.


Before he knew it, the Old Master of the Huang Family had found out that Lin Fan had already torn the void apart and he was being dragged out forcefully with violence. He didn't even have a single chance of fighting back at all!

"J-just who in the world are you?" The Old Master of the Huang Family was frightened right now. To think that this Young Master of the Lin Family would possess strength as such!

"Lin Fan." Lin Fan replied indifferently. Thereafter, with a composed tone as though he was speaking about something extremely casual, he continued, "Huang Tailong, get the h.e.l.l out."

Within the Main Hall of the Huang Family right now, Huang Tailong was frozen like a fool as he laid on the ground in a crippled position. When he saw the deep crack beneath his feet and the voice that was calling out to him, he was practically pale as a sheet.

"To think that this old man would have made a wrong judgment earlier on." The elderly man who had rushed over from the restaurant remarked as he watched the entire scene unfold in shock.

"J-just what do you want?" The voice of the Old Master of the Huang Family was trembling slightly right now.

"Nothing much. I heard that Huang Tailong wishes to come to the Lin Family to propose marriage and steal away the three precious flowers of our Lin Family forcefully. Because of that, I, Lin Fan, have decided to come and see just what capabilities he has." Lin Fan replied.

"T-then why did you have to wreck my Huang Family?" The moment the Old Master of the Huang Family heard that it was over this matter, his heart burned with rage. Wasn't this just a small issue?! Did he have to go to this extent?

"Because I'm happy." Lin Fan smiled out calmly.

When the Old Master of the Huang Family heard this, he nearly spat out with a mouthful of old blood, 'Just because he's happy, he decided to wreck my entire Huang Family? T-this…!'

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