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Chapter 970: Relieve Boredom
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

This was the eleventh year since Lin Fan had arrived here now.


A crisp, clean sound clicked out from within Lin Fan's body. In an instant, that seal turned into dust and vanished without a trace.

"Finally, my strength has returned!" Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy in his heart.

For the past eleven years, he had been working hard day and night, and finally, he had successfully removed the seal. If he were to just wait for it to dissipate naturally, it would have to take a minimum of twenty years at least.

That period of time was something that he couldn't afford.

At this moment, Lin Fan raised his head and took a look at this foreign world in front of him.

Endless Mainland…

This was a vast world with countless of powerful beings within it. There were many things that Lin Fan did not know about here.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! My strength has finally returned! Even though I'm not the strongest in this Endless Mainland, my strength is still pretty darn mighty. The next step will be to go according to the conclusion of the discussion with the Fire Water Empress and the others."

"Time to join a sect."

The martial arts mystic skills that were cultivated in this world were all different from those he had cultivated back in the Xuanhuang World and the Ancient Saint World.

If he wanted to raise his cultivation state quickly, this was the only plan now.

Naturally, if he wanted to depend just on himself to become a top tiered powerful being, that wouldn't be an issue either. However, his speed of cultivation will definitely not be as fast as if he were to join a sect.

Rising Dragon City…

Three beautiful figures appeared on the streets. The appearance of these three beautiful figures attracted all the attention of the commoners in the surroundings.

These were the three beauties of the Lin Family.

Amongst them, the one who was born together with Lin Fan was also slender and elegant, with a clean and pretty face.

"Let's go buy some presents for Little Bro." The Big Sister of the Lin Family was already fifteen years old right now. As a female of the Endless Mainland, this was an age where she should be discussing about affairs regarding marriage by now.

However, this Big Sister had a pretty decent gift. Her strength at the Divine celestial level 4 state. If she had the affinity to join a sect, she would naturally have a brighter future awaiting her.

"Alright! Say, Little Bro has always refrained from speaking much after all these years. Do you guys think that Little Bro really doesn't like talking?" The second Sister of the Lin Family, Lin Feixue asked.

"Big Sister, second Sister, it's not that third Brother does not like talking. It's just that he loves contemplating about things!" The youngest brat of the Lin Family, Lin Lan'er replied.

"Oho! The ladies of the Lin Family are well groomed indeed! Indeed, each one is prettier than the other! Fresh!" At this moment, a voice of a hedonistic nature traveled over.

On the other side of the street stood a man while waving his hand fan. He was followed by a bunch of dog lackeys that roared out in laughter as they walked along.

When the commoners caught sight of the man, all of them were so frightened that they stumbled back a few steps.

This was the eldest son of Rising Dragon City's Huang Family, Huang Tailong. Although he was only seventeen years old, his cultivation state was already at Divine celestial level 7 state. In the Rising Dragon City alone, he could be considered as some sort of a prodigy by now.

As for the Huang Family, they were not too bad themselves either. Amongst the eight great families, they were one of the top three.

Compared to the Huang Family, the Lin Family was way too far down. In fact, there could barely even be a comparison between them.

"Huang Tailong, what are you thinking of doing?" The eldest daughter of the Lin Family, Lin Hanyu, shielded her two younger sisters behind her while glaring at Huang Tailong warily.

From the get-go, this Huang Tailong did not have too good a reputation within the Rising Dragon City. And, coupled with the fact that his strength was tremendously strong, there were many people who were taken advantage of by him.

"What am I thinking of doing? I'm definitely not thinking of doing anything. But, seems like I've got to head over to the Lin Family to propose for marriage now." Huang Tailong folded the hand fan he was holding and smirked out. His entire att.i.tude reeked of dandyism.

"Dream on!" Lin Lan'er was hiding behind her eldest sister nervously when she popped her head out and said in distaste.

"HAHA!" Huang Tailong burst out laughing before taking a step forth. However, with that single step, he appeared right before the face of Lin Lan'er as he caressed those tender cheeks of hers, "Little brat, do you believe that Your Young Master can just head over to the Lin Family to propose marriage and take you in as my wife right now? Let's see if your father dares to utter a single word of nonsense."

"Oh my, oh my! Hanyu… how could you be this violent? Now, now... It isn't good to get all physical now, is it?" Huang Tailong stood firm on his ground as he grabbed onto Lin Hanyu's oncoming hand, then fondled it, "This hand is really quite silky smooth, eh?"

"Shameless…!" Lin Hanyu blared out.

"HAHAHA! Shameless and whatnot. Even though your Lin Family is one of the eight great families of the Rising Dragon City, you guys are barely sc.r.a.pping by. And, I've heard that the Young Master of your Lin Family is nothing but a piece of trash? Seems like the entire Lin Family will be done for by this generation. I'd say, the three of you might as well follow under Your Young Master here. At least if you come under Your Young Master as disciples of my family, you guys can upgrade from being wild chickens to phoenixes!" Huang Tailong mocked out while laughing.

"You…!" The face of Lin Hanyu was red with fury.

"Boohoo…!" The youngest sister, Lin Lan'er, was so scared that her eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears as they pitter-pattered down onto the ground.

"Little Sister, don't cry." Lin Hanyu consoled her before glaring at Huang Tailong, "Just what do you want?"

"HAHA! Forget it. Boring! Go home and tell that trash of a father you have that Your Young Master will be dropping down personally in a few days' time to visit and propose marriage for the three of you to be my wives." Huang Tailong roared out in laughter before turning around to walk off.

"Big Sister…!" The second Sister, Lin Feixue, was feeling afraid now. This was especially after the last sentence that Huang Tailong had said, which raised an intense fear in her heart.

"Don't be afraid now. He's just dreaming on his own. Let's head back." Lin Hanyu said in anger.

Lin Family…

When the three sisters returned bearing such weird expressions on their faces, it seemed as though something big had happened. The servants and housekeepers did not know just what was wrong.

"Missy, is there anything that's wrong?" The old housekeeper of the Lin Family had been serving them for many years now; therefore, he naturally asked out of concern.

"It's nothing." Lin Hanyu shook her head.

"Oh! My precious daughters, you are all back!" When Lin Haoming caught sight of his three precious daughters, his face broke into a smile.

"What's wrong with you guys? Did something happen?" When Mrs. Lin took a look at her three daughters, it was only natural that she could tell that something was up.

"Father, mother, when we were on the streets, we were bullied by Huang Tailong. He pinched my face and touched Big Sister's hand! He even said that he's going to come over to our Lin Family in a few days' time to take us in as his wives!" Lin Lan'er bawled out in tears.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This Huang Tailong is getting overboard with his bullying!" Lin Haoming hollered in rage. However, he knew that even though the Lin Family was still considered as one of the eight great families, it was the weakest one amongst all of them.

Given the current state of the Lin Family, he was the only one who could do something. But even then, that didn't amount to much.

But, now that his precious daughters had been bullied by that Huang Tailong, there was naturally no way he could possibly endure this at all. Still, if they were to clash with the Huang Family, the latter could use it as an excuse to deal with them. By that time, things would truly be out of hand.

"Where is the Huang Family?"

At this moment, a voice rang out.

"The Huang Family resides at the west of the city." Lin Haoming said by sheer reflex. But suddenly, he snapped to his senses, "Son! What are you asking this for?"

"Little Brother."

"Big Brother…"

Lin Fan's face was composed, showing neither anger nor happiness. His hands were placed behind his back as he looked at the ma.s.ses.

"After staying here for eleven years, I AM getting a little bored. Time to go look for the Huang Family to relieve my boredom." Lin Fan chuckled out. Curling his finger, a streak of light bolted over.

An ordinary longsword within the Practice Hall tore through the void before appearing in his hands. By the time Lin Fan next moved, he had already appeared far in the distance.

"Little Brother, he…!" Lin Hanyu was frozen as though this was too much for her to come to terms with.

"Isn't my son a wasted cripple? Since when had he known how to cultivate? And why is he talking so much today?!"

"Not good! Hurry up and go after him…!"

At this moment, Lin Haoming suddenly came to his senses before he slapped at his thighs and chased after Lin Fan.

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