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Chapter 969: Great At Riding The Rocking Horse!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

When Lin Fan reopened his eyes, the sight that came before him was a face that totally deserved to be whacked.

However, none of that mattered anymore.

Thankfully he had managed to make it in time and forcefully reserved this seat of his. Otherwise, he might have to find yet another pregnant lady who was about to give birth. Before he knew it, he was popped out as part of a twin.

'Divine celestial level 3 state.'

'Divine celestial level 10 state.'

Taking a quick glance, Lin Fan had already understood that this man before him and the woman who was lying on her bed were both extremely weak in their cultivation states. This could be even considered as garbage.

But, he did not think too much about it as he entered his Inner World. Within it was a seal that had his cultivation state entirely locked up.

Seemed like he would require some time before he could unseal it.

However, none of that mattered to Lin Fan either. There was more than enough time for him. As for the language that the people around him were using, Lin Fan finally understood it as well.

Seemed like the language knowledge of the Young Mister Xiao Yao had been imparted into his mind as well. Right now, the only thing that Lin Fan had to do was release the seal so that he could allow his powers to gradually return.

Just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these things, he felt as though something was stuffed into his mouth.

When he opened his eyes…


'Yours Truly doesn't drink milk…!'

But Lin Fan did not wish to say anything anymore at this point. 'F*ck it.'

"Master, please give the child a name." The woman who was breastfeeding said.

"Madam, you choose the name instead!" Lin Haoming said while smiling brightly.

The slightly fatigued woman looked at the two children in her arms and said out, "For the boy, I just hope that everything will be normal and peaceful. Let's call him Lin Fan then."

When Lin Fan, who was in the midst of enduring his torments, heard this name, he nearly yelped out, "b.l.o.o.d.y really Lin Fan for real?"

As for what that little girl was called, he no longer paid any attention.

The fact that the Lin Family gave birth to a Dragon and Phoenix Twin created quite a bit of a commotion within the Rising Dragon City. However, every outsider knew that the Lin Family Head was good with nothing at all. But, they could not deny that he was pretty good at creating babies.

As for the other Family Heads of the other families, they could only smile out in disdain. Lin Haoming was nothing but a piece of trash. What use could the children he had possibly be?

With the interchanging of the four seasons, time pa.s.sed as every season came and went.

Three years later…

Lin Fan had already unlocked thirty percent of the seal. With that, his strength had already recovered by a huge portion.

There wasn't anything much in the Rising Dragon City, with no powerful beings. The most powerful amongst them only had a cultivation state of Supreme state.

Given the strength that he possessed right now with the thirty percent he had unlocked as a three-year-old, he was practically able to sweep across everyone.

However, ever since he had been born till now, he had barely spoken much. Most of the time, he would just lie down stupidly, or at other times, he would sit on a little bridge in his courtyard and fall into a daze.

In reality, Lin Fan was just trying his best to unlock his seal. It was only when his strength had been fully recovered would he have a sense of security.

But because of that, it soon became well known across the Rising Dragon City that the son of Lin Haoming was a r.e.t.a.r.d.

He did not know how to speak.

He did not know how to cry.

His brains weren't functioning all that well either.

He was literally the laughing joke of the entire Rising Dragon City right now. But even then, Lin Fan couldn't be bothered at all.

This Lin Family was pretty decent. There was no internal politics, and neither did the servants attempt to bully him at all. This family which he was 'boarding' currently had allowed him to have two elder sisters and one younger sister.

Usually, the two elder sisters would come and play with Lin Fan. But, why in the world would he bother to mess around with two little stinky brats? Therefore, he ignored them most of the time.

He just let them play with him as they wished.

From the very beginning, Lin Fan had thought that if he were to ignore them, they would quickly lose interest towards him. But, who would have thought that the two little brats only got more entertained with it and came to play with him daily?

Eventually, he just decided to go along with them. After all, it was not as though he had anything big to accomplish by unlocking the seal right now.

Following his growth in age, his strength would naturally unlock automatically as well. As for him grinding the seal every day, it was only to hope that it could unlock faster than ever.

"Fan'er, Daddy has made you a rocking horse! Come and ride it!" Even though the rumors of the outside world were that his son was one h.e.l.l of a r.e.t.a.r.d, Lin Haoming refused to believe it.

What sh*t did those fellas outside know about? This son of his was just being low profile! He was a profound, mature boy, who did not love to talk, that was all!

A rocking horse made of wood was placed before Lin Fan. When he saw this, he did not wish to say anything more.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This guy wanted Yours Truly to play with a rocking horse? Wasn't this just humiliating Yours Truly?

But eventually, Lin Fan straddled onto the rocking horse and folded his arms together, allowing Lin Haoming to push the rocking horse as he willed.

Back and forth, back and forth…

"My son is really incredible! Look at how he doesn't even have to use his hands to ride a horse!" Lin Haoming declared with pride.

Lin Fan, "…"

Five years later…

The seal within his body had already been unlocked by 70%. However, he still did not create much of a fuss and remained equally low profile.

"Young Master, it's time to have your meal!" The maid called out politely.

"Yes." Lin Fan moved his throat ever so slightly.

The reason why Lin Fan took the initiative to start talking was that the rumors outside were simply way too rife. In fact, there was even one time when Lin Fan caught sight of the woman he had employed as his mother crying and sobbing all alone. That had him feeling really uncomfortable.

From then on, he started replying with simple phrases.



'Got it!'

'No need!'

Even though the words that he spoke were small, it still helped to dispel the rumors outside. It wasn't that the Young Master of the Lin Family could not speak, he just did not like talking at all.

At the same time, even though Lin Fan had been working hard at releasing his seal in the past few years, he also clearly understood the strength of everyone in the Rising Dragon City.

There were eight big families in total. Amongst them, the other seven were pretty darned powerful, and the Lin Family was the weakest of them all.

But, Lin Fan did not pay any heed to these things. As long as no one created trouble for him, he naturally was too lazy to do anything about it.

As for that younger sister that was born the same time as him, ever since she could run and talk, she would always come and play with him as well. From there on, each day he woke up, there would be three brats who were waiting to disturb him every single moment of the day.

They ran about all around the courtyard and brought all the delicious food that they loved with all their hearts for him.

At times, Lin Fan would feel sorrowful over this as well. Seemed like it was quite the sin to be too cute and well-received.

From time to time, Lin Haoming would come over with all sort of toys for him as well. These toys got him somewhat speechless.

However, he always tried his best to cooperate each time as well.

Seeing a family as such, Lin Fan was truly feeling helpless.

Had he known that this would be the case, he would not have found one that was this cute. Perhaps, it might have even been better for him to be born in a family that was filled with grudges and hatred.

At the very least, no one would pay attention to a fella with a weird temperament.

With that, yet another two years pa.s.sed…

At this time, Lin Haoming brought over many martial arts mystic skills. Lin Fan took a look at these martial arts mystic skills, but did not show much of an interest to them.

What sort of trash skills were these? Cultivating them was just a pure waste of time. He would have more fun unlocking his seal even more.

With then on, his reputation spread out once more.

The Young Master of the Lin Family was a piece of trash who was unable to cultivate…

Towards this reputation of his, Lin Fan was totally unconcerned. As a powerful being, if he were so easily swayed by all these baseless rumors, could he still be considered as a powerful being anymore?

However, to his astonishment, Lin Haoming had only let out a single look of disappointment one single time, and did not have anything wrong with his expression anymore. From then on, he started showering Lin Fan with even more love and concern as though he owed him something.

Regarding this, Lin Fan did not want to think too much about it.

But, as for those three girls who were always disturbing him, their gift for cultivation did seem pretty decent. In just a mere few years' time, to think that their cultivation states would have reached the Desolate celestial state. Not only that, it seemed as though they could even break through to reach Divine celestial cultivation state at any moment!

Three years later…

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