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Chapter 968: Reincarnation
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Time is pressing right now. We do not know when these stone gates will close. Once they do, even this last chance of ours will be gone entirely by then." The Fire Water Empress said.

Lin Fan was a little nervous right now. He felt as though he was doing something big.

Not only that, this big thing was no ordinary big thing.

Initially, he had wanted to face everything with an optimistic outlook. But when he caught sight of the grim expressions of everyone around him, he could only hold everything back in and put on a solemn face as well.

As for Chicky and the others, he was not going to bring them along lest they turn into a hindrance. After all, no one truly knew what the world out there was like. If it were way too dangerous, he would really be in for it.

"Fire Water Empress, please help me in taking .care of them." Lin Fan said.

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of them."

"Brother Lin, with me, the Great Sage around, I will not let your Human race endure any grievances unless I were to die!" The Great Sage said.

The Demonic G.o.d Pangu stood out as well.

With these three utmost powerful beings, Lin Fan heaved out a sigh of relief.

And just at this moment, all the other utmost powerful beings and the Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race gave their word as well.

In the next moment, the entire void rumbled.

With this many utmost powerful beings laying down their oaths, the amount of tremors caused was extremely boundless.

"We hereby vow that from this day forth, all the various races will no longer fight with one another…!"

When Lin Fan heard these vows, he truly heaved a sigh of relief. It that were truly the case, he would be able to set his mind at ease.

And just at this moment, a creaking sound boomed out. The stone gates had started closing by themselves.

"Let us begin then." The Fire Water Empress said.

"Come on." Lin Fan nodded his head and relaxed his spirit and soul.

The Reincarnation Demonic G.o.d focused his mind as a boundless aura emanated out of him. This was the Power of Reincarnation.

"Everyone, let us do it together." The Fire Water Empress requested as she swept her robes, sending out a long river of time. The utmost powerful beings did not hesitate either as they invoked the Power of Time to cage Lin Fan up within it.

At this moment, Lin Fan could feel some changes going on through his body.

Under the surge of this power, Lin Fan could feel his body gradually shrinking. The boundless power within his body was also starting to merge before eventually converging into a single point.

"Motherf*cking Human King, we're going to seal up your powers now. When you reach the other side, you must hurry and find a way to unseal yourself." The Seal Demonic G.o.d said.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head without any single bit of resistance towards all these changes that were about to happen to him.

"Fire and Water Fusion! All living things shall return to nature!"

The Fire Water Empress muttered out softly before grabbing the Young Mister Xiao Yao in her hands. She then extracted the Essence Energy of his Source.

"Revert to Origin!"

The Young Mister Xiao Yao screamed out before he perished. Hurriedly, the Fire Water Empress grabbed onto the ball of light that came out of him and placed it over Lin Fan's body.

"This will help to hide your body's aura. Once you head out there, you will not be discovered by the powerful beings of that world immediately."


Gradually, Lin Fan's consciousness started converging into a ball before he fell into a deep slumber.

"Send the Motherf*cking Human King out!"

At this moment, a boundless amount of power burst forth from all the utmost powerful beings. When all these beams of power intertwined with one another, the power generated was one that was unmatched and extremely horrifying.


Instantly, this beam of light that Lin Fan was wrapped in sent him into the void and beyond those stone gates. This speed was something that seemed to surpa.s.s the very concept of speed, going beyond the restriction of time and s.p.a.ce.


After Lin Fan entered the stone gates, they slammed themselves shut furiously.



When the ma.s.ses caught sight of everything before them, they were filled with reluctance. As the Fire Water Empress caught sight of those shut stone gates, she sighed out in her heart as well. She could only hope that he would succeed.

At this moment, Lin Fan regained his consciousness. When he looked at the state that he was in right now, he could not help but feel a sense of exasperation.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He couldn't even budge a single inch! And not only that, his entire body was gone, as everything had turned into energy that was focused onto a single point.

"But, my Physical Body State can't disappear now, no!" The thing that Lin Fan was the most afraid of was his Physical Body State disappearing. Filled with trepidation, he hurriedly pulled out the panel of the System.

'Physical Body State: Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state.'

When he saw that status, he heaved out a sigh of relief.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! If his Physical Body State were gone, he would truly be f*cked!

Right now, Lin Fan was crossing the secret ground, and saw those mysterious disciples gradually retreating and leaving the place.

Initially, Lin Fan had thought that the other party would discover his existence. But, when he pa.s.sed by one of those fellas, he realized that the other party felt nothing at all. Seeing that, he couldn't help but chuckle out.

Seemed like this was the power of the Reincarnation Demonic G.o.d. He wasn't even in the same dimension as them.

Very quickly, Lin Fan exited from that secret ground.

When Lin Fan turned around, he realized that the entrance of the secret ground was also composed of two stone gates. At this moment, Lin Fan could feel his heart trembling.

At the same time, he was filled with a sense of melancholy.

Seemed like all of them had just been living in a secret ground the entire time.

If not for the fact that he had just witnessed it for his very eyes, Lin Fan would not have believed in something like this even at the death of him.

Traveling through the void, Lin Fan checked out his surroundings. There were vast mountains and seas, something that wasn't all that different from the Xuanhuang World.

However, the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth was way thicker than that of the Xuanhuang World and the Ancient Saint World.

In fact, even the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were way more complete. There was indeed quite a large difference compared to that secret ground they had lived in up till now.

"I can't just wander around aimlessly anymore. I've got to hurry and look for a vessel." Lin Fan glanced around left and right. He did not know how long more he had flown before he caught sight of a city. He then headed down and continued searching.

Rising Dragon City…

Rumors had it that this city was also created from a G.o.d Dragon. But, with the pa.s.sage of time and no actual way of verifying the facts, it was nothing more than a rumor.

The Rising Dragon City occupied a vast s.p.a.ce. Within a gigantic house right now were countless people who were extremely busy. The maids were rushing back and forth from the courtyard and looked extremely fl.u.s.tered.

Lin Family…

The useless Family Head of the Lin Family was about to have his third child.

This was a piece of gossip that made its round amongst the countless of residents of the Rising Dragon City, something they discussed all the time before and after meals.

The first two children of the Family Head of the Lin Family were all girls. This was something that he could not endure as the Head of a family. And now that this third child was about to be born, the Lin Family Head was extremely concerned about it.

"Oh, Heavens! Please bless me! I must definitely have a son this time around!" The Lin Family Head placed his palms together as he paced back and forth the courtyard while praying to the Heavens.

At the same time, beside him, his two little daughters who were around three to four years old and looked like porcelain dolls were waiting in antic.i.p.ation as well.


A streak of light that no one else could see tore through the void and seeped into the house.

"Master! Madam has given birth! It's a pair of Dragon and Phoenix Twins! The mother and children are all safe!" The voice of the midwife rang out from within the house.

"HAHAHA! You shall be rewarded! Rewarded…!" Lin Haoming burst out laughing wildly. The smile on his face was even more radiant than that of blossoming flowers.

"Aiyoh! The Heavens have blessed us indeed! It's really a son! Not only that, he gave me an extra daughter to go along with it! From now on, my Lin Family is going to have a successor!" Lin Haoming roared with laughter.

At the same time, he was already starting to contemplate in his mind.

As long as his son were to reach 16 years old, he would hand down the Seat of the Family Head immediately. With this son to take care of all the troublesome affairs of the family, he could then go travel around the world and sightsee with his wife!

"Finally, a huge burden has been off from my heart!"

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