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Chapter 965: Great Losses and Casualties
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_


Suddenly, a tremendous power ruptured out.

Young Mister Huan Xi frowned. To think that this palm strike of his would be fended off!

At this moment, Lin Fan appeared before the Death Demonic G.o.d and punched out with his fist. When it collided with that palm strike of Young Mister Huan Xi, an enormous impact gushed out across the world.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. What a formidable collision!

"It's you!" The Death Demonic G.o.d was slightly taken aback. She hadn't expected that the one to save her would be that Human whom she had once wanted to whip.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head before bursting forth with even more power to send that palm flying away.

"This secret ground that can help us transcend is indeed extremely dangerous." The Death Demonic G.o.d commented with lingering fears. At the same time, to her great bewilderment, there seemed to be something wrong with this whole place.

She did not know whether the key condition for them to transcend lied with these mysterious creatures or not.

At this moment, Lin Fan floated gently up in the void and looked at the flamboyantly gay fella before him.

"Interesting! To think that a beast such as yourself would be able to defend against a strike of Your Young Mister. Since that's the case, show Your Young Mister what capabilities you've got then!" Young Mister Huan Xi roared out as he flipped his palm around, causing a torrential red mist to rise up and hurtle out towards Lin Fan.

On the opposite side, Lin Fan did not dodge at all. Instead, he just threw out a single punch that ripped through the entire void with a tremendous force. Young Mister Huan Xi could not help but tense up against it.


The void erupted out. The fact that Lin Fan was standing on even grounds with Young Mister Huan Xi in this fight was something that had those disciples extremely alarmed.

"Just what is up with that beast there? To think that he would be able to fight with Young Mister Huan Xi to such an extent!"

"I have no idea! But, if we were the ones who had b.u.mped into him, our lives might very well have been in danger!"

"Guys, take a look! Young Mister Huan Xi has been sent stumbling back!"

At this moment, Lin Fan's Source of Power erupted, and when he punched out with it, the entire void started to get contorted. Even though the strength of Young Mister Huan Xi was strong, he could not help but retreat continuously under this relentless a.s.sault of fists.

As a result, his expression was gradually turning into rage from this embarra.s.sment.

He hadn't expected that an ordinary beast would have been able to push him to such a state. This was just detestable!

All of a sudden, Lin Fan froze up slightly. It was as though he could sense that a gust of air had locked onto him and sealed his escape path. Without hesitating, he flicked out with two fingers towards the void.

Bam! Bam!

Lightning crackled out when Lin Fan's flick met with the long halberd of Huang Tianji, and a series of ripples circled out.

Huang Tianji's face changed into one of disbelief.

He had truly not met with someone who could block a single move of his with just two fingers.

His face had never been grimmer.

As for the surrounding disciples, they were just totally wide-eyed in astonishment.

This beast was way too vicious, wasn't it? To think that it could duel with two powerful beings from the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll to this extent. This was just way too horrifying!

Lin Fan's heart was extremely taken aback as well. The strength of these two fellas were far from simple. For a moment or so, he truly could not suppress them.

And just at this moment, the void far in the distance started to explode out.

"Retreat back!"

When Lin Fan looked over to the void, he saw Demonic G.o.d Pangu, the Great Sage, and Fire Water Empress. All three of them bore extremely severe injuries as though they had just been dealt some huge blow.

"Holy f*ck! What the f*ck is going on with this?" When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was dazed for a moment. Just what sort of a ferocious being could actually give those three monsters such a difficult time?

The power of Demonic G.o.d Pangu was number one and boundless. And yet, even he was sustaining grave injuries right now. This was way too unreal, wasn't it?

Following behind the Demonic G.o.d Pangu and the rest was a man who was draped in dragon robes. The expression of that man was extremely solemn. Every single action he took brought with it a tremendous amount of authority.

When Huang Tianji and Young Mister Huan Xi caught sight of who it was that had arrived, their hearts skipped a beat and they were lost for words momentarily.

Dragon Emperor, Qin Shengjun.

"How could this be?! How could he be within this secret ground? Hasn't he already made it through to the True Immortal state in the Genesis World?" The face of Young Mister Huan Xi revealed a look of terror.

This Qin Shengjun was once the number one ranked on the entire True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll. His strength was supernatural, and he was lauded as the seed with the strongest potential in the Endless Mainland.

Even though he hadn't reached a True Immortal state, he could have the powers to slay powerful beings of True Immortal state.

This was a supreme powerful being here.

If he were to truly turn into a True Immortal state powerful being, he might very well be the strongest of all the True Immortals.

This was not an existence that Huang Tianji or Young Mister Huan Xi could stand shoulder to shoulder against.


Without any hesitation, Lin Fan bolted off from the void towards the place he had come from earlier on.

"Hmph!" Qin Shengjun snorted out coldly. That single snort was booming like the will of the Heavens. Instantly, a gigantic golden dragon burst forth from behind him. This gigantic golden dragon was extremely boundless just like a banner, as it set out to kill Lin Fan and the others straight away.

When the Demonic G.o.d Pangu caught sight of this, he roared out instantly, "Eternal Power!"


An illusory figure of the Source of Power appeared in the void ferociously before self destructing. A formidable power rippled through the entire Heaven and Earth, annihilating everything in its path.

By the time the void returned to its peaceful state, Qin Shengjun frowned and swept his dragon robes out. He hadn't expected that the living beings in this secret ground would be able to escape from the grasp of his hands.

"Do you guys know what those beasts are?" Qin Shengjun looked at the both of them while asking.

"No idea!" Young Mister Huan Xi was actually feeling pretty unnerved, but he was trying his best to maintain his composure.

"Hmph!" Qin Shengjun turned around to leave without wasting any more of his breath on them.

At this moment, Lin Fan and the others had arrived at the area of the stone gate's entrance.


The Demonic G.o.d Pangu sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"So strong! Seems like it's no easy task to want to transcend." The Demonic G.o.d Pangu said shakily.

Earlier on, the Demonic G.o.d Pangu had tapped into half the powers of this Source of Power to invoke that self-destruction. That was the only reason why they could have escaped from the hands of that mysterious, powerful being.

The battle armor on the body of the Great Sage had long been worn out and tattered. It was evident that he had gone through an intense battle.

"Are you alright?" Lin Fan looked at the Fire Water Empress while asking.

"I'm fine." The Fire Water Empress nodded her head in reply. However, her grim eyes told of a different story.

"Just what in the world is going on? Isn't this final secret ground the core of transcending? But, by the look of the situation earlier on, that didn't seem to be the case at all!" Lin Fan remarked.

"I have no idea. However, it's definitely different from what we had thought it to be." The Demonic G.o.d Pangu was still trying to heal up his wounds. However, his heart was utterly confused.

And at this moment, utmost powerful beings and Demonic G.o.ds appeared one after another with time.

"Why would it be like this?! Just what were those things? How could they possibly possess such strength!"

"The Panic Demonic G.o.d has died."

"The Old Master Eagle Raven has died as well."

The utmost powerful beings and Demonic G.o.ds that were appearing all bore injuries on them. Furthermore, some of their injuries were extremely grave.

"Transcend… This is not transcending at all! This is just sending us to our deaths!"

"Who have you guys met with?" Lin Fan asked.

"A monk whose entire body was pitch black. Initially, Your Ancestor had thought that he was someone of the Buddha race. However, he wasn't. And not only that, his moves were extremely sinister and dark. We were no match for him at all! He even devoured Old Master Samsung."

"Even when Old Master Samsung self-destructed, he did not even cause a slight bit of injury to the other party! Horrifying! Way too horrifying!"

When Lin Fan looked at the situation around him, his expression could not help but turn solemn. "This time around, it might really be one h.e.l.l of a f*ckfest."





Could all the others have fallen within?

It was evident that sh*t had really gotten real as f*ck here.

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