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Chapter 962: True Immortal Roll
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Those are some skills there!"

Lin Fan slashed out with his sword, but his expression was extremely solemn even then. There seemed to be something wrong with these humans here. But, at this moment, he couldn't care less about it.

Since these guys wanted to kill him, there was no way he could just stand there and not fight back.

Qianming Remarkable Formation!

This was something that made use of the powers of the universe. Along with the fact that the cultivation states of these disciples weren't weak, the amount of power produced was far from ordinary.


Instantly, an explosion boomed out as the entire world started quaking violently. Liu Qingshan hadn't expected that the powers of this leader would be this strong. That upright body of his was just like a heavenly sword right now.

"Using my body as a sword, the sword shall penetrate the firmaments!"


An invincible Sword Will burst forth from Liu Qingshan's body. This Sword Will was a hundred times more horrifying than the previous one. This was the extreme of the Sword Will, using one's body as the sword in order to gather the True Essence of the Sword.

When all the disciples around caught sight of their senior brother turning into a sword, they could not help but burst out in cheers.

"There's no doubt senior brother is the number fiftieth powerful being on the True Immortal Roll! This skill is a secret skill that's exclusive to our sect! To think that senior brother would have been able to comprehend it!"

"That leader is dead meat for sure! Everyone, just hold out for a little longer! As long as senior brother's Sword Will gathers to its peak state, that leader would be done for, no matter how strong he is!"

"Not good! To think that there are actually signs of the formation cracking apart! The strength of that leader is simple way too strong! Even if we have to give it our all, we have to ensure that he's restrained!"


At this moment, these disciples spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. This was where the essence of their bodies lied, and yet, they fused it into the formation at this moment.

This situation going on right now attracted the attention of multiple other disciples from the different sects through the endless time and s.p.a.ce. They too had felt this tremendous Sword Will.

Amongst those disciples, a single man who bore an arrogant expression and was draped in white robes gave his robes a sweep. With that motion of his, all the beasts in front of him were annihilated. Seeing this, all the other surrounding disciples rushed up and congratulated him.

"Interesting! Just who in the world could push Liu Qingshan to such an extent?" The man in white robes smirked out before saying softly, "Go. Let us go take a look."

At this moment, Lin Fan looked at the man up ahead, who had turned into a sword, and frowned, "b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Just what in the world is up with these fellas? Did Yours Truly kill your entire families or something for you guys to come at Yours Truly with your lives the moment you see me? Not only that, even these ultimate moves are being unleashed here! b.l.o.o.d.y G.o.dd.a.m.n it!"

At this moment, the aura of Liu Qingshan had already reached a pinnacle state as he jerked his eyes wide open, and two sharp Sword Wills burst forth from them. Right now, Liu Qingshan was the sword; the Sword Will emanated out from him sliced through the void and rustled everything. The amount of power being given off was not to be underestimated.


Liu Qingshan roared out with a frosty tone, filled with the intent to destroy everything before him.


In that instant, a heavenly sword slammed down from the void as though it could pierce through all of eternity and the ancient.

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! This is really getting overboard with the bullying!" Right now, Lin Fan was totally enraged. This was too d.a.m.ned audacious!

The heavenly sword descended from the Heavens as that sharp gleam sliced through everything. The entire world seemed as though it had been split into half.

And right when the heavenly sword was about to reach Lin Fan's head, he raised his hand and held it into stopping.

"Huh?" Liu Qingshan was stunned. That sword was something that contained everything he had! To think that this leader would be able to hold it off this easily!


Lin Fan bellowed out ferociously as a tremendous force surged forth from the ground.

As he closed his palm, the heavenly sword shattered immediately. Liu Qingshan's face was drained of color as his expression took a stark change, followed by him spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"How could this be…?"

When the many disciples caught sight of this scene, their faces turned into shock in a flash.

Lin Fan did not say anything more. Striding forward with a step, his tone was extremely tyrannical, "All of you fellas are just looking to die, aren't you?"

That single step was as though it was taken by a colossal giant. With his feet as the core, energy ripples spread out circle after circle.

That formidable might of his suppressed the entire scene. The core of the formation broke down immediately, without being able to fight back even once.


Under the suppression of this boundless power, all of those disciples spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Every single one of those disciples had a look of fright in their eyes. They hadn't expected that the leader would actually possess a strength of this level. Strong! This was simply way too strong!

"Just what in the world do you guys mean by this!?" Lin Fan hollered out in rage.

Even though what Lin Fan spoke in was Human tongue, in the eyes of these other Humans, he was just roaring and shouting in a mad rage.

"Retreat!" Liu Qingshan did not hesitate at all as he roared out. His body flashed as he attempted to make his escape out of this place. He hadn't expected to b.u.mp into such a ferocious creature within this secret ground.

Even a powerful being that was in the top ten of the True Immortal Roll might not be able to take down this leader right here!

"Hmph! Thinking of running?" How could Lin Fan not make out the intention of these fellas here? He then spread his palm open and sealed the entire Heaven and Earth here.

"All of you had better f*cking speak up!" Lin Fan said.

Right now, Lin Fan was already starting to understand the situation. Perhaps, these fellas here did not belong to any of the thousands of races out there.

The faces of Liu Qingshan and the others were totally alarmed in shock right now. They had realized that the void around here had been sealed up by this leader entirely.

Just what was this creature here? Not only could he take on Liu Qingshan's most powerful move with his bare hands, he could even suppress all of them with ease!

This was a strength that could even match up to the True Immortals!

"Senior brother, what should we do?" A disciple asked.

"This leader is way too strong! Compared to those Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts, he's countless of times stronger!" Another female disciple exclaimed in horror.

Liu Qingshan's face was extremely terrible right now. In fact, it was pale as a sheet. The damage that he had taken from that move earlier on was simply way too great.

"Isn't this Brother Qingshan of the True Immortal Roll? What's up with this state you're in right now?" Just at this moment, a voice traveled out of the void behind.

A white-robed man sliced the void open with his finger. Behind him, a group of people appeared between the Heaven and Earth.

"Young Mister Xiao Yao!" When Liu Qingshan caught sight of who it was that had arrived, his face changed. It was as though he felt ashamed of being caught in such a wretched state by the other party.

This Young Mister Xiao Yao was ranked fifteen on the True Immortal Roll. His strength was extremely formidable, not someone Liu Qingshan could go up against straight.

"To think that there would be such a powerful creature within this secret ground. I wonder how many beings of ours it must have ma.s.sacred for it to transform to such a state." Young Mister Xiao Yao swept his glance over at Lin Fan before commenting out casually with a slight hint of disdain in his tone.

"Senior Brother Xiao Yao, to think that a creature as such could have crushed Liu Qingshan to this state. I'm afraid Liu Qingshan's reputation far exceeds his actual strength."

"That's right! For a powerful being who is ranked fiftieth on the True Immortal Roll to be suppressed so badly by this creature, if word of this were to get out, one would definitely laugh their entire jaws off!" The disciples in the back started gossiping rampantly.

Every single word was like a sharp blade that pierced straight in the heart of Liu Qingshan.

"Hmph!" Liu Qingshan snorted out coldly before retorting on his own, "This creature is far from ordinary. Even if it's you, Young Mister Xiao Yao, you are definitely not a match for it either!"

"Liu Qingshan, don't think that you can try playing at my emotions to agitate me. If you wish for me to help you, you can try begging." Young Mister Xiao Yao smirked out.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. Yet another bunch had arrived. Just what were these guys here? And by the look of their att.i.tude, it seemed as though they were conversing.

At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly gave a wild guess. Could there be some other worlds out there apart from than the thousands of worlds?

When this guess struck his mind, Lin Fan was starting to feel like it was getting more possible by the second.

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