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Next day, at the break of dawn was the sight of two men descending the peak, quiet and lonesome.

"Senior Brother, how was your sleep last night?" Feng Bujue yawned while lugging the big advertising flag. His heavy eyelids were struggling to stay open, as though they would never open again if he stopped resisting.

"You?" Zhang Ergou replied listlessly.

"Not good." Feng Bujue said helplessly.

"Me too…" Zhang Ergou did not want to continue.

They did not know what had happened at Master Lin’s place as roar after roar of a wild beast came from within. They had intended to check it out, but the thought of Master Lin warning them to not disturb him kept them away. Thus, they brought their curiosity with them into la la land.

But this sound did not turn faint along with time. But rather, it grew deeper and louder over time.

In the end, neither of them had a wink of sleep, enduring the monstrous roars from Master Lin.


Nameless Peak…

Lin Fan laid down with beads of sweat all over his forehead. He was filled with sweat all over his entire body, with his eyes revealing a look of begging for death. He swore to G.o.d that if he ever took another Biggra, he would be struck to death by lightning and suffer the worst fate ever to mankind. F*ck! This was a mother*cking poisonous pill.

To think that Your Truly’s life of brilliance was ruined in the hands of this pill. He wondered if his two disciples had found out the truth.

If the two of them were to look at him with weird eyes upon their return tonight, then Yours Truly would round them up and keep them locked up in the peak. n.o.body must know of this.

Darn it. G.o.dd*mn it. This pill was Lin Fan’s public enemy number one.

But the feeling after consuming the pill was, f*ck, pleasurable as h.e.l.l. With such tremendous effects, no doubt it could only be crafted by Yours Truly.


In the outer sect, many disciples had gathered around the area where Zhang Ergou set up their stall.

After the grand appearance of the ten geniuses of the outer sect yesterday to patronize this stall, they wondered what would the outcome be. Would these guys succeed?

But no matter how they saw it, it just couldn’t be done. How could Nameless Peak produce these pills? These were extremely high graded pills. Even if they were crafted by Danding Peak, it’d be difficult!

How could they be crafted with such ease?

Furthermore, to create a high graded pill required a large amount of time. Given the amount of materials that were handed over, for them to succeed within a single night was something impossible in the eyes of the disciples.

Thus, they headed here early in the morning so as to enjoy the mockery show of Nameless Peak’s outrageous claim.

"Look! None of the ten geniuses turned up! Not even Ye Shaotian. Seems like none of them had any confidence at all. Since they knew it’d be a wasted trip with no pills to collect!"

"I wonder what Senior Brother Ye’s relationship with Nameless Peak is."

"Who knows? Hey! Look! Those guys from Nameless Peak are here! Look at their listless selves! They must have failed the pill cultivation and are troubled over how to report on the loss!" An outer sect disciple jeered.

"HAHA! Seems like it’s gonna be a good show later on! How dare this Nameless Peak make such claims without real ability to back up? What a joke these guys are!"

"How can we be sure they’ve even tried? Those ingredients are precious as h.e.l.l! They may have just sneakily usurped all of them on their own"


Discussions were rife as it was evident that no one believed that Nameless Peak could succeed.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue did not know that these discussions were about them. But seeing the crowd from afar, they felt revitalized.

"Junior Brother! Let’s buck up! We can’t lose the face of Nameless Peak in front of these outer sect disciples!" Zhang Ergou said.

Upon hearing this, Feng Bujue strutted his chest and fought back against his eyelids. "No worries, Senior Brother!"


"Zhang Ergou! The orders given to you guys by the ten geniuses, are you guys done? Judging from your faces, you guys must have failed, right?" An outer sect disciple sneered. From the looks of his eyes, he was not in the least bit afraid of offending these guys from Nameless Peak.

"Who…!" Upon hearing it, Feng Bujue turned around, ready to rebuke. Seemed like these guys only gathered here to mock at them.

Before he could finish, he was stopped by Zhang Ergou. Feng Bujue looked at his Senior Brother, and realizing that he must have had another good comeback, he laughed.

Looking at the jeering crowd, Zhang Ergou did not choose to fight back. ‘You guys can show off for a while, but I’ll have you slap yourself in the face in just a bit.’

He learned this from Master Lin.

Zhang Ergou recalled his Master’s teachings, "When others ridicule and mock you, do not waiver. Slowly build up the emotions. Then, give them a good wallop altogether later."

These words did not affect Feng Bujue much. But to Zhang Ergou, these were precious gems of wisdom. Only the great Master Lin could come up with such ideologies of profound wisdom.

"Whether or not we succeeded, what has it got to do with you?" Zhang Ergou raised both of his hands and waved c.o.c.kily. The look on his face enraged the crowd of outer sect disciples.

"HAHA! What is it? Of course, it’s got everything to do with us! If you guys from Nameless Peak can succeed, I, w.a.n.g Baofei will go over to be your servant!" An outer sect disciple scoffed.

Zhang Ergou looked him from head to toe, and laughed shamelessly, "You? With your caliber, you aren’t even worthy of being a servant!"

What kind of place was Nameless Peak? It was the place where the greatest sect in the world would reside in the future. This guy thought that he could get in our sect with just a little bit of mockery? Dream on!

When Nameless Peak made its name, even the position of servant disciples would be fought over by the ma.s.ses.

Zhang Ergou’s vision was far ahead, with his heart br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. After all, the storage sack in his waist consisted of the G.o.dly pills from Master Lin.

Once the ten geniuses turned up and collected the pills, all these dogs would finally shut up.

"Zhang Ergou! Don’t be too quick on your words. I’ll see what you guys can produce!"

"Hmph, boring. I can’t be bothered with you" Zhang Ergou waved his hands, too lazy to argue with that disciple. He looked towards the distance with growing worry. Why have they yet to turn up?


At this moment, in the outer sect disciples quarters…

"Senior Brother Jian! Junior Master Lin must have cultivated the pills! Let’s go and collect together!" Ye Shaotian had woken up early in the morning and approached them one by one. But the results were less than satisfactory.

Apparently, none of them believed that the pills would be cultivated.

For their grand appearance yesterday, Ye Shaotian had promised countless gains for them. But in Ye Shaotian’s eyes, it was all worth it. After all, Junior Master Lin had treated him with his heart and soul. What were these sacrifices in comparison?

"Junior Brother Ye, I’m busy today, so I’ll not head over. Regarding the pill, I’ve already received your sincerity. Whether or not it can be done is fine. Even the Senior Elder’s First disciple on Danding Peak could not cultivate it, do you really think that Nameless Peak can do it? Alright, that’s it." Jian Wudi’s peaceful and solemn voice came through like the dull side of a blade.

Ye Shaotian stood at the door helplessly. In the end, he could only sigh.

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