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Chapter 961: Are All Of You b.l.o.o.d.y Mentally Sick?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Holy f*ck! Why are there so many humans here?"

Lin Fan could not make out the scene before him. Wasn't it said that this was a place that only utmost powerful beings could enter? Then where in the world did these humans spout out from?

But honestly, humans were really just the most awesome of them all. All of a sudden, there were this many humans popping up here! He had better look for some reinforcements to fight it out with the utmost powerful beings later on.

"Oi! Where are you guys from?" Lin Fan yelled out at the top of his lungs.

But to Lin Fan's surprise, those bunch of fellas there did not seem to be too concerned with him. They maintained their guard against him. In fact, they even seemed as though they wanted to kill him!

"I'm a human as well! We're all comrades of the same race! Can't you guys just b.l.o.o.d.y reply?!" Lin Fan yelled out once more.

But, he could have never guessed what was happening on the other side right now.

"Senior brother, what's that fella standing on top of the head of that Earth Abyssal Flame Beast? And what does that roar of his mean?" A woman wearing green robes and bearing an exquisite face looked at her senior brother with adoring eyes.

"Hmph! Since he's together with the Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts, I think he should probably be the leader around these parts." Liu Qingshan scoffed out coldly. He then looked at the group of his junior brothers and sisters, "All of you, watch out for your safety! I'll head up first to kill him while you guys deploy the formation to kill the rest of these Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts!"

"Yes, senior brother!" The ma.s.ses nodded their heads before stretching out their palms and channeling a formation. As long as their senior brother were to kill that leader of theirs, they would deploy the formation immediately and slay the Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts cleanly.

There were at least tens of thousands of those Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts in his huge army that was incoming. If they could have all of them slain, the amount of crystal shards that could be gathered would definitely be vast as the oceans.


By now, Lin Fan had practically lost all his voice yelling out, but somehow, it was as though those humans up ahead were r.e.t.a.r.ds. They wouldn't even reply to a single word of his! b.l.o.o.d.y mother*cking dogs!

And at this moment, Lin Fan realized that there was a man rushing over towards him. He then let out a smile.

"This human is pretty strong! To think that he would be at the Immemorial Ancient state upper level cultivation state! How in the world is this human so strong to the point he's almost a match for me now?" Lin Fan was almost petrified right now.

But, when he thought about it, this should be the case as well. Humans were extremely gifted. If there could be someone as talented and exceptional such as himself, it was no surprise that there could be one or two more just like him.

"Brother, what's your name? I'm called Lin Fan. Also, what is this place?" But Lin Fan did hide away that 'Motherf*cking Human King' t.i.tle of his. He felt like that might seem a little too overbearing.

It was hard to say that the other party might not take it the wrong way. Before he knew the other party better, it was safer to be a little more low-profile.


But at this moment, the Earth Abyssal Flame Beast beneath Lin Fan's feet started roaring out. All of the other Earth Abyssal Flame Beasts followed suit as a series of maddened roars surged up into the sky. It was as though the fella that had just arrived was someone they bore a huge grudge against.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this situation, he exploded out. What was all of this for? This guy was a human as well! These guys had better be friendlier!

But, just as Lin Fan was about to open his mouth and tell them that, a cold flash streaked out beside him.

Lin Fan felt his heart tighten as he jerked his head up.

All he saw was that the Human who had bolted out at him started flicking his wrist, causing the meter-long green colored sword in his hands to flutter and create petal patterns out of the void. All of these ripples spread out circle after circle.

A bright sword flash radiated out across the entire place before that sharp Sword Will of his converged onto the sharpest spot of the sword and pierced out straight at Lin Fan.

In the blink of an eye, that sword had already arrived out between Lin Fan's brows.

"Guys, check it out! That's our senior brother's Void Sword Technique! No matter the distance, as long as you're locked out, he can instantly appear before the other party! Remember that 'what's his name' that had dared to come challenge our senior brother in the past and was just killed by a single sword instantly?" The disciple asked.

"Senior brother is so strong! That single Sword Will of his is extremely boundless! Even from such a distance, I can feel the hair at the back of my head standing up! If senior brother wishes to kill us, I think we would have nowhere to run at all!"

"The fate of that leader has already been sealed! He's definitely going to be killed by our senior brother!"

"Holy f*ck!"

Lin Fan yelped out. He hadn't expected this comrade to come and strike out at him! Did this mother*cker have any conscience left in him?

'Your Father didn't do anything to provoke you, right?'

However, that sword technique was really fast indeed. If not for the fact that Lin Fan's senses were extremely sharp, he might not have even reacted to it yet.

But, even now that he had reacted to it, it was all too late. The light that was converged on the tip of the sword had already gathered right between Lin Fan's brows.


A metallic sound clanged out.

Lin Fan was entirely p.i.s.sed right now, "What the f*ck did you have to backstab Your Father for?"

Liu Qingshan could not understand what Lin Fan was saying at all. From his point of view, this leader was just flying into a rage over this move of his.

But, what he could not get was how this leader had such powerful strength! To think that that single sword of his would be useless!


At this moment, Liu Qingshan wanted to pull himself back. The strength of this leader was far from ordinary, and wasn't as simple as he had thought of it to be.

"Holy f*ck! To think that you would act like a mute in front of Your Father! Do you really b.l.o.o.d.y think that Yours Truly would not dare to whack his own comrades?"

Lin Fan was totally enraged right now. Stretching out his fingers, he grabbed the sword body of the other party while roaring out, "Are you a f*cking r.e.t.a.r.d? Yours Truly has been talking to you nice and proper the entire time, but b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! You came at me without a single f*cking reason! Do you really think that Yours Truly is a good pushover?"

But, in the eyes of Liu Qingshan, this leader was just going berserk. He then used up all his strength and flicked his wrist, sending an endless amount of Sword Wills penetrating through.

However, Lin Fan's Physical Body State had long reached that of Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state. This bit of damage truly did not have much impact on him.

"Tell me! Who in the b.l.o.o.d.y world are you? If you continue to shut up, Yours Truly is going to kill you!" Lin Fan grabbed onto that sword body and continued using strength, intent on dragging the other party over.

Liu Qingshan's brows furrowed as he released the longsword in his hands before flying off into the distance. The strength of that leader had truly surpa.s.sed his calculations.

All of those junior disciples who had been watching their senior brother's display of might were all dumbfounded by now.

"How could this be? That leader could actually s.n.a.t.c.h that sword of senior brother!"

"I don't know! He's too strong! Senior brother has already given up on his Green G.o.d Sword!"

"Hurry up! Let us hurry and help our senior brother!"

At this moment, all of those disciples burst forth with a tremendous amount of power before channeling out their formation.

"Senior brother, let us help you!"

Lin Fan was just about to explode right now. What was going on with these fellas? At the same time, he was starting to realize that he did not seem to be able to understand what they were saying.

So, who in the world were these people?

Right now, Lin Fan was just really bothered by everything.

But despite that, he did not want to think too much anymore. Since they wanted to fight, then they would get a fight!

Lin Fan wielded the longsword he had grabbed over in his hands.

Instantly, he felt the Weapon Spirit within the longsword struggling furiously as though it was trying to break free from him.

"You had better be well behaved!" Lin Fan roared out and suppressed the Weapon Spirit immediately before focusing his gaze up in the distance.

"All of you are simply way too arrogant! You really think that Yours Truly is a pushover, right? Today, I'll let you guys know of how strong Yours Truly is!" Lin Fan bolted upright into the Heavens.

A torrential Sword Will burst forth from his body.

At the same time, when Liu Qingshan felt the Sword Will that was bursting forth from the leader, his heart tightened, "Activate the formation to kill that demon!"


"Qianming Remarkable Formation!"

At this moment, a boundless power burst forth from that formation. This power was ferocious and gushing, far from something simple.


On the other side, Lin Fan could not care more about anything else right now either. Since these guys dared to strike out, Yours Truly wouldn't mind killing them!

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