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Chapter 959: Give Me A Little Face
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"What is this place?" Lin Fan asked furtively.

"Don't speak." The Fire Water Empress said curtly, then glared at the stone gates with a serious look in her eyes.

There was an extremely ancient aura emanating out of the stone gates. Even if it were utmost powerful beings who were facing it, they would definitely feel their hearts pounding in the face of it.

This aura wasn't something that should exist in this world. This was the aura from the secret grounds.

Lin Fan pursed his lips. If she didn't want to say, so be it! What was so great about this?

However, the stone gate before his eyes DID attract his attention. Just what sort of things were these two stone gates, and what was the existence that was waiting beyond all of this?

All of this had Lin Fan immensely curious.

"If I can give it a touch, the System should be able to give me some hints about it." At this moment, that was the thought that entered Lin Fan's mind.

In his eyes, there was nothing the System couldn't do. But, just as he was thinking of sneakily copping in a feel, there was a vibration up in the void above.

Obviously, an utmost powerful being had appeared.

Following closely after, utmost powerful beings started appearing one after another. At the same time, there were Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race as well.

In this short period of time, be it Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race or utmost powerful beings, all of them appeared floating up in the void. When they looked at the two stone gates before them, all of their eyes let out solemn expressions.

This was the final secret ground. Whether or not they could transcend, this was a key part of it.

When Lin Fan looked at the dense cl.u.s.ters of figures that had gathered up in the void, his little heart started beating furiously. All of these were utmost powerful beings! If he could kill all of them, who knew how many experience points that would amount to

However, this was only a mere thought of Lin Fan's. If he truly tried to have them killed with just him alone, he might just end up dying after being crushed by them.

"Motherf*cking Human King…!"

At this moment, an utmost powerful being with a sharp eye caught sight of Lin Fan as his tone turned harsh. When the other utmost powerful beings and the Demonic G.o.ds heard this remark, their head turned over in a flush as well.

The Motherf*cking Human King was their most hated existence amongst everyone out there.

Back when the Legendary Items were spurting out, this Motherf*cking Human King had taken a huge advantage of them by stealing everything right there. They could not wait to be able to kill this Motherf*cking Human King cruelly.

However, they hadn't managed to track down the location of this Motherf*cking Human King the entire time. Who would have thought that the Motherf*cking Human King would actually appear here?

"While you could have chosen to tread on the path of the Heavens, you ended up stepping down into the closed doors of h.e.l.l. How dare you appear here, Motherf*cking Human King!" The Plague Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race had a maddened expression on his face as he hollered out.

His entire body was shrouded by a thick green mist. This was the mystic skill of the plague. Even if it were utmost powerful beings, they would have to face the corrosive powers with their full attention. This was an extremely formidable Demonic G.o.d.

At this moment, the Demonic G.o.ds were not the only ones who were standing out. All the other utmost powerful beings had all cast their sights on Lin Fan as well.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this situation, the first thought in his mind was to stand out there and quarrel back with these utmost powerful beings and the Demonic G.o.ds.

But just at this moment, the Fire Water Empress shielded Lin Fan behind her.

"Hmph! He is someone that belongs to Your Empress. What are you guys thinking of doing?" The tone of the Fire Water Empress was overbearing and her face was imposing. Against so many utmost powerful beings, she did not show any fear at all.

The countless utmost powerful beings present frowned, "Fire Water Empress, don't think that you can cover this Human just because your strength is formidable. The only way we can let him off is if you can make him spit out those Legendary Items." The Plague Demonic G.o.d said.

"That's right! If we were to all strike out together, do you think that you can defend this Human all alone?" The Old Master of the Moon race said.

"Whoever wishes to kill the Motherf*cking Human King is pitting themselves against me!" Just at this moment, the void exploded out as a tyrannical figure appeared in front of the ma.s.ses.

"Great Sage…!" When Lin Fan caught sight of that figure, his heart leaped with joy.


A streak of light bolted over as the Great Sage emerged in that unrivaled armor of his, carrying an exceptional disposition and a torrential battle intent. Standing beside Lin Fan, his gaze swept through all the utmost powerful beings present.

"Who wishes to have a go with me?" The Great Sage asked domineeringly before looking at Lin Fan, "I went to look for you, yet I couldn't find anyone. Turns out that the Fire Water Empress had brought you here early on!"

Lin Fan smiled widely. He knew that if there were something as important as such, the Great Sage would definitely not forget about him.

On the other side, the Fire Water Empress looked at Lin Fan with an astounded look. She truly hadn't thought that Lin Fan would be so chummy with the Great Sage.

"Great Sage, is this your battle armor?" Lin Fan looked at the set of black battle armor that the Great Sage was donning and asked curiously. Through this black battle armor, Lin Fan could sense a boundless battle intent as though it could tear through the entire firmaments.

This battle intent was infinite and something that was absolutely unmatched.

After wearing the battle armor, the powers of the Great Sage could be said to have increased by another half of what he originally had, pushing him straight into the upper echelons amongst the ranks of the top utmost powerful beings.

"Yes." The Great Sage nodded his head.

He had long scattered this battle armor out into various worlds countless eras ago. That was because when he donned this battle armor, he was no longer the peace-loving Great Sage. In its place, he was the utmost unyielding Great Sage who dueled the Heaven and Earth.

"Great Sage, you wish to cover this Human as well?" The many utmost powerful beings who were present did not cast away their idea of wanting to take down Lin Fan just because the Great Sage had arrived. It was just that they could feel that things were starting to get more troublesome with the Great Sage taking the side of the Human.

"Hahaha! To think that you would have arrived here with the Fire Water Empress already, Little Buddy! That makes it much easier for me to locate you!" At this moment, an extremely mighty voice boomed out from far in the distance.


This voice was just like a thunderbolt that rattled the mental states of many utmost powerful beings present. All of their faces then changed together in a flash. When the Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race heard this voice, their faces changed starkly as though they bore a great hatred within them.

An extreme power tore the void and shattered through the barriers of the void itself.

"Oh! It's Brother Pangu!" When Lin Fan caught sight of who it was, his heart leaped with joy once more. That was the f*cking way things should be! He was someone who had people backing him!

The moment the Demonic G.o.d Pangu appeared, the side of the utmost powerful beings fell entirely silent.

Amongst the many utmost powerful beings, the strength of the Demonic G.o.d Pangu was openly known as the number one, such that no one could stand in his way at all.

And now that the Demonic G.o.d Pangu was turning out to be all chummy with Lin Fan, the situation naturally took a shift.

The brows of the Fire Water Empress furrowed. To think that this fella would not only know the Great Sage, but be friends with the Demonic G.o.d Pangu as well! This was truly something she would have never guessed.

"Everyone, please give me a little face here. Now that the final secret ground is about to open up, I hope that all of you can be more magnanimous." The Demonic G.o.d Pangu commented.

The faces of all utmost powerful beings present changed. Eventually, they could only nod their heads in agreement. Now that things had come to this, what else could they do?

When the Demonic G.o.d Pangu spoke up for him, it was not as though they could choose to not give him any face, could they?

And, if they were to truly fight it out, there would definitely be injuries to be sustained. Not only that, this Human was extremely sly. By then, it would no longer be certain who would be on the losing end anymore.

This was especially if one were to account for the Demonic G.o.d Pangu, whose powers were not something they could go straight up against.

This was the representation of what it meant when one's power reached an extreme state.

"Since that's the case, forget it then." Eventually, all the utmost powerful beings could only let it go. However, Lin Fan could still sense some problems from their gazes. Who knew if they might seize the chance to kill him after entering the secret ground.

However, Lin Fan wasn't afraid of this at all. After entering the secret ground, it was not certain who would be the one to die just yet.

Right now, he was more concerned with exactly what those two stone gates were hiding. That was something that had him extremely curious.

Perhaps, he would only find out the secrets within after entering it eventually.

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