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Chapter 957: I'm Malnourished!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"To think that you would have grown to such an extent over these past few years, lad." Feng Qingzi remarked out. In his eyes, he clearly knew that this cheap disciple of his was extremely extraordinary compared to everyone else. But, back when the Infinite Worlds had fused together and all the other beings of the thousands of races had skyrocketed in terms of cultivation, he had a.s.sumed that this cheap disciple of his wouldn't be able to catch up with the rest of the living beings anymore.

But, now that they were meeting with one another once more, Feng Qingzi was left entirely speechless. It was only a few short years, but his results were way different even from those who had sat on a rocket and soared above.

"Average I suppose. It's just that there are many utmost powerful beings of the different races right now. Compared to them, I'm still that bit off." Lin Fan replied, "That's right, old man… why are you alone now? Back in the Guarded Ground, wasn't there another old man?"

At this moment, Lin Fan realized that Feng Qingzi's expression was slightly dejected.

"There have been too many things that happened in the past few years." Feng Qingzi shook his head slightly as though he did not want to talk about it. The past should just stay in the past.

"But you, lad… you're quite something, aren't you? I'm afraid that even if you meet those utmost powerful beings now, you're not going to fear them anymore, right?" Feng Qingzi was undoubtedly pretty envious at this point. One could truly die from disappointment if they had to keep comparing themselves with others.

To think that a disciple he had taken in in the past had now turned way more amazing than he was. How was he to raise his head high in the future?

"Oh, it's nothing much." Lin Fan waved it off casually as though this was something not worth mentioning at all.

"Just a few words of praises and your head gets all big now, eh?" Feng Qingzi rolled his eyes. Everything about this disciple was good except for the fact that he was way too shameless.

But, when he thought about how this disciple of his was able to stay alive up till now and even raise his cultivation state to such an extent, he supposed that this definitely had something to do with that shameless trait of his.

"Old man, do you wish to follow along with me?" Lin Fan asked calmly.

But, when Lin Fan put his words so straightforwardly, Feng Qingzi felt that there was something wrong with it. Since when in the world had there been a Master who followed his disciple? His face then changed, "Hmph! Your Master isn't in a state whereby he needs to follow his disciple."

"Hehe! Old man, alright, fine. It doesn't matter who follows whom between us. Back in the past, you've treated me so nicely. No matter what, I've got to protect you properly as well. How about we travel together then? This era will be the final era now, and also, I feel like something big is about to change soon. All of those utmost powerful beings might choose to start going all out now." Lin Fan said.

"How do you know so much?" Feng Qingzi asked suspiciously. This lad knew a little TOO much, didn't he? He knew even more than Feng Qingzi himself!

"Who do you think I am?" Lin Fan smiled confidently while pointing at himself.

"The disciple of Feng Qingzi?" Feng Qingzi replied.

"Alright, fine." Lin Fan was speechless in the face of this. One might as well forget it and just let this old man have his pride for now. After all, the blows that he had received today were pretty huge as well.

Even though he had that bit of his pride, the blow he received in his heart did not lessen at all, "Since this disciple of mine is so filial, as Your Master, I guess I have no choice but to accept this and go along with you then. I'll give you the chance to support Your Master so that you can satisfy that filial heart of yours."

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he cursed in his heart, 'Shameless old man!'

But soon enough, as though he had thought of something, Lin Fan giggled out, "Old man, let me introduce you to some…companions."

Under the bewildered gaze of Feng Qingzi, Lin Fan swept his robes and released Chicken Big and the others.

"Cuckoo! That was so suffocating for Your Chicky!"

"Woof, woof! What's going on? What's the situation?!"

The moment Chicky and the others came forth, they looked left and right. But, when they caught sight of a single old man standing before them, they got pretty curious.

"Old man, let me do the introductions. This here is Chicky. This is his son, Chicken Big. And this is his son's friend, Tai Ritian."

"This man here is my Master. He's old now and feeling lonely in his heart. You guys shall accompany him properly from now on, okay?" Lin Fan said out.

"Cuckcuckoo! So, to think that you're the Master of my Old Bro! Naturally, I'll accompany you properly then!" Chicky leaped up onto the head of the old man and plopped down his b.u.m, sitting right on top of Feng Qingzi's head.

"I'm called Chicky."

Chicken Big leaped up onto the left shoulder of Feng Qingzi as well before displaying one of his shiny accessories, "I'm called Chicken Big!"

Finally, Tai Ritian leaped into Feng Qingzi's embrace, "Woof, woof! I'm called Tai Ritian!"

Feng Qingzi was stunned right now. What was going on here? Where in the world did all of these strange looking things pop out from?

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his lips curled into a grin, 'Hehe… You want to be funny? I'll let my Great Pet Army go accompany you properly then!'

Just as Lin Fan was thinking about such stuff, the void suddenly began to tremble.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan's face changed as he sensed that something was wrong. This aura…seemed too d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y familiar!

When Feng Qingzi and the others felt this aura, their faces turned pale with fright as well. This aura was way too powerful. This should be an utmost powerful being that was arriving.

"All of you go hide within my Paradise first." Without any hesitation, Lin Fan swept his robes and kept Feng Qingzi and the others into his Paradise immediately. He then looked up at the void warily.

"How did you manage to find me?" Right now, Lin Fan was about to curse at someone's mother. He hadn't expected the Fire Water Empress to actually arrive here!

Towards this b*tch, Lin Fan was extremely careful.

This b*tch was crueler than anyone else, and she especially loved tormenting his 'little brother'.

The events of the previous encounter were still etched deep in his heart. If not for the fact that his battle prowess was pretty formidable, he would have long been sucked up into a dried corpse by the Fire Water Empress!

But, to Lin Fan's exasperation, it was as though this Fire Water Empress had planted some tracking device on him! Each time she hunted him down, it seemed unusually easy for her! That was something that was way too horrifying.

"To think that the Exclusive Property of Your Empress would have grown to such a state to be able to f*ck over and kill seven utmost powerful beings. That was something pretty startling for Your Empress to find out!" At this moment, a figure appeared between the Heaven and Earth.

Those robes of Fire and Water fluttered along with the winds as that majestic disposition of an empress shrouded the entire world.

If this were in the past, Lin Fan might have truly been threatened by the presence of the Fire Water Empress alone. But, things were different now. Lin Fan's battle prowess was extremely formidable as well. Even if he were to fight an utmost powerful being right now, the odds were seven to three right now.

To be clear, Lin Fan stood at seven while the other party stood at three.

"What are you looking for me for? You can't be thinking of wanting to f*ck me again, are you? I'm telling you, I'm extremely malnourished right now! If you f*ck me, there's a high chance I'm going to die from that!" Lin Fan had long developed a strong sense of resistance towards something like that.

And. the main reason was because the previous time around had been simply way too savage. To think that he was f*cked continuously for a few years straight. If not for the fact that he had worked hard to strengthen his body and its quality, he might very well barf out even at the sight of the Fire Water Empress alone.

"What now? You do not wish to see Your Empress?" The Fire Water Empress barked out. It was as though if Lin Fan dared to reply with a 'Yes', the outcome would definitely involve an endless amount of discipline.

"How could this be? Now that you're here, you have no idea how happy I am!" Lin Fan said against his will.

"Good." The Fire Water Empress nodded her head, looked over at him, "Your cultivation state is now enough for you to fight with utmost powerful beings. Then again, you're the Exclusive Property of Your Empress. Naturally, I will not have you annihilated in this era. This time around, there is going to be a miraculous encounter. Come along with Your Empress."

The Fire Water Empress pointed out with her smooth, long finger and caused the void to vibrate. Instantly, Lin Fan could feel as though he was being enveloped by something.

However, he did not resist at all and allowed the Fire Water Empress to do as she pleased.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! The weak had no rights! If she said to go, he had to go.

One fine day, he was definitely going to turn her obedient!

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