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Chapter 956: You Were The One Who Called Me That Yourself!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Feng Qingzi, you don't have to resist anymore. There's no way out for you now."

Up ahead, a group of Ancient race beings were surrounding an old man.

The aura of these Ancient race beings was far from ordinary, and they were all Supreme state beings. Ever since the Infinite Worlds had fused together, the strength of all the beings of the various races had skyrocketed.

There were as many Divine celestial state beings as dogs now while Supreme state beings were to be found everywhere as well.

This was an altogether new major era.

All the races out there had hopped onto the bandwagon of this era and attained a higher cultivation state.

Even Feng Qingzi was a Supreme state being right now.

However, he was living quite the wretched life nowadays. In front of so many Supreme state beings, he was being suppressed left and right, without any room to fight back at all. All he could do was protect himself.

"d.a.m.n it!" Ever since the Infinite Worlds had fused together, the Guarded Grounds had been destroyed. Because of that, he became a homeless old man who could only wander around the Infinite Worlds.

Because his strength wasn't all that weak, he had gained the advantage back when the Infinite Worlds had just fused together, and raised his cultivation state to Supreme state middle level. But, because of the issue of resources, his cultivation process then lost out way too much compared to the geniuses of the other races.

Right now, Feng Qingzi was surrounded by the Ancient race beings naturally due to the reason that the Guarded Grounds had caused much trouble for the Ancient race back in the past. Hence, all the Ancient race beings hated Feng Qingzi to no ends.

Later on, when the Ancient race started getting stronger as well, they naturally all came looking for him. In the past few years, he had been subjected to an endless hara.s.sment by the Ancient race.

But this time around, things were different. Feng Qingzi hadn't expected that these Ancient race beings here would possess the Supreme state cultivation state as well. This was something that had Feng Qingzi pretty exasperated.

Along this road of being hunted down, Feng Qingzi had used up all his methods before finally arriving at this point right here.

"Feng Qingzi, everything that you had done to our Ancient race in the past is something we'll never ever forget about! I'm afraid you would have never guessed that things would get to this point, had you?" One of the Ancient race beings laughed out coldly.

"Hmph! You bunch of younglings don't know the first thing about respecting your elders. To think that you would chase after me for such a long time." Feng Qingzi was helpless right now. The strength of these Ancient race beings was really strong, and far from being simple.

"Huehue... Feng Qingzi, if you kneel down before us and beg, we might even let you have an easier death. Otherwise, we're going to spend our time tormenting you slowly and ensuring that you suffer a fate worse than death." Another Ancient race being declared arrogantly. To him, this old man before him right now was already a fish trapped in a net. Wanting to make an escape was totally out of the equation at this point.

With their torrential killing intent, the aura of these Ancient race beings seemed extremely formidable.

Back in the past, Feng Qingzi was considered was one of the most powerful beings in the entire Ancient Saint World. But, falling to such a state could truly be considered quite the tragedy for him.

All of those juniors of his were now soaring up as though they were seated on rockets. That was undeniably a heavy blow for Feng Qingzi. However, against these Ancient race beings, Feng Qingzi wasn't fazed in the least bit.

It was a pity though…

"Dogsh*t…" One of the Ancient race beings started growling out sinisterly. But all of a sudden, it was as though his body had been rooted where he was.


A series of cracks appeared on the body of that Ancient race being as a bedazzling glow burst out of him.

"What's going on over here?" All the surrounding Ancient race beings were stumped as they could not figure out what was happening. On the other side, Feng Qingzi was equally bewildered himself. When he jerked his head around, all he saw was a composed figure that was floating up in the void.

Lin Fan was extremely calm right now. Having changed his appearance, his aura was turbulent like that of a gigantic ocean, and was totally immeasurable.

"Who are you? How dare you lay your hands on us?" Another Ancient race being roared out.

"Hmph!" Lin Fan snorted out coldly. With that, the Ancient race being who had just spoken met with the same end as the previous one, with his body tearing apart and bursting open with a bright burst of light.

When Feng Qingzi caught sight of everything, he could not help but take in a deep breath of cold air.

"So strong…!"

Initially, he hadn't managed to see clearly how the other party had struck out. But right now, it was evident that a single cold snort was enough to take down the Ancient race beings! The strength he possessed was ever so terrifying.

This was no longer the capability that a Supreme state being could possess. This was definitely a powerful being of the Immemorial Ancient state, or perhaps someone who could even stand shoulder to shoulder against the utmost powerful beings!

"Thank you for rendering your a.s.sistance, Senior." In front of a powerful being as such, how could Feng Qingzi dare to act insolently? Therefore, he naturally greeted the other party politely.

"Oh yes, Little Feng… It has been a long time since I've seen you. Your cultivation state doesn't seem all that amazing, eh?" Lin Fan spoke up.

Feng Qingzi had initially thought that this mysterious, powerful being was only just pa.s.sing by. But, when he heard that the other party knew who he was, he seemed somewhat taken aback.

"Excuse me, Senior, but you are?" Feng Qingzi asked curiously.

At this moment, Lin Fan waved out his hand domineeringly. The other two Ancient race beings were confounded at this moment. They knew that they were definitely no match for this fella before them. Therefore, they sliced out at the void and dove in, wanting to escape immediately.

"Trying to run? Dream on."

Lin Fan grabbed out at the void with his hands. In the next moment, two little explosions boomed out within the endless void.



When the two Ancient race beings dove into the void, they had thought that they were safe for sure. But, who would have thought that a single gigantic hand would appear right in their faces! When the five fingers closed together, they were trapped within the palms of that hand. With some slight strength exerted out, there was nothing left of them as they were crushed into dust.

"So terrifying!" When Feng Qingzi caught sight of this, his face changed drastically. This was a strength that had already surpa.s.sed everything. Even if it were an ordinary Immemorial Ancient state being, he or she might not possess a strength as such!

"To think that even two pieces of trashes would think of trying to escape from the palms of Yours Truly. They've got to be dreaming." Lin Fan muttered softly, totally disregarding the existence of those Ancient race beings.

"Cough, cough! Say, Little Feng, how have you been doing recently?" Lin Fan chuckled out while asking.

"May I know who you are, Senior?" Feng Qingzi asked carefully. At the same time, there was something bugging him in his heart. This Senior seemed to be really familiar with him!

But for the moment, Feng Qingzi truly could not figure out just who this person before his eyes was.

"Take a look at who I am…" Lin Fan revealed his true face. When Feng Qingzi caught a proper sight of who was before him, he exclaimed out.

"So it's you, lad!" Feng Qingzi couldn't believe his very eyes right now. To think that this big show off before him would be none other than that cheap disciple of his!

"That's right, it's me! I am that legendary Senior you were referring to." Lin Fan chuckled out.

On the other side, Feng Qingzi's face turned darker and darker. He then shouted out, "Good! Very good! To think that you would dare to play a prank as such on Your Master! You'll see if Your Master doesn't teach you a lesson for this!"

"HAHA! It's none of my business! You were the one who chose to call me your Senior! But honestly, old man, aren't you leveling up way too slowly right now?"

Lin Fan dodged left and right while sn.i.g.g.e.ring out.

"d.a.m.n it! I have to teach you a good lesson today, lad!" Feng Qingzi was angered. To think that this lad would play him for a fool!

If word of this were to get out, wouldn't he turn into a laughing stock?

But, it was just that the cultivation state of this lad was way too overkill, wasn't it? The fact that he could have grown to such an extent was something that had Feng Qingzi horrified beyond anything else.

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