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Chapter 954: So Miserable!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Old Master Devouring Heavens, you motherf*cking dog! To think that you wouldn't even let me chop you down at your death!"

Lin Fan was enraged right now. Who knew how many neurons he had destroyed in order to plan out everything. And yet, this Old Master Devouring Heavens… Good job! In just that split fraction of a millisecond, just that sliver of time and those heaven revolting experience points had escaped the grasp of his hands!

This was a severe pain! Lin Fan had never once felt a pain as such.

Now that two out of the seven utmost powerful beings were already dead, there were only five of them left alive. If all five of them were to die just like this, Lin Fan would even harbor thoughts of committing suicide.

It was only now that Lin Fan realized that everything was far from what he had imagined it to be.

The strength of the Old Master Thunder was simply way too strong, so strong that even Lin Fan was feeling a little fearful right now.

Amongst the utmost powerful beings, the strength of Old Master Devouring Heavens wasn't all that weak. But, to think that even he would be blown up to death! This was something that Lin Fan hadn't expected at all.

He was in a crazed search right now.

Lin Fan did not have high expectations. As long as there were three utmost powerful beings alive, that would do as well! Alright, fine! Even if it were a little less, even TWO would do!

If there were only one or none left, Lin Fan would truly have to puke out blood. That would mean that all the hard work that he had put into this was all for naught!

"Utmost powerful beings, where are you guys! I'm here to save you guys!" Lin Fan yelled out.

Within this pitch black darkness, it was really no easy task to look out for those surviving utmost powerful beings.

"Is there no one left alive?" Lin Fan shouted out while searching. There wasn't even a single ghost in this pitch black darkness here.

And just at this moment, at a black place not too far from him, a small piece of bloodied meat was pulsating.

"d.a.m.nED MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" The Old Master Crocodile was roaring at this moment.

However, because his injuries were way too severe, that rendered the Old Master Crocodile incapable of crossing the void to leave this place.

He hadn't expected the self destruction of the Old Master Thunder to deal him this much damage. If not for the fact that his skin was tough by nature, he would most probably have already been dead by now!

"d.a.m.n it! Given the current injuries sustained, I will definitely not be able to recover fully without at least 10,000 years or so." The Old Master Crocodile was filled with hatred in his heart. His Paradise had crumbled down, resulting in a huge loss for him.

However, right now, even if it were an ant, the Old Master Crocodile might very well be killed by that.

If he were discovered by the Motherf*cking Human King, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING, JUST YOU WAIT!" The Old Master Crocodile swore to the Heavens that he would never ever trust anybody from now on forth.

This Motherf*cking Human King was simply way too crafty.

That dogsh*t Old Master Thunder! If he wanted to die, he should have just died alone! To think that all of them would be dragged into this mess. d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

And just as that pulsating bloodied meat of the Old Master Crocodile was slowly trying to crawl its way into the distance, he felt a chilling feeling appearing behind his back all of a sudden.

At the same time, there was a disturbing gaze that seemed intent on devouring him down entirely. That was something that was extremely frightening.

"Old Master Crocodile… You're quite the good example!" After searching for a good, long time, Lin Fan had finally discovered a square piece of bloodied meat that was trying to crawl away slowly! That had Lin Fan in a state of total ecstasy.

Finally, after all this time, he had found one!

"M-motherf*cking Human King…!" The voice of the Old Master Crocodile was filled with fear right now. He was in a state where he was totally defenseless and helpless. Facing the Motherf*cking Human King now would leave him with no other path but death.

"M-motherf*cking Human King, h-how about we talk things out p-properly? C-can't we just get along in peace?" The Old Master Crocodile begged out sorrowfully and pleaded. He truly did not want to die!

If he were to die right here, he would be left with nothing at all!

All those powers that he had acc.u.mulated over countless of eras would vanish like smoke, and that path of transcending up ahead would be cut off from him forever!

"What do you think?" Right now, Lin Fan's mood was awesome. The fact that he was even able to find one meant that he wouldn't make a loss at least.

"Please let me go, I beg of you! I'm willing to be your helper… No, I'm willing to be your slave! Anything as long as you let me go!" The Old Master Crocodile begged out.

Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out and held the bloodied piece of meat of the Old Master Crocodile in his hands.

"You're not the simple guy, are you? The fact that you're able to survive the self destruction of the Old Master Crocodile means that you've got some capabilities! However, all of that is just nice to complement the achievements of Yours Truly." Lin Fan sighed out.

The Old Master Crocodile could sense that there was no way the Motherf*cking Human King was going to let him off now. With that, he started getting agitated.

"MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING! YOUR ANCESTOR IS NEVER GOING TO LET YOU OFF! YOUR ANCESTOR…YOUR ANCESTOR…!" But just at this moment, the voice of the Old Master Crocodile seemed to be getting hurried.

That scattered consciousness of his that he had only managed to regroup after much efforts was actually showing signs of breaking down once more!

"Aiyoh! Holy f*ck! I can't let you die for nothing!" Lin Fan could sense that the feeble aura of the Old Master Crocodile seemed as though it could dissipate at any moment now. Without hesitating, he used some strength and squeezed the piece of meat to sludge instantly.

With that, the only remaining consciousness of the Old Master Crocodile vanished like the air.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Old Master Crocodile.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

"To think that I didn't get to level up. That's quite a pity now." Lin Fan expressed his exasperation.

At the same time, there was nothing that popped out of him killing the Old Master Crocodile. Evidently, everything of his had already been destroyed in that single explosion just now.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that there seemed to be some commotion happening up ahead.

He saw two pieces of bloodied meat trying their best while pulsating up ahead.

"Old Master Water Dragon, help me to block first! Once I've recovered, I will definitely gather all the Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race to help you take revenge!" This piece of bloodied meat was the Drought Demonic G.o.d.

He hadn't expected that this would be the final outcome of things. If not for the fact that he had used the Extreme Heavens Demonic G.o.d as a meat shield, he might have long been blown up to death.

For the Drought Demonic G.o.d, it was a right choice for him to dupe the Extreme Heavens Demonic G.o.d over this time around. At least, that was a move that helped him keep his life.

In the past, there had been utmost powerful beings who had self destructed as well. Even though he knew that the self destruction of utmost powerful beings was extremely powerful, he hadn't experienced it for himself. But now that he had, he knew that it wasn't extremely powerful… It was just b.l.o.o.d.y downright sick!

To think that even with their cultivation state, they wouldn't be able to defend against it! How sick was that?

"Scram, Drought Demonic G.o.d! YOU help Your Ancestor to block first and Your Ancestor will help you seek revenge in the future!" The injuries of the Old Master Water Dragon were extremely grave. Although he was in tremendous pain, he did not dare to cry out. If he cried out, he was afraid that that horrifying Motherf*cking Human King might be lured here!

This time around, he had truly comprehended just how underhanded that Motherf*cking Human King was.

This b.l.o.o.d.y motherf*cking dog of an Old Master Thunder! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! He just HAD to drag them down into the waters after he was dead meat himself. He was worse than a beast!

To think that he had trusted the Old Master Thunder so much in the past, and yet he had sold them out!

"Old Master Water Dragon, your life's Essence Energy has already been depleted and destroyed! If you want to recover, you wouldn't be able to do so unless it takes you 10,000 years or so! Just protect me and let me leave this place! Once I get back to the Ancient race, with the help of the other Demonic G.o.ds, I will only require a couple of years to recover! By then, I'll help you take revenge and have this Motherf*cking Human King killed mercilessly!" The Drought Demonic G.o.d said.


After the Old Master Water Dragon scolded out with that single roar, he started crawling ahead with all his strength as he cussed in his heart. This time around, the losses were simply way too great that he could barely deal with it any longer.

If he were to be discovered by that Motherf*cking Human King, the only path left for him was definitely that of death, without a single sc.r.a.p of him left.

And just at this moment, an eerie sn.i.g.g.e.r traveled over that had the both of them freezing up immediately.

"To think that there are two more…" Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy.

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