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Chapter 953: Just So F*cking Close!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, Lin Fan stood up as though he was all fine and dandy, straightening out his clothes.

"Old Master Water Dragon, that kick of yours was excellent! However, it did not hurt at all." Lin Fan swept away the footprint off his clothes and chuckled out.

"You…!" The face of the Old Master Water Dragon froze up as he could not dare to believe everything before him. Just what in the world was going on right now? Why did this Human seem as though there was nothing wrong with him? Could there have been some situation going on?

"Old Master Devouring Heavens, what you said earlier on was absolutely right. If the Old Master Thunder were to self destruct, all of you would definitely be implicated by it." Lin Fan swept back his robes and placed his hands behind his back while speaking with a calm expression.

"Alright, let me try explaining to you guys how the self destruction is going to turn up."

"Now, the theory behind this self destruction is relatively simple. Heat expands, coldness contracts... Even though those are only four words, Yours Truly garners that some of you may not have the scientific background to understand it. Therefore, let me simplify it even further."

"The body of the Old Master Thunder can be seen as a gigantic pot right now. Within it, there is the Universal Elixir, Eternal G.o.d Seat, Paradise, Essence Spirit and many other things which possess an incredible amount of energy. Right now, they are all huddled and fusing together while expanding out. Can anyone imagine the amount of power that could be derived from this explosion later on?"

"Now, I know that you've already gotten the gist of things, Old Master Crocodile. But, I think it'd still be better for me to do the explanations." The moment Lin Fan saw that the Old Master Crocodile was about to open his mouth, he naturally did not give the latter the chance to do so.

"If we were to a.s.sume that the full powers of a single strike of the Old Master Thunder were to be placed at Level 1, the amount of power that would be emitted from the self destruction would be at Level 5. That is a complete five whole times of power." Lin Fan continued.

After he was done, all the expressions of the utmost powerful beings changed in a flush. The Old Master Water Dragon was even roaring madly right now, "Just what in the world do you want, Old Master Thunder?"

The Old Master Thunder did not reply at all as he continued to acc.u.mulate power. His body gave a cracking sound as tears appeared on his body. It was as though there was some horrifying power that couldn't wait to burst out of his body.

"Oh, that's right, I forgot to tell you guys. The Old Master Thunder has already been tamed by me. Naturally, I was the one who colluded with him to lure you guys out." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red.

"How could this be…?"

All the utmost powerful beings were taken aback right now. Suddenly, everything did not seem too right to them.

"Just what in the world are you thinking of doing? With such a proximity, you will definitely not be safe either!" The utmost powerful beings were starting to fl.u.s.ter.

This was no ordinary powerful being that was self destructing; it was the Old Master Thunder!

"Go! Let us hurry and leave!" Lucifer roared out. How would he dare to continue staying here any longer?



A series of figures bolted out into the void. However, they soon found that their paths forward had been blocked.

"Don't fight back anymore, guys. I've already laid down the seal for the entire place with the Old Master Thunder. Even if you utmost powerful beings want to remove the seal, it would take you guys at least the duration of a single burning joss stick."

"But, what a pity that the time left before the Old Master Thunder self destructs is a mere ten seconds now!" Lin Fan chuckled out calmly, totally unbothered by anything.

Old Master Devouring Heavens and the others looked at Lin Fan in a rage, "Motherf*cking Human King! Let us out of here and we will definitely not pit ourselves against you in the future! Otherwise, you're going to be dragged into this as well!"

"That's right! Given your strength, you would definitely not be able to withstand this either!" The Old Master Crocodile said.

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand dismissively before chuckling out, "Guys, don't overcomplicate matters now. The one and only tool to resist the self destruction… is this."

At this moment, Lin Fan took out the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"This…!" When the utmost powerful beings caught sight of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, they were stunned for a moment.

"This is called the Heaven and Earth Smelt, and is the toughest existence in the world. Even the self destruction will not deal any damage to it at all. But naturally, Yours Truly is the only one who has this plaything. As for you guys? Not so lucky."

The moment Lin Fan was finished with his sentence, a large growl boomed out.


The voice of the Old Master Thunder howled out as the power within his body had expanded to the pinnacle state. The power of destruction that he had been channeling was finally at its breaking point where he wanted to burst forth with it all right now.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you can't do that!" The utmost powerful beings cried out.

"There's no time left! Lolkthxbai!" Lin Fan did not waste any c.r.a.p on them and hid within the Heaven and Earth Smelt immediately.

"Shrink, shrink…!"

Instantly, Lin Fan shrunk the Heaven and Earth Smelt into the size of a dust particle.

Now, all of those utmost powerful beings who wanted to use the Heaven and Earth Smelt as a shield and hide behind it had no choice left.

"How could this be…? That b*stard!" The utmost powerful beings were incensed.

"Legendary Items, protect my body!"

"Devouring the Heavens and Consume the Earth! I shall remain indestructible for all eternity!"

"The Dao of the Extreme Heavens! Indestructible Worldly Limits!"

At this moment, these utmost powerful beings burst forth with all the strength they had to even suck milk from t.i.tties with. They were truly fearful right now. They truly hadn't expected that something as such would happen.

An utmost powerful being self destructing? If not for the fact that they were about to witness it right now, they would have thought that this was entirely impossible.


Just as the utmost powerful beings were still stuck in their disbelief, the Old Master Thunder ruptured forth. All of the energy that had been acc.u.mulated burst forth as that formidable power ripped the entire Heaven and Earth apart right away.

The light was bedazzling as the entire world fell into a state of nothingness.

When the utmost powerful beings of the other worlds felt the reverberations of this power, their hearts skipped a beat as their faces changed.

They had felt it. This was an utmost powerful being's self destruction!

Everything in the radius of a billion miles could feel the aftermath of the shockwaves. This was especially the case for this desolated world right here that crumbled apart and returned to its Source.

Even if it were the Seal that Lin Fan had laid down together with the Old Master Thunder, it could not help but disintegrate and disappear in the face of this power.

Lin Fan hid within the Heaven and Earth Smelt and witnessed the resplendent world before him turning into ashes. At that moment, he felt like leaping up in shock.

This was way too strong, wasn't it?

Those utmost powerful beings shouldn't be killed right away by this, right? If they were, he was going to make such a huge loss! They had to stay alive even with just a single breath of life so that Lin Fan could kill them and obtain their experience points!

The quakes were endless as the Heaven and Earth Smelt vibrated intensely as well. However, these shockwaves did not do any damage to it at all. It was only after a long time that the quakes finally came to a stop. Lin Fan looked through the Heaven and Earth Smelt at the outside world.

It was over!

With that, Lin Fan exited the Heaven and Earth Smelt immediately. But, when he caught sight of the situation outside, he was utterly dumbfounded.

How could this even still be considered a world? It was utterly and entirely turned into nothingness!

The place was pitch black where he could not see up ahead at all. Everything in here, even time, s.p.a.ce, Laws, and everything else, ceased to exist completely.

Lin Fan's body burst forth with a glaring radiance that penetrated through this pitch black nothingness before him.

"Eh, that is…?"

At this moment, Lin Fan caught sight of a pile of flesh and blood floating out before him.

In fact, there was even a feeble consciousness that was emanating out of that pile of flesh and blood.

"Motherf*cking…Human King…I, the Old Master…Devouring Heavens…Will never…"

"Old Master Devouring Heavens? Persevere on for just a little bit longer! I'm coming over now!" Lin Fan hadn't expected that the Old Master Devouring Heavens would be blown apart till this single piece of meat was all that he was left with! This had the former was absolutely confounded.

This was way too b.l.o.o.d.y savage, wasn't it?

But, when Lin Fan cleaved down with the Eternal Axe and slain the piece of meat into bits, he did not receive any notifications from the System.

For a moment or so, Lin Fan was just stupefied.

"Holy f*ck! I was just so f*cking close!" Lin Fan hadn't expected that the Old Master Devouring Heavens could not even hold out for such a short period of time and had died just like that.

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