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Chapter 952: Erm, Self-Destructing?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_


At this moment, the Old Master Thunder had been completely purified by Lin Fan and turned into his dog through and through. If Lin Fan wanted him to die or live, he would die or live. There was simply no chance of him resisting at all.


Who would have thought that the utmost powerful being, Old Master Thunder, would have been purified by someone just like that? If any of the other utmost powerful beings were to find out about this, their hearts might even jump out of their chest from the blow.

"If I were to kill this Old Master Thunder, I might be able to reach an Immemorial Ancient state upper level. But, this Old Master Thunder did remind me that he's of great value!" Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy as all sorts of ploys started popping in his mind.

Eventually, he decided on the best plan of them all. This was a plan that would allow him to turn into a G.o.d with a single thought.

Whether or not he could turn into a G.o.d would all depend on the Old Master Thunder right now.

"Lay out a Heaven and Earth barrier with me." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes." The Old Master Thunder did not have to hesitate as he sent out a mysterious Power of Thunder that rose into the air and laid out across the endless void before turning into seals one after another.

Lin Fan pointed out with his finger as the Source Sealing Technique burst forth. This was the fundamental of Sealing the Heaven and Earth.

"Power of Biggra."

That odorless and colorless mist seeped into the endless void as well.

At this moment, it was as though an entire spiderweb was laid out, blanketing the whole sky. Every single thread of it glistened with light and was filled with an unlimited amount of sealing powers.

After G.o.d knows how long, it was only once the Heaven and Earth Seal of this entire place had reached its pinnacle state that Lin Fan stopped his actions.

"With this seal here right now, it'd be easy for anyone to get in… But getting out? That's another issue altogether." Lin Fan was extremely pleased with everything right now.

"Old Master Thunder, call over all the utmost powerful beings that you had once summoned and grouped up with." This time around, Lin Fan was prepared to go big on this.

"Yes." The Old Master Thunder nodded his head before countless streams of his consciousness extended out into the void.

"Your Ancestor has already captured the Motherf*cking Human King. Fellow utmost powerful beings, please come forth and give me a hand."

Instantly, all of these streams of consciousness spread in all directions. It didn't take long before the void started trembling.

"Old Master Thunder, to think that you would inform Your Ancestor here about it. You're really a dependable person." A gigantic crocodile descended down into the world as those gigantic claws ripped the void open before extending slowly.

"That is for sure! Even though the events of the previous time were a misunderstanding, Your Ancestor here naturally has to make some amends to you." The Old Master Thunder said.

"Haha! Not bad! From this day forth, we'll write everything off!" The Old Master Crocodile burst out laughing as he looked at this Motherf*cking Human King before him with l.u.s.tful eyes.

"This is indeed that Motherf*cking Human King. After taking all of those Legendary Items for yourself, it's time you spit them out today!"

"To think that the Old Master Crocodile would have been a step earlier than me." Lucifer arrived as a G.o.dly radiance shone down on the entire world. When he felt the sealing of the void nearby, he was slightly bothered with it at the start.

"This seal…"

"This Human is crafty beyond anything else and has escaped from the hands of Your Ancestor one too many times. This time around, Your Ancestor laid down an entire Heaven and Earth Formation Seal. Let's see how he runs from this now." The Old Master Thunder said with confidence.

Following closely after, a thousand feet long Water Dragon spiraled over. This was the Old Master Water Dragon who had arrived.

"Old Master Thunder, to think that you would have captured this Motherf*cking Human King." At this moment, the Old Master Devouring Heavens arrived as well.

"I, the Drought Demonic G.o.d, have arrived!" A Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race descended. And beside him stood yet another Demonic G.o.d as well.

This was the Extreme Heavens Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race.

Most probably, the Drought Demonic G.o.d was worried that his strength might not be enough alone, and hence, decided to bring along someone of his own race.

Old Master Devouring Heavens, Lucifer, Drought Demonic G.o.d, Extreme Heavens Demonic G.o.d, Old Master Water Dragon, Old Master Crocodile and Old Master Thunder... This made up a total of seven utmost powerful beings.

Looking at the number of utmost powerful beings who had descended, Lin Fan's lips curled into a cold grin.

"Seems like all of you are accounted for." Lin Fan said.

"Motherf*cking Human King, hand over the Legendary Items! Between the Heaven and Earth here, you have nowhere to run now!" The Old Master Water Dragon said grimly.

"That's right. In the hands of seven of us, it's not as though you can still run away once more, can you?"

"Because of our carelessness the previous time around, you had managed to escape once. But, you're not going to get lucky again!"

Under the combined forces of these seven utmost powerful beings, no matter who it was, they would definitely have to fall. However, for Lin Fan, even though there were only seven utmost powerful beings here, this still beat having only a single one of them around.

Lin Fan looked over at the Old Master Thunder before laughing out calmly, "Since you guys want the Legendary Items, come and get them then."

"Suppress him!" The Old Master Thunder roared out and struck out first. Next, the other utmost powerful beings followed suit.

At the exact moment when all the other utmost powerful beings had struck out, the Old Master Thunder seized the chance when they weren't paying attention to stand back slightly.

"HAHA! It's not as though I could be afraid of you guys! Come and whack me if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy before he squatted down while covering his head.


Six utmost powerful beings surrounded Lin Fan entirely and came forth with formidable attacks one after another, raining them down onto his body.

At this moment, Lin Fan could only feel that his luck was simply way too good. If not for the fact that the Great Sage had helped him to level his Physical Body State to Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state, he might have been beaten to death physically by these six utmost powerful beings here.

"Human… If you don't wish to die here and now, hand over those Legendary Items!"

"You're f*cking dreaming! Whack me to death if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan covered his head before lying flat on the ground, allowing them to whack as they pleased.

"Hmph! Courting death!" The six utmost powerful beings focused all of their attention onto the body of this Motherf*cking Human King here. To all of them, those Legendary Items of the Heaven and Earth were treasures amongst treasures.

But, to think that this Motherf*cking Human King would have obtained all of them! How could they possibly endure something like this?

"That's right, Yours Truly IS courting death! Come and f*ck up Your Daddy to death if you can!" Lin Fan roared out.

Leg after leg, they rained down kicks onto Lin Fan's body. Lin Fan hugged onto the thighs of one of the utmost powerful beings right now and continued, "Come on! Kick me to death!"

"d.a.m.n it! Let go of Your Ancestor, you d.a.m.ned Human!"

Bam! Wham! Pow! Bish!

Lin Fan covered his face with his palms and allowed the utmost powerful beings to whack as they wanted. Either way, even if he were to brawl it out with them, he wouldn't be able to win it straight up. He might as well let them beat him to their heart's pleasure.

After all, Yours Truly was a good person! These were already their final moments, so it was good to let them vent out all the Desolate powers within their bodies right now!

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes…

Soon, the six utmost powerful beings discovered that this Human was too d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y resilient! For a moment or so, even they felt a tad tired.

"Old Master Thunder, I heard that your Dao of the Thunder can torment one's heart and soul! How about you give it a… try?" Suddenly, the Old Master Devouring Heavens thought of the Old Master Thunder. But, when he discovered that the Old Master Thunder was not around them, he started looking left and right for the latter's presence.

All of a sudden, the Old Master Devouring Heavens realized that the Old Master Thunder was floating silently in the void up above with lightning wrapped all around his body. A devastating aura was channeling out from within him.

"Old Master Thunder, what are you thinking of doing?" The Old Master Devouring Heavens asked in a stumped manner.

"Erm, self destructing?" The face of the Old Master Thunder was calm right now. When those horrifying words of 'self destructing' came out of the mouth of the Old Master Thunder, they sounded like the most normal thing possible.

"Don't! Old Master Thunder, if you self destruct here, we're all going to be implicated!" The Old Master Water Dragon yelled out.

And at this very moment, Lin Fan stood up on his feet and twisted his neck left and right to stretch it.

"Everyone, please remain silent. Let me do the explaining for the second half of this show and elaborate to you guys the sort of impact his self destruction would create."

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