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Chapter 951: Let The Tumultuous Era Arrive!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Old Master Thunder was stunned. He hadn't expected this Motherf*cking Human King to be this despicable, and to even know of such underhanded techniques.

Even though as utmost powerful beings, they would resort to some trickeries and plots at times, they would normally disregard lowly techniques as such. But right now, this Motherf*cking Human King was causing the Old Master Thunder to break down entirely.

Did this guy b.l.o.o.d.y still have any humanity left in him?

"Motherf*cking Human King, let me go and we'll talk things through nicely, okay? I, the Old Master Thunder, am no evildoer. Perhaps, we can even be friends?" The Old Master Thunder said.

"Be friends?" Lin Fan chuckled out in laughter.

"That's right! I, the Old Master Thunder, LOVE making friends the most! Everything you've done to me, I can let bygones be bygones!" Even though this was what the Old Master Thunder said on the surface, his heart was in reality burning with a strong fuming rage.

Let bygones be bygones? What sort of an international joke was that? For everything that the Motherf*cking Human King had done to him, the Old Master Thunder could not wait to crush down him harshly.

"Actually, I, Lin Fan, b.l.o.o.d.y LOVE making friends as well!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Oh! Then, we share the same sentiments! We can be sworn brothers right now! You can be the Big Brother!" In order to keep his life intact, the Old Master Thunder did not care about anything much right now.

"Slay, future."


The future life of the Old Master Thunder had just been slain away.

"Human… I mean, Big Brother! What are you doing? We are sworn brothers, aren't we? You can't do this to me!" The Old Master Thunder was enraged right now. However, for the sake of his life, he could only beg out pitifully.

"Your Big Brother here is helping you loosen your limbs so that you can feel the love that Big Brother has for you!" Lin Fan laughed out coldly.


Lin Fan chanted out with some scriptures and the Power of Purification gushed out slowly before wrapping up the Old Master Thunder in it. This was truly the first time he was trying to purify an utmost powerful being.

He wondered what sort of feelings the Old Master Thunder would have about this.

The thought had him feeling a little excited in fact.

"Argh! d.a.m.n it! Motherf*cking Human King, don't you dare get too brazen now! I am the Old Master Thunder, and an utmost powerful being! You will never be able to purify me!" The Old Master Thunder screamed out while his eyes shone with a frightened look.

He hadn't expected that the Motherf*cking Human King would be this cruel to dare to treat him as such!

"Eh? Seems like it's still useless?" Lin Fan exclaimed out and seemed pretty disappointed.

The Old Master Thunder heaved out a huge breath of relief. That was one h.e.l.l of a scare! If he were really purified, that would truly be the end for him!

"HAHA! You will never be able to purify an utmost powerful being! Utmost powerful beings are the most powerful existences in the…"

Before the words of the Old Master Thunder were even completed, he found a fist the size of a punching bag flying out towards his stomach once more.

That tremendous force penetrated through his entire body as the b.u.m of the Old Master Thunder jerked up along with a tragic shriek rising from his throat.

"What are you trying to do?" The Old Master Thunder yelled out as he could feel that power surging through his entire body like a torrent. It was as though he could puke out at any time.

"It's nothing, I'm just beating you up to loosen your body!" Lin Fan truly refused to believe that he couldn't purify this fella.

Initially, Lin Fan had wanted to kill the Old Master Thunder. But, on second thought, preserving his life might result in even greater value created in the future.

After all, the strength of the Old Master Thunder was still something that could be considered as pretty strong.

He was quite a bit stronger than that Old Master Bat.

The Old Master Thunder raised his head menacingly. But, when he saw that devious and sinister smirk on the face of the Motherf*cking Human King, that eternally resolute thunderous heart of his that had remained firm throughout the ancient times started to quiver.

He felt as though there was a terrible calamity awaiting him right now.

And at that moment, yet another punch came down from Lin Fan.

The Old Master Thunder had his throat choked tightly by Lin Fan's arm, and could not break free at all. No matter how much power he tried to burst forth with, it was all useless.

"Stop that! You had better stop that now!" The Old Master Thunder shrieked out.

"Purify." Lin Fan deployed the Purification technique.

"I told you to stop it! You're never going to be able to purify Your Ancestor!" The Old Master Thunder had never imagined that this would be his outcome one day.

This was way too pathetic, so much so that he could barely deal with it any longer.



Lin Fan punched down towards the stomach of the Old Master Thunder a few dozens of times continuously. Every single punch was crueler than the previous one.

No matter how strong the strength of the Old Master Thunder was, he could do nothing but endure the torments under these relentless strikes. His body shivered uncontrollably and sprayed out a mouthful of blood that stained the ground.

"S-stop that… ARGH!" All of a sudden, the Old Master Thunder started to feel as though he was losing strength. He was so listless that he could almost crumble right now.


All of a sudden, it was as though the Old Master Thunder had just thought up of something.

"Self destruct!"

The moment Lin Fan heard this voice of the Old Master Thunder, his face changed as though he had just remembered something horrifying.

"Holy f*ck! This Old Master Thunder is thinking of self destructing!"

At this moment, the Old Master Thunder burst out laughing wildly.

"MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING! YOUR ANCESTOR WILL HAVE IT OUT WITH YOU TODAY!" All of a sudden, the powers of the Old Master Thunder surged out of him rapidly. An aura that was filled with a devastating power started channeling within his body as though it could burst out at any moment.

The self destruction of an utmost powerful being was not something to be underestimated. Even an utmost powerful being of the same level might not be able to hold out against it at all.

"HAHA! MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING… YOU CAN JUST DIE TOGETHER WITH YOUR ANCESTOR!" The Old Master Thunder was laughing like a maniac right now. But all of a sudden, an inhumane pain spiked through his entire body.

The malevolent face of the Old Master Thunder changed immensely as though he was feeling something real strange.

"F*cking h.e.l.l! Are you trying to scare Yours Truly to death? Even if you want to self destruct, Yours Truly is going to have you hold it back in!" Lin Fan patted the head of the Old Master Thunder like a dog furiously.

When he realized that the Old Master Thunder was about to self destruct, Lin Fan was truly horrified for a moment there. Thereafter, he remembered that there was still his Twisting Heaven and Earth.

With that single move of his hands, the world would belong to him. Even if one wanted to self destruct, they would have to hold it back in entirely.

The Old Master Thunder screamed out miserably. This was a pain that even he could not endure at all.

"Hehe… Based on the situation right now, he is definitely ready to be purified completely!" Lin Fan smiled.


At this moment, Lin Fan's body emanated out an extremely ancient Power of Purification. Any vile or evil being would all have to repent and conform to the user of this Power of Purification.


The pathetic howl of the Old Master Thunder erupted out as the Power of Purification wrapped his entire inner heart.


Lin Fan hollered out as a series of Buddhas appeared and floated out of the void before encircling the Old Master Thunder. These Buddhas chanted out scriptures as the Power of Purification burst forth tremendously in series.

The menacing expression of the Old Master Thunder gradually started changing under its influence, turning compa.s.sionate, benevolent, merciful, dignified, and pure.

'Ding… Congratulations on purifying Old Master Thunder.'

"HAHAHA!" When Lin Fan heard the notification of the System, he burst out laughing. For him, the Old Master Thunder was someone who provided an immense amount of usages. Whether or not Lin Fan could become an utmost powerful being in one fell swoop depended entirely on this Old Master Thunder.

At this moment, Lin Fan reared his head and looked up into the sky with a face full of emotions. It was now time for a tumultuous era to arrive… time to let Yours Truly transcend through everything!

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