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Chapter 949: You Have Already Lost
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Legendary Weapon!"

The Old Master Thunder could sense the aura that was emanating out of the Eternal Axe, as a result of which his face changed slightly with some disbelief on it.

This was the aura of a TRUE Legendary Weapon!

At this moment, Lin Fan's entire aura changed and turned extremely sharp. His body's aura converged onto the Eternal Axe while the Source of Power within his aura gushed out even more furiously and a boundless power shrouded its surface.



Lin Fan roared out as his Eternal Axe sliced through the Heaven and Earth. The two bedazzling axe flashes that streaked out let out a radiant glare.

When these two sharp auras swerving right up into the air, they seemed like gigantic dragons that tore through the layer of void above before bolting right out for Old Master Thunder.

Old Master Thunder hadn't expected the strength of the Motherf*cking Human King to actually reach a state as such!

After all, these two axes were filled with an endless amount of power.

"I, Old Master Thunder, am invincible in the world!"

Old Master Thunder bellowed out as he closed all five fingers of his into a fist. The Legendary Item let out a reversing glow as a 100,000 feet tall Thunder G.o.d rose up from the ground. It seemed as though the entire world had just descended into a state of complete chaos.

All of those living beings of the thousands of races who were in the middle of escaping right now could feel their faces turning pale as a sheet when they felt the reverberations of this power that could rattle one's soul. They were so fearful that they had shivers running down their spines.

While they did not know just what in the world was going on, just the reverberations of the power alone were enough for them to feel as though they couldn't ever hope to defend against it.

If they were any closer to the impact point, they might even be minced to death by the sheer force of the power.

Just what had happened in that horrifying place? Could there have been another powerful being that had appeared?

However, these were not things for them to find out or understand. After all, they could not even get close to it. In their eyes, everything was just too terrifying.


Those two axes were the first two stances of the Eternal Axe. Even though they were not enough to deal with an utmost powerful being just yet, with the boost of the Source of Power, the amount of power that burst forth was not to be taken lightly.

When the two axe flashes collided with the Legendary Item of the Old Master Thunder, the surface of the letter revealed layers and layers of Power of Thunder that wrapped around it. Under the might of this tremendous force, there were even ripples that vibrated out furiously before dispersing out the power that came forth from Lin Fan.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you have truly been way too arrogant! This item here of Your Ancestor is a Legendary Item. Do you really think that you can take down this Legendary Item of Your Ancestor? You've got to be dreaming!" The Old Master Thunder roared out as infinite thunderbolts streaked out like berserk dragons and danced in the sky. They were filled with the ability to destroy the entire world.

"Oh, is that so?" Lin Fan chuckled out calmly, then moved his finger and flicked his wrist. "Since that's the case, how about taking this next move of mine then? What's that sound?"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's aura turned even finer and sharper. In fact, there was even a Power of an Immemorial Ancient Eternity that was carried with it.

It was a power that felt like the Heavens were splitting and the Earth was being cleaved, a power capable of affecting all the living beings in this world.

"What's that?"

The face of the Old Master Thunder was shocked as his expression changed. From within that aura, he had sensed a boundless amount of power. In fact, there was even a will of dueling with the Heavens! This will was everlasting and indestructible, something that wouldn't be quenched throughout the ancient times.

"That's the Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique of the Great Sage! To think that you would have comprehended that will of conquering all the ancient times!"

The Old Master Thunder felt his heart rattling at this moment.

"Old Master Thunder, this is a move that you've got to be more careful about now, alright? Otherwise, you're going to have to bear the consequences yourself." Lin Fan smiled out indifferently. The Lin Fan right now could sense all the power that was cruising through his entire body.

"Heaven Splitting Earth Cleaving!"


Lin Fan's voice was like a thunderbolt right now as he bellowed out, causing an axe flash to streak out and tear the entire Heaven and Earth. The Source of Power gushed out as a tremendous amount of power gathered onto this 'Heaven Splitting Earth Cleaving' move.

This was a move that had transcended all mystic skills of martial arts. This was a Dao Move that could even be said to possess the strongest power of the entire world.

Right now, Lin Fan wanted to cleave this bleak world apart and create a brand new world, one where he would rule over as the lord.

"How could a single being of the Human race burst forth with such a great amount of power? Impossible! DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE!" The Old Master Thunder screamed out.


The axe flash penetrated through everything; in the face of it, time and s.p.a.ce were but like a mere piece of paper that tore apart with a single slice, without any room of resistance at all.


In the next instant, the axe flash struck out on the Legendary Item of the Old Master Thunder.

Through the empowerment of the Old Master Thunder, this Legendary Item had a power far superior to its original level. Its surface was especially resolute. Even if it were the entire power of a single world, it wouldn't be enough to crack it.

But at this moment, a cracking sound rang out in the void.

On the surface of that Legendary Item were actually an endless number of cracks appearing rapidly! It seemed as though it could shatter apart at any moment!

"HOW COULD THIS BE?" The blood drained from the face of the Old Master Thunder. This was HIS Legendary Item! To think that it would be destroyed by a single cleave by this Human's axe!

The Old Master Thunder opened his mouth wide and sprayed out the Essence Blood of his very life. When the Essence Blood floated out into the void, thunderbolts crackled out instantly and turned into runic symbols one after another.

When these runic symbols landed on that Legendary Item, it jerked intensely before landing back into the hands of the Old Master Thunder.

Those Essence Blood Runes replaced the Legendary Item and were destroyed by that axe flash instead.

Looking at the loss of his Source and the Weapon Spirit that was crying out tragically in his hands, the Old Master Thunder's heart was filled with an endless rage.

"Motherf*cking Human King! I'm going to have you crushed entirely!" Right now, the Old Master Thunder was completely maddened as his eyes were burning with anger.

"Old Master Thunder, you've already lost."

"The current me is at an apex state. Whereas you are already old right now. Your aura is starting to get chaotic."

At this moment, Lin Fan could feel a mysterious power bursting forth from within his body.

This was the power of his blood.

Lin Fan would never ever forget what had happened in the Xuanhuang World. The moment the G.o.d Blood was infused into his body, it had swapped out his own blood.

However, this blood had remained hidden within his body for all this while. He did not know what sort of effects it would have at all.

But, through this battle with the Old Master Thunder, Lin Fan was starting to realize that the G.o.d Blood within his body was rumbling out furiously.

"Old Master Thunder…" Right now, Lin Fan's voice was calm. His body moved, and he appeared in the former's face in a flash.

"You have sealed the Heaven and Earth. Now even if you want to leave, you can't do so."

Lin Fan slammed out with a punch that was so wild that it caused the void before him to rupture. The force that was pushing forth from him was absolutely horrifying.

Even before this punch had even arrived in his face, the Old Master Thunder could already feel the arrival of this impending terror that was about to descend on him.

"d.a.m.n IT…!"

The Old Master Thunder was enraged. Spreading open his palm, he slapped out at Lin Fan.


The palm of Old Master Thunder landed squarely on Lin Fan's chest. However, the latter smiled indifferently without showing any signs of changes.

This was the benefit of having an invincible Physical Body State.



The Old Master Thunder roared out in a tragic cry as fresh blood sprayed out everywhere. With a single arm, Lin Fan choked the Old Master Thunder and rained down fist after fist on his face.

The sorrowful wails were relentless.


The Old Master Thunder was incensed right now. However, every single strike he landed on Lin Fan felt like nothing more than an itch to the latter.

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