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Chapter 946: Meeting The Seven Saint Old Dog Once More
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

When Lin Fan arrived at the area where the fallout was coming from, he was stunned at the scene before him. This was so b.l.o.o.d.y intense!

There was a group fight happening among various races. At times, people were even spitting out blood from being punched and smacked!

There were also some geniuses who were holding down the entire scene with their unparalleled prowess. However, the current situation was still quite the stalemate where there was no clear victor in sight. After all, there were simply way too many people gathered at this place, making it hard for any side to come forth victorious at any moment.

Lin Fan was curious right now. He wondered just what sort of a treasure could have all of these beings of the different races contesting over it and even have things ending up in such a brawl.

But, when Lin Fan caught sight of the treasure that was floating up in the void, his face turned a little strange. This was too d.a.m.ned cute!

A single throne floated silently up in the void.

The throne gave off an eternal aura as that bedazzling G.o.dly gleam shone down on the entire world. There were countless people who were thirsting over it. But, when Lin Fan caught sight of this plaything, he merely shrugged it off. Yet another throne? For Lin Fan, a plaything as such no longer had any sh*t use anymore.

However, for all of these beings of the thousands of races, this was an Utmost Treasure amongst Utmost Treasures, something more important than any other Legendary Item.

The living beings of the thousands of races knew that if they wanted to level up to Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state, the fastest way to go about it was to obtain an Eternal G.o.d Seat.

And, for an Eternal G.o.d Seat as such to appear within this secret ground, it was naturally a point of contest for them. After all, since there was only one Eternal G.o.d Seat, there could only be a single person who could obtain it in the end.

The living beings of the thousands of races had to get their hands on it even if it was at the death of them!

Chicky, Chicken Big, and Tai Ritian stood beside Lin Fan, spectating on the entire brawl with a look of bemus.e.m.e.nt on their faces.

Chicken Big was extremely delighted over obtaining that golden shining treasure of his from earlier on. He was toying around with it endlessly, and even imagining about the sort of accessory he could craft out of it.

Right now, his entire body from the top of his wings down to his claws was filled with golden accessories. For a moment or so, Chicken Big did not even know where to wear this new one anymore.

As for Chicky and Tai Ritian, when they caught sight of the brawl going on, they were extremely excited as well. It was as though they were feeling their blood pumping over a fight like this.

"So entertaining!"

"Old Bro, look at that fella! He's so strong! He just took down four people in one go! Oh no! Why was he so careless? He just got backstabbed!"

"Woof, woof…!" When Tai Ritian saw a beautiful woman being walloped, his heart skipped a beat in rage and he wanted to rush up to give her a hand. But, when he saw how chaotic the entire scene was, he could only quietly admit defeat.

Given the current situation, if he rushed in, the only thing awaiting him was a definite death.

Lin Fan had not expected that Chicky and the others would have such a picky taste while watching this. But, there was something that was bothering Lin Fan. There was an elixir floating above the Eternal G.o.d Seat.

The scent that was emanating out of the elixir was one that gave off a supremely invincible feeling. This was a scent ever so nostalgic.

On the surface of the elixir were imprints of Laws shrouding it layer after layer. A single look was enough for one to tell that this was an extraordinary elixir which was far from simple.

On top of the elixir was a row of golden words.

'I am the Heaven Moving Supreme Being. Because I fell due to a calamity, I'm leaving behind this Eternal G.o.d Seat and a peerless elixir for the future generations, so that someone can conquer the world once more in place of Your Supreme Being.'

The words spoke without a single flaw in them. A single look was enough for everyone to know that this was left behind by some abled being.

But to Lin Fan, everything looked so strange.

And that was because this situation was truly way too eerily familiar! Back when he was in the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan had been tricked once by the Seven Saint Old Dog. But thankfully, because he had the existence of the System which was able to help him distinguish the lies, he was able to save himself from being deceived.

However, this pattern was something that looked ever so similar to the one that Lin Fan had encountered back in the Xuanhuang World!

Could it be…?

At this moment, Lin Fan began feeling suspicious.

"HAHA…! I've got it!"

At this moment, a young man emerged through the crowd and grabbed the Eternal G.o.d Seat in his hands.

But, before the young man had even gotten a firm grip on the Eternal G.o.d Seat, the void vibrated out as a middle aged man killed him, flipping the Eternal G.o.d Seat away from him.

The Eternal G.o.d Seat then soared through the void, and surprisingly, the direction in which it was flying was none other than where Lin Fan was standing!

At this moment, within the void was a mysterious person who was observing everything that was happening. His brows furrowed as though he was somewhat displeased.

"The beings of the different races who had entered the secret grounds this time around are way too weak, aren't they? They can't even compare to the previous round!"

"Eh? That fella seems pretty decent! Let him have the Eternal G.o.d Seat then!"

Pshew! Pshew!

The Eternal G.o.d Seat and the elixir flew across the void to the side of Lin Fan.

"Young man, you are the future powerful being that I have chosen in my heart. With me, you will definitely turn into an invincible existence in this world." At this moment, a voice suddenly appeared in Lin Fan's ears.

"Huehue…!" When Lin Fan heard this voice, he chuckled out. What a familiar sounding voice!

Lin Fan then grabbed the Eternal G.o.d Seat in his hands.

'Ding… Congratulations on discovering Eternal G.o.d Seat.'

There didn't seem to be anything wrong with this Eternal G.o.d Seat.

Lin Fan then took the elixir in his hands.

'Ding… Congratulations on discovering Puppet Creating Elixir.'

'Puppet Creating Elixir: After you devour it, you will be controlled.'

When Lin Fan heard the notification from the System, he was exasperated in his heart. Couldn't there be more sincerity in this world? Why was it this same pattern of things that were unfolding no matter where he went? Could anyone even get a b.l.o.o.d.y break in this place!?

"Young man, hurry up and consume that peerless elixir! I'll take you out of this place." The alluring voice appeared in Lin Fan's ears once more.

Lin Fan kept the Eternal G.o.d Seat in his Paradise first immediately before gripping the elixir in his palms.

"You want me to consume it?" Lin Fan asked carefully.

"Yes, that's right! As long as you consume it, your body type will change and you will possess the most invincible body in this entire world!"

"WOW! To think that there's an elixir of this sort? Only, the thing is, just who in the world are you?" Lin Fan asked in bewilderment.

"Young man, I am the Supreme Seven Saint who has fallen for a long time now. Because of that, there is only this singular trace of my consciousness left."

The moment Lin Fan heard this name, he blew up, "Holy f*ck! Can't you f*cking even just change your name? Even if you want to act, it has to be more realistic, right? What are you to do if you were to b.u.mp into any old acquaintance like this?"

"Who are you?" Suddenly, the alluring voice was rattled when he heard the words of Lin Fan. It was as though he was having a real, real bad feeling about this.

"Hais! Who do you hate the most in the Xuanhuang World?" Lin Fan asked exasperatedly.

"What the? It's you…!" When the Seven Saint Old Dog who was hidden deep in the void heard this voice, he blew up as well.

How in the mother*cking world was this possible…?

But, the face of this fella before him was clearly not of that accursed fella from before!

"What now? You're thinking of running away? Come on out then!" Lin Fan said coldly before grabbing out into the void. But, he only ended up grabbing thin air.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y degenerate! You had better wait up! One fine day, Your Saint here is going to have you pay the price!" The voice of the Seven Saint Old Dog sounded a little scared right now, but for the most part, it was filled more with fury. It was as though his heart was burning with an endless blazing fire. However, the reason why he did not dare to fight it out with Lin Fan should be due to the traumas of the old past that were haunting him.

"To think that he would have been able to run. I've got to admit that that is some capability." Right now, Lin Fan's cultivation state was at the Immemorial Ancient middle level. For someone to be able to escape from him, that would require a certain degree of skill as well.

But, what he had not expected was that the Seven Saint Old Dog would be able to make it to such a point where he was even willing to give up an Eternal G.o.d Seat. Seemed like there should be many things that he did not know about just yet.

And just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these issues and thoughts, all of those other living beings had him surrounded up.

"Hand over that Eternal G.o.d Seat and the elixir!"

For all of these living beings, those Utmost Treasures were things that they were bent to get their hands on.

When Lin Fan looked at these living beings, he could only shrug his head in exasperation. Little did these guys know that Your Daddy here was the one who had just saved them from everything!

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