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Chapter 945: Upgraded To A Legendary Weapon
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The deeper Lin Fan entered, the more he could sense how sharp the aura within was becoming. A series of Heaven splitting and Earth cleaving axe flashes shot out and streaked through the Heaven and Earth as though they wanted to cleave out a whole new world.

That razor-sharp aura sliced out at Lin Fan's body. However, given his current Physical Body State, it definitely wouldn't deal any damage to him.

"This aura is so formidable! Back when I was outside, I couldn't feel it at all! Seems like this should be where the Eternal Axe shard lies!" Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed with joy. Even though the axe flash was extremely sharp, it wasn't enough to deal with Lin Fan just yet.

"Who's there…?"

Right at this moment, a grand voice boomed out. This voice was filled with an unrivaled authority, as though it was filled with an unparalleled power that pierced through time and s.p.a.ce.

This was a voice that had so much power that if it were heard by some beings of a weaker cultivation state, they might even explode literally in the face of it.

"HAHA! Eternal Axe shard… Your Granddaddy is here!" Lin Fan roared out in joy. Indeed, the place where the Eternal Axe had brought him was where the shard was hidden.

However, there was something that bugged him till. Just which b*stard was it who had the Eternal Axe shard hidden here? Back when the Infinite Worlds had fused together, Lin Fan didn't sense it at all.

Because of that, he had thought that the shard did not exist in this world anymore. But, who would have thought that it was hidden in another pocket dimensional world!

When Lin Fan arrived at the endpoint, he found a gigantic shard floating in the void before him.

There were many intricate runic symbols inscribed onto this shard, giving off a sharp aura.

Lin Fan could sense that this aura was the aura of the Eternal Axe itself.

All of a sudden, the shard burst forth with a beam of light, which converged rapidly before it turned into a giant.

This giant stamped down onto the world while holding onto a Heaven splitting axe. The aura of this giant was formidable beyond anything else as though it could slice the entire Heaven and Earth apart.

To think that even a shard could cultivate out a Weapon Spirit of its own... This wasn't something that Lin Fan couldn't have imagined.

It had been a long time since the Eternal Axe was broken. During this long period of time, the shard had formed a Dao of its own and cultivated out a Weapon Spirit. There was truly nothing that was impossible it seemed.

The aura that was emanating out of this was even more formidable. It was equivalent to a Supreme state lower level cultivation state.

"Eternal Axe…"

The moment Lin Fan took out the Eternal Axe, the Weapon Spirit of the shard opened its eyes intensely with a boundless voice. With that, a tremendous force burst forth from it.

It was as though that Weapon Spirit was bound on devouring the Eternal Axe entirely.

"Hand the Eternal Axe over to me and I can grant you an unrivaled power!" The Weapon Spirit of the shard bellowed out. His voice was filled with an endless thirst.

"You're just a single shard. The place where you belong is right within the Eternal Axe." Lin Fan replied.

"NO…! I have cultivated through time now, and am gifted and able! I am no longer part of the Eternal Axe! I am an existence of my very own!" The Weapon Spirit of the shard bellowed out with a boundless and authoritative voice.

"I'm not going to waste my breath on you anymore. You're just a piece of shard and yet you dare to act so audaciously?! I'll just take you down first and talk later." Lin Fan was too lazy to say anything more right now. Instantly, he spread his palms out wide and grabbed out at the Weapon Spirit of the shard.


"That's just blasphemous talk…!" The Weapon Spirit of the shard roared out as an infinite axe flash bolted up into the sky and pierced through the void before slicing out at Lin Fan.


Lin Fan could only sigh out. This Weapon Spirit of the shard was only making things difficult for himself.

As he spread out his fingers, every single finger seemed to be wrapped with a boundless amount of power which could devastate everything. Even if this Weapon Spirit of the shard had the strength of a Supreme state lower level, it wouldn't help with things at all.



The void exploded out as the power of the Weapon Spirit of the shard started exploding. With that, a tragic wail rang out.

"How could this be?" The Weapon Spirit of the shard cried out as though it could not believe everything that was happening before it.


Lin Fan grabbed the Weapon Spirit of the shard in his hands directly.

"P-please don't kill me! I'm willing to serve you…! As long as you don't kill me, I'm willing to give you the greatest powers of all, the power to split even the Heavens!" The Weapon Spirit of the shard bawled out. It was as though it had not expected this living being before it to be this formidable.

"Hmph! You were but a shard to begin with. And yet, you wish to act as though I am the one who has to accede to your request? That's just dreaming now!" Lin Fan increased the strength to his palm slightly.



The Weapon Spirit of the shard had not expected that he would actually fall into the hands of a living being.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Weapon Spirit of Shard of the Eternal Axe.'

Lin Fan did not care about all this at all. He took the shard in his hands and slapped it out onto the Eternal Axe. Instantly, a bright flash of light burst forth as the fusion happened.

In the past, the Eternal Axe had helped Lin Fan a great load. But, following the increase in his strength, the wondrous effects of the Eternal Axe diminished in the face of his own powers, and were no longer comparable to the past.

But now that he was going to fuse this shard into it, the Eternal Axe was truly going to be upgraded into an actual Legendary Weapon.


At this moment, the Eternal Axe burst forth with a bedazzling gleam. A giant stood tall between the Heaven and Earth. Opening his mouth, he sucked the shard into his tummy instantly.

This was the Weapon Spirit of the Eternal Axe that was absorbing the shard to upgrade itself into the apex state.

Instantly, an aura that could reign over all the ancient times burst forth from the Eternal Axe. This aura was far from any other auras; even Lin Fan himself could feel an impossible amount of power emanating out from the Eternal Axe.

'Ding…Congratulations on fusing shard.'

'Ding…Eternal Axe upgraded to a Legendary Weapon.'

'Ding…Comprehended 3rd Stance: Heaven Splitting Earth Cleaving.'

The notification of the System had Lin Fan's heart leaping with joy. He then felt a mysterious power seep into his body. At this moment, he felt as though there was a martial arts mystic technique that was being cultivated out within his body.

The Eternal Axe brought with it stances of its own. In the past, Lin Fan had comprehended two of them. But now that the Eternal Axe was fully completed, the strongest third stance was engraved within his heart like an imprinted mark.

"To think that the third stance of the Eternal Axe would be this strong! Even an utmost powerful being may not be able to defend against this!" Lin Fan was in ecstasy as he could not hide the unparalleled exhilaration on his face.

This feeling was simply way too awesome! Against the utmost powerful beings, Lin Fan did not have too much confidence at the start. But right now, things were different; he was practically filled to the brim with confidence.


Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that there was someone peeping at him from the void. But, the moment the other party was discovered by him, that feeling of being peeped at vanished immediately.

But, Lin Fan knew that his suspicions of the peeping was real. There was no way he could just be hallucinating.

Only, who in the world was it?

Lin Fan could not figure it out at all. Just at this moment, he could feel reverberations of a fight breaking out through the void. This was the fallout of a fight between powerful beings.

Evidently, there were powerful beings fighting elsewhere in this place.

Lin Fan's interest was a little piqued right now. He did not know just what sort of a treasure could have them fighting out so wildly over it.

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