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Chapter 944: Shard Of The Eternal Axe
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Just what background does this guy have? To think that his physical body would be this strong! Even if it were a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being, they would be shredded apart by this void current unless they had the help of some secret skill or treasures!" A living being of the Horns race exclaimed out in shock.

"Let's go! We've got to hurry up and catch up. Otherwise, we'll fall behind! That guy is definitely a powerful being! If we're late to the party, we're going to be left with nothing at all!"

Those flirtatious girls who had wanted to invite Lin Fan to join their party initially let out looks of disappointment on their faces at this scene before them. If they had insisted on clinging onto him, they might have been part of the first wave to enter the secret ground right now! However, it was all too late for regrets already.

At this moment, many living beings started deploying their secret skills and bolting right into the void current typhoon to try and force their way through.

Due to overconfidence, some of the living beings were minced into shreds by this berserk void current typhoon, vanishing entirely into it forever.

At this moment when Lin Fan caught sight of the situation before him, he sighed out. This was quite an extravagant place.

The Empty Ashes Secret Ground was not like any other place. There was a wide area around it, and it was as huge as an entire world by itself.

However, Lin Fan could perceive that this secret ground possessed a tremendous amount of powerful and dangerous auras. It was as though many formidable creatures were lurking in the depths of the abyss, awaiting their preys.

"Just where in the world is this Shard of the Eternal Axe?" Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe, which instantly shivered slightly as though it could sense the part of it that was missing.


A streak of light burst forth from the Eternal Axe before penetrating into the endless void.

"Seems like a Legendary Weapon is a Legendary Weapon indeed. Even though it's damaged, the Weapon Spirit within could still sense its missing part." Lin Fan did not hesitate as he chased after that streak of light.

As long as he were to follow this streak of light, he would definitely be able to find that Shard of the Eternal Axe. As for the other treasures that were within this secret ground, they didn't matter to him. Heck, even if those treasures were placed right before his eyes, they might not be enough to attract his attention.

Back when the Heaven and Earth exploded, there were all sorts of Legendary Items that had emerged. What sort of treasures had he not seen before? Was there even anything within this secret ground that could match up to those Legendary Items?

Right now, out of all the treasures that could chop someone to death with, the Eternal Axe was the most domineering of them all. If he could gather all the missing shards, the Eternal Axe would definitely be able to unleash its true strength.

"It's golden! It's golden…!!!" At this moment, Chicken Big yelped out. There was a golden ocean up ahead that attracted his attention.

But, the moment Chicken Big rushed over, the entire golden ocean started rumbling as a monstrous wave surged up and opened a gigantic mouth filled with blood.

The cultivation state of this Sea Beast wasn't weak. It had a Divine celestial level 9 cultivation state, and when it discovered the existence of an outsider, it roared out even more furiously!

"CUCKCUCKOOO!!!" When Chicken Big caught sight of this scene before him, he was scared so badly he started crowing out. The scene before him had his soul scared out of him entirely.

Lin Fan sighed and pointed out with his finger. Instantly, that Sea Beast erupted, causing a sparkling golden stone to rush into the void.

Chicken Big leaped up with excitement and bit that golden stone into his beak. He looked extremely exhilarated right now.

"Treasure! Treasure! If I can turn this into a ring, it'll definitely be beautiful!" Even though Chicken Big still had some lingering fears over the encounter from earlier, his face was mostly filled with glee from obtaining this golden stone.

Lin Fan shook his head. This Chicken Big was really way too ignorant about the world. To think that a mere core of a Sea Beast could have him taking it as a treasure. This was simply way too ignorant!

At this moment, Lin Fan discovered the aftermath of some other battles that had taken place in this secret ground. It was evident that those living beings that had entered after them had started fighting with the creatures in here.

Lin Fan arrived at the point where the streak of light that was emanated out of the Eternal Axe came to a stop. Seemed like this was where the Shard of the Eternal Axe should be lying.

Landing from the void, Lin Fan saw the entrance of a cave before him. It was pitch dark beyond the entrance, where one could not see its depths just like a bottomless abyss. There was a mysterious sound that was coming forth from it, sounding a little like the roar of a wild beast.

"Look! The shard lies within there." Lin Fan said.

"Old Bro, by the looks of it, this looks pretty dangerous." Chicky said.

"Woof, woof…!" Tai Ritian sniffed with his nose, "It's definitely dangerous inside."

Just as Lin Fan was about to head in, a few figures appeared before him.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. What in the b.l.o.o.d.y world was going on right here? Yours Truly was here to look for the Eternal Axe and not any other treasures. What were these guys doing here?

Lin Fan looked around. There were three men and one woman of Divine celestial level 9 cultivation state. They could neither be considered as strong nor weak.

However, that was sufficient enough for them to explore the entire secret ground.

When the four of them caught sight of Lin Fan, they frowned as well. Evidently, they hadn't expected that someone would be faster than them.

"Fellow brother, are you alone?" At this moment, one of the men asked.

They had discussed for an entire day about the map before deciding on this location. This was because this cave entrance was directly linked with some of the other treasure grounds.

If they were to enter through here, they would be able to access the other treasure grounds with the shortest route.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. But, Chicky and the others held their heads high, "Us too!"

The faces of the four of them changed. Evidently, they hadn't expected that these strange looking creatures could actually speak in human tongue! At the same time, they could feel that the aura of these creatures wasn't weak at all. Therefore, they did not dare to let their guards down.

"Do you want to join us?" The man asked.

"It's okay." Lin Fan's goal this time around was to get the Shard of the Eternal Axe. As for the other things, he wasn't bothered about them at all. Therefore, he just rejected them directly.

The four of them exchanged glances, their eyes shining with a cautious look.

The reason why they could seek out this secret ground was all thanks to that map. But, little did they expect that there were many other people who had the map. That left them feeling extremely suspicious towards this.

However, in the face of treasures, they did not place too much concern on it either.

"Fellow brother, there are dangers lurking in all directions within these secret grounds. If you're alone, it will probably be difficult for you to survive through this. How about we just join forces and build an alliance? Everything we get, we'll share it equally. What do you think about that?" The man continued asking.

"It's okay." Lin Fan replied indifferently once more.

Out of the four of them, one of them seemed to have been slightly p.i.s.sed off. He seemed angry because he felt that Lin Fan didn't give them any face at all. However, he was held back by someone else in the group.

"Since that's the case, there's no need to force it."

Instantly, the four of them entered the cave.

"Senior brother, why wouldn't you let me teach that guy a lesson!?" One of the men spoke up in an indignant tone.

"That man isn't a simple one. All those pets around him do not have weak cultivation states either. Since he doesn't want to form a party, so be it. We'll just hurry up ahead and obtain the treasures before the others arrive." A man with red hair replied.

After the four of them left, Lin Fan continued to sense and feel the mysterious connection he had with the Eternal Axe before disappearing instantly.

As far as Lin Fan was concerned, the thing he wanted the most right now was to obtain the Shard of the Eternal Axe.

Within the cave were six forks. There was a mysterious feedback of treasures that came from the ends of three of those forks. But, the destination that he would arrive at by going into one of those three forks would not have the Shard of the Eternal Axe.

Lin Fan then entered a fork that did not have any aura of treasures. It was there that the Shard of the Eternal Axe lied.

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